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Introducing DynCorp International – Tony Neal, VP Business Development

DynCorp International. CSC company. EBD Capability Update – 23 rd May 2003. Introducing DynCorp International – Tony Neal, VP Business Development. May 2003. Today’s Agenda. Overview of Dyncorp Organisation and Geographic Coverage Core Capabilities Dyncorp Activities in Europe

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Introducing DynCorp International – Tony Neal, VP Business Development

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  1. DynCorp International CSCcompany EBD Capability Update – 23rd May 2003 Introducing DynCorp International – Tony Neal, VP Business Development May 2003

  2. Today’s Agenda • Overview of Dyncorp • Organisation and Geographic Coverage • Core Capabilities • Dyncorp Activities in Europe • Client operations and business development approach • The opportunity to leverage Dyncorp expertise in Europe • Where, why and how?

  3. DynCorp International • Established January 2000 • 8,000+ Employees • $698 Million in 2002 Revenues • $2.29 Billion Business Backlog • More Than 500 Locations Worldwide DynCorp International LLC Fort Worth, TX DynCorp proprietary

  4. Afghanistan Angola Argentina Aruba Australia Austria Bahamas Bahrain Barbados Belgium Bermuda Bolivia Bosnia Botwana Brazil British V.I. Brunei Cambodia Canada Chile China, Rep. Of Colombia Congo, The Democratic Republic of Croatia Cuba Curacao Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Diego Garcia East Timor Ecuador Egypt El Salvador England Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Grenada Guam Guatemala Haiti Japan Jordan Kenya Korea, Rep. of Kosovo Kuwait Kwajalein Island Liberia Luxembourg Macau Macedonia Malaysia Mexico Morocco Nepal Netherlands Netherlands Antilles New Zealand Norway Okinawa Oman Pakistan Panama Papua New Guinea Peru Philippines Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Qatar Russia Trinidad Turkey United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States of America Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zaire Saudi Arabia Serbia Singapore Slovakia South Africa Spain Sri Lanka Sudan Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Honduras Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iraq Ireland Italy Jamaica DynCorp proprietary DynCorp Proprietary

  5. Europe1,235 Employees Germany CFT–194 C-12 / UC-35–49 ITS Regional OfficeMannheim (5) UK DAOL–8 Serbia IPP–5 Netherlands CFT–5 Kosovo IPP–645 NATO–101 Spain CFT–10 Italy C-12 / UC-35–3 Macedonia IPP–20 NATO–52 Croatia IPP–1 Bosnia IPP–63 CFT–53 Albania NATO–21 DynCorp proprietary

  6. Middle East / Africa2,219 Employees ITS Regional OfficeKuwait (5) Georgia CFT–10 Turkey C-12–4 Kuwait F/A-18–162 PMEL–38 C-130–54 C-12 / UC-35–3 Iraq Need info Afghanistan Bus Dev–1 Jordan WRM–4 Pakistan INL–15 Bus Dev–2 Egypt CFT–10 UAE AH-64–23 Saudi Arabia F-15–556 Qatar USA Security Guard–152 WRM–250 Oman WRM–800 Sudan SPBI–20 Bahrain WRM–110 DynCorp proprietary

  7. Latin America921 Employees El Salvador CFT–1 Puerto Rico (C-12) CPMS–9 UC-35–6 Mexico BCC–96 Aruba FOL BOS–0 Curacao FOL BOS–30 ITS Regional OfficeBogota Colombia INL–377 CN1–130 Ecuador FOL BOS–225 Bolivia INL–21 Peru INL–26 DynCorp proprietary

  8. Asia Pacific849 Employees Korea CFT–246 C-12 / UC-35–32 Japan CFT–58 C-12 / UC-35–7 Hawaii CFT–7C-12–2 Philippines LOGCAP–340 East Timor IPP–90 Diego Garcia APS-3–64 ITS Regional OfficeSingapore (3) DynCorp proprietary

  9. Today’s Agenda • Overview of Dyncorp • Organisation and Geographic Coverage • Core Capabilities • Dyncorp Activities in Europe • Client operations and business development approach • The opportunity to leverage Dyncorp expertise in Europe • Where, why and how?

  10. Core Competencies and Strengths • Aviation Services • Base Operations Support • Range Technical Services • Contingency Support Services • Personal, Physical and Electronic Security Services • Life Cycle Support • Ground Equipment Maintenance • Logistics Support • Marine Services • Information Technology / Information Services DynCorp proprietary

  11. Aircraft Maintenance and Support Services • 8,000+ Dyncorp Managers and Technicians • 37 Aviation Programs • Total Value $2.7B • Annual Value $436.5M • Supporting • 1415 fixed wing aircraft • 2883 rotary wing aircraft • 651,000 flight hours annually • 680,000 sorties annually Providing safe, reliable aircraft to meet mission requirements DynCorp proprietary

  12. Contract Field Teams Customer: USAFPeriod:Oct 97-Sep 07Value:$2B Type:T&M with FPO • More Than 52 Years of Experience in Contract Field Teams, Providing Worldwide Aviation and Aviation-Related Services for the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, and Other Government Agencies • Field Teams Are Flexible and Quick to Respond to Customer Demands • Highly qualified, diverse workforce that can meet varied customer requirements and needs on a rapid-response basis both CONUS and OCONUS • Cost Structured for Best Value to Customer • Ready Availability of a Sufficient Quantity of Trained and Experienced Personnel of All Skills and Disciplines One of the longest held contracts in the US DOD DynCorp proprietary

  13. 89th Airlift Wing, Andrews AFB, MD Customer: USAF Period: Jan 01 – Dec 11 Value: $280M Type: FPAF • Aircraft Maintenance • Aircraft 2 VC-25A, 5 C-20B, 3C-20C, 1 C-137C, 3 C-9C, 2 C-20H, 4 C-32A, 4 C-37A, and 19 UH-1N • Base Supply Functions • Maintain Aircraft to Support the President, Vice President, First Lady, Cabinet Members, Members of Congress, Foreign Heads of State, and Other High-Ranking Government Officials • First priority is given to the Senior Executive Service and Presidential Pilot’s Office • ISO 9001 • FAA-Certified Repair Station DynCorp proprietary

  14. Drug Eradication / Interdiction Program Customer: U.S. DOSPeriod: Feb 98 -Jan 06 Value: $900M Type: CPAF • Main Operating Base, Patrick AFB, Florida • Operating Bases in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia • Fly and Maintain 100 Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft • 11 OV-10D • 6 T-65 Thrush • 38 UH-1H • Provide Complete Logistics Support • Provide Maintenance and Operations Training • Provide Computer and Management Information Systems • Manage / Maintain Property • 33 UH-1N • 4 C-27 • 1 C-208 DynCorp proprietary

  15. Base Operations SupportFacilities Management • Property and Equipment Maintenance • Facilities • Equipment • Communications • Custodial • Roads / grounds • Refuse / landfill / recycling • Landscaping • Hazardous materials • Computerized Work Management and Preventive Maintenance Systems

  16. Strategic Petroleum Reserve DynMcDermott Customer:U.S. Department of EnergyPeriod: Apr 93 – Mar 03Value $1.5B Type: CPAF • DynMcDermott JV Responsible for Receiving, Storage, and Distribution of the Nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve • 3 Sites in LA and 2 Sites in TX • Management and administration • Engineering and construction • Operations and maintenance • Procurement and property control • Computer and telecommunications DynCorp proprietary

  17. Johnson Space Center, TX - COSS Customer: NASAPeriod: Apr 02 – Mar 07Value : $148M Type: FPAF • Contract Services • Information Technology • Engineering • Support MCC Backup Power • Support International Space Training Facilities • Support Neutral Buoyancy and other Labs • Maintenance and Operations Tasks • Facilities Maintenance and Management • Environmental Compliance Planning • Transportation • Logistics

  18. National Range Support Research & development Test & evaluation Laser weapons Land, sea, & air launched weapons Operations Tracking Data collection Data reduction Data analysis Maintenance Radar and optical equipment Automated data system Test equipment Range Technical Services

  19. Range Support Services Customer: U.S. Air ForcePeriod: Oct 02 – Sep 17Value: $$479M Type: CPAF/AT • Support Air Force Materiel Command and Air Combat Command Operations at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada • Services Provided at the Nevada Test and Training Range • Program management • Security • Transportation • Airfield management • Civil engineering • Target management • Environmental services DynCorp proprietary

  20. United Kingdom Army Training Estates Customer: UK MODPeriod: Oct 02 – Sep 17Value: Est. $500MType: CPAF/AT • LANDMARC, a Joint Venture comprised of Interserv and DynCorp have been named the Preferred Bidder for this contract • Outsourcing of O&M of 12 regional with ~130 UK Ministry Of Defense (MOD) Army training sites in England, Wales, and Scotland • Manage and Maintain the Ranges • Bookings • Administration • Training Area and Range Operations & Management • Built & Built Rural Estate and Accommodation Services • Catering • Support to Defence Estates (DE) • Information Management

  21. Contingency Support • Capabilities Include Contingency Support Planning and End-to-end Logistics Support • Housing • Buildings • Food • Water • Procurement Support • Facility and Equipment Maintenance • Electrical Power Production/distribution • Water Production • Hazardous Waste Management • Custodial/roads & Grounds • International Police • All Levels of Aviation Maintenance Support • Tactical Aircraft Operations (Drug Eradication) • Airfield Management and Communications and Navigation Equipment Installation • Heavy equipment • Aircraft • Training • Construction • Catering • Security • Vehicles • Medical

  22. Contingency Support • Korea - early 1951 • Vietnam - 1966 - 1972 • Cambodia - 1992 • Desert Storm - 1990, 91 • Haiti - 1992, 1996 - 2000 • Somalia - 1992 • Granada - 1983 • Panama - 1986 • Bosnia Herzegovina 1996 - Present • Kosovo - 1998 - Present • Macedonia – 2000 • Israel - 2002 • East Timor - 2000-2002 • Pakistan -2002 • Afghanistan - 2002 • Colombia - 1990 – present • Philippines - 2001- present • Peru - 1990 - present • Bolivia - 1990 - present • Washington D.C. September 11 – present • Iraq - 2003

  23. Personal, Physical, and Electronic Security Services • Recruit, Train, and Support Police Monitors and Trainers Throughout the World • Protective Service Details to Ambassador Level Officials • Physical and Electronic Security System Design and Installation • Communications and Logistics Support Customers in North America, Europe, Russia, and U.S. Embassies • Unique Database of Over 3,000 Law Enforcement Professionals

  24. International Police Program (DoS/UN) Customer: U.S. DOS Period: Jan 96-Present Value: Approx. $250M Type: CPFF • As Many as 900 Officers • Haiti • Bosnia Herzegovina • Kosovo (current) • Macedonia • Vienna (current) • Establish and Maintain Rule of Law • Training • Logistics • Personnel Support Services • Construction of Criminal Investigative Unit Facility • Refurbishment of All Courthouses Through Out Kosovo to Include Office Equipment, Generators, Etc. • Israel • East Timor • Serbia • Croatia

  25. DynCorp Security Services - Afghanistan Customer: U.S. DOS Period: 2002-Present Value: Approx. $15M Type: CPFF World-wide Protection Services • 110 Personnel in Kabul in 1 month • Construct and Operate Autonomous/Self-contained Compound to include: • 24/7 Security • Training Services • Accommodations for 160 Personnel • Power Production/Distribution • Water/Sanitary Systems • Vehicle Maintenance Services • Fuel Delivery • Food Services • Existing facility renovations • All Other Services and Goods to support the compound and its inhabitants • Israel (current)

  26. DynCorp Security Services - Iraq Customer: U.S. DOS Period: May 03-Apr 05 Value: Approx. $100M Type: CPFF • Generalists • Trainers • Border Police • Homicide Investigators • Crime SceneInvestigators • Court Security Officers • Managers • Executive • Supervisors • Dignitary Protection Officers Up to 1000 experienced law enforcement personnel consisting of a broad range of law enforcement experts and specialists including: • Corrections Officers • Prosecutors • Intelligence Officers • Civil Disorder Specialists • Organized Crime Investigators • Traffic Accident Investigators

  27. Life Cycle Support • Logistics • Procurement • Parts tracking • Property control • Warranty • User Site Support • Parts inventory management • On-equipment maintenance • Data entry • GSE maintenance • Calibration • Vendors • Airframe / components • FAA FAR Part 145 • Spare parts • Repair services

  28. Ground Equipment Maintenance / Modifications • Combat Vehicles • Tactical Vehicles • Communications Equipment • Electronics Equipment • Armament and Fire Control System • Commercial Automotive and Material Handling Equipment • Test, Measuring and Diagnostic Equipment • Maintenance, modification, overhaul, upgrade, repair parts management

  29. Logistics Support Services • Department of Defense Force Projection Logistics Planning and Support • Preparation of Logistics Contingency Plans • Augmentation Support for Executed Plans • Secret Clearance Approved Facilities • Logistics Planning Support • Transportation • Supply • Airfield Management • Facility Repair and Support • Water Production • Waste Management • Food Service • Equipment Maintenance and Operation

  30. Marine Services • Innovative and Cost-Effective Solutions to the Petroleum Industry and the U.S. Navy • Fleet Management and Operation • Oceanographic ships • Continent-wide network of oil response vessels

  31. Information Technology / Information Services Provide Integrated Information Technology Solutions to Support Our Contracts and Customers • Tailored to the contract/customer • Normally web-based and/or LAN/WAN • Secure • Interfaces with legacy systems • Interfaces across organizational functions • Provides near real time visibility to program management and the customer A proven powerful discriminator - NASA, ATE, Maxwell, Tinker, C/UC-12 CLS

  32. Management Information Systems - AeroDyn Integrated Aviation Management Software • Aircraft Fleet Management • Maintenance Management • Materials Management • Pilot/Maintenance/General Employee Training Records • Flight Operations • Security/Administration AeroDyn software is a web-based System designed to automate aviation organization's business processes and provide timely access to aircraft critical information and timely reporting DynCorp proprietary

  33. Approved Accounting System (DCAA) Approved Operating Policies and Procedures (by Contract) Approved Quality Plan (ISO 9001:2000) Approved Safety Plan (by Contract) Approved Purchasing System Approved Hazardous Waste Management Program (DynCorp) Training Program (Management and Technical) Six Sigma Program (DynCorp) Ethics Program (DynCorp) Drug-Free Workplace (DynCorp / U.S. Government) Small Business Plan (DynCorp and by Contract) Vendor Performance Tracking System (DynCorp and by Contract) Management Systems in Place

  34. Experience More than 50 years More than 200 A/C types Locations (66 countries) Capability End-to-end aviation services Organic engineering Rapid response Performance Highest awards in industry 54 years — no contract default Consistent growth Cost Low overhead Efficient operations The DynCorp Difference • Quality • ISO 9001:2000 • Six Sigma • Commitment • Service is our only business

  35. Today’s Agenda • Overview of Dyncorp • Organisation and Geographic Coverage • Core Capabilities • Dyncorp Activities in Europe • Client operations and business development approach • The opportunity to leverage Dyncorp expertise in Europe • Where, why and how?

  36. Today’s Agenda • Overview of Dyncorp • Organisation and Geographic Coverage • Core Capabilities • Dyncorp Activities in Europe • Client operations and business development approach • The opportunity to leverage Dyncorp expertise in Europe • Where, why and how?

  37. Questions and AnswersContact details:Tony Neal, VP Business Development+44 (0)207 529 1461+44 (0)7990 555 824

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