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MC gangs! MC gangs! PowerPoint Presentation
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MC gangs! MC gangs!

MC gangs! MC gangs!

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MC gangs! MC gangs!

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  1. By: NIKOLAY MC gangs! MC gangs! MC gangs! MC gangs! CENTRAL IDEA: * Social group interactions change how a community functions

  2. Definition of MC -.- • What the _____ is a MC gang? • A MC gang stands for Motorcycle club ’’gang’’. These gangs drive there motorcycles around town and town to town but there are some outlaw gangs (illegal gangs) like ‘’ Outlaws’’ Bandidos and other type of gangs • h

  3. Do you live in sandefjord?Well guess what!......Hells Angles might get a club in Sandefjord too! • The head police Marie Bjørnland said that they fear a migration of hells angles in Sandefjord because Hells Angles want to take a position in Sandefjord before the so called Bandidos and Outlaws do. • Hells angels is known for the most active mc gang in Norway followed up by Bandidos, Outlaws and Coffin Cheaters. • If you think that the mc gangs only drvie there motorcycles around town. You are wrong. The gangs don’t only drive there motorcycles but the sell drugs, they fight in town even kill each other, they attempt murders. The gangs who do this are called thee 1% gangs. This comes from a famous fraise • ‘’1 percent of the motorcyclers are outlaw and 99 percent are legal’’

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  5. MC gang clothing • The jacket you see below is commonly worn by the MC gang members

  6. What do all these badges mean!? • The ’’1%’’ badge mean that the mc gang is a outlaw gang. • The ’’13’’ badge stands for marijuana because M is the 13th leter in the alphabet. • The ’’FTW’’ badge stands for ’’F@#* the world.’’ • Some gangs give put badges for a cretin about of member ship, lets say you are in a gang for 10 years you get a 10th anniversary badge. • The bottom or side rocker has the city or country the gang member is in. • The ’’military’’ rocker shows the rank of the gang member • Like so 

  7. Facts about mc gangs :D • Norway might be banning the motorcycles that the mc gangs use.( they have done this in some countries •  • You will probably not see that someone is in a MC gangs because the government has said that you are not allowed to wear a leather jacket like the mc gang members do.(not any leather jacket only the one with the gangs icon and the badges etc) •  • People join gangs for the following reasons: They want money, they want respect(respect means that people fear you), they want entertainment (this is usually not the reason people join), they want protection and they want to look cool

  8. WHAT!?!@ • MC Gangs usually have websites were they advertise there gang and guess what they are trying to recruit young people( 18-15 year olds). They want to recruit young people because they will probably not go to prison(if they are 16 or under) if the get caught, they can also make them sell drugs at there school, if they do a crime they are less suspicious then the big and tough guys and of course they are so much easier to recruit because the young people look at the gangs as a group of people that are cool so they join to look cool or they might feel left out at school or at home.

  9. Whatyoushould not do!!!!!!!! • If youyou ever feel left out or you feel like you dont fit in and you have problems at home (some people join gangs so they look cool). • You sould never think of joining a gang because you will think its cool at first but after a while they will ask you to do very bad thing if you dont do it they will proabably say u own they 200,000 kr (this has happend before with other peolpe even kids). This might happen to you to 

  10. What happened in Oslo • This is a women who got beet up by a gang in oslo!You wouldn’t want this to happen here in Sandefjord? Do you want this to be happening in the streets og Sandejord?

  11. THANKS FOR WATCHING!! • :D hubpgs