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American Gothic

American Gothic

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American Gothic

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  1. American Gothic Hawthorne and Poe

  2. Exploration of the Dark Interiors of the Human Heart • is a genre of literature that combines elements of both horror and romance • Horror –exposing the terrible/evil in man • Romantic-glorifying nature and the natural: criticizing society

  3. By representing the inevitable decay and collapse of human/man-made creations *society *laws *ideas Symbolic for the corruption present in the human heart (hypocrisy, greed, lust, hubris) The ruins of gothic buildings gave rise to multiple linked emotions

  4. the Supernatural, Ghosts and Witches Haunted Houses Darkness, Death, Decay, Doubles, Madness, Secrets Curses. Gothic fiction include terror (both psychological and physical)

  5. What elements are gothic in this scene?

  6. Other Gothic Elements • a passion-driven, willful villain-hero or villain • horrifying (or terrifying) events or the threat of such happenings. • extreme landscapes, like rugged mountains, thick forests, or icy wastes, and extreme weather,

  7. 1) Chillingworth’s foreshadowing in Chapter 3 about the Condemnation of the soul 2)Comet in the Sky 3)Lurid glow of the Scarlet Letter Omens, Foreshadowing, and Dreams usually play a large role in the mysterious air that is created within the story.

  8. Tales include highly charged emotional states like:  1)terror, 2)a feeling that one is on the brink of insanity, 3)anger, 4)agitation/anxiety, 5)an exaggerated feeling of some impending doom, and 6)obsessive love.

  9. Light and Dark interplay with shades of gray or blood-red colors Repressed fears & desires; memory of past crime or sin  closed doors & secret passages / rooms Weird, scary characters Lurid symbols    How Author’s Build a Gothic Mood

  10. Author’s Purpose ~to Evokes terror through the depiction of physical and, more often, psychological violence

  11. Author’s Purpose~ to Explores the nightmares under the surface of the “civilized” mind and/or aberrant psychological states

  12. Universal Theme~ Good vs. Evil

  13. horribly gruesome: including gruesome and horrific details of death and decay Creepy/ Scary Macabre