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Utilizing technology to lower health care costs

MIS 304 Spring 2010 Professor Fang Fang. A presentation by: Jannae Baca, Carly Byron, Melissa Caro and Mike Paje . Utilizing technology to lower health care costs. Introduction Preventive Diagnosis Treatment Questions. Introduction. What is Health Technology?.

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Utilizing technology to lower health care costs

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  1. MIS 304 Spring 2010Professor Fang Fang A presentation by: Jannae Baca, Carly Byron, Melissa Caro and Mike Paje Utilizing technology to lower health care costs

  2. Introduction Preventive Diagnosis Treatment Questions Introduction

  3. What is Health Technology? Use of technology to improve health care systems and medical devices Types of ways that health professionals use to help with diagnoses, prevention and treatment Improve quality

  4. Why does it cost so much? Office visits Cost of medicine and equipment Extensive procedures and treatments $2.3 trillion in United Sates.

  5. Our Focus • New technologies to lower costs in: • Prevention • Diagnosis • Treatment

  6. Biomask • BioFriend • 25% less than standard surgical mask • $10~$20 Prevention

  7. Sensory Wristwatch by Fraunhofer • Lab-on-chip wristwatch • Disposable diagnostic systems Prevention

  8. PeePoo Bag • $2.6 million without access to toilets • $.02~$.03 Prevention

  9. Diagnostic Chips • Diagnoses: • HIV • Malaria • Tuberculosis • Hepatitis • Cost: 1 cent Diagnosis

  10. 3M Littmann Electronic Stethoscope 3200 • Detects heart murmurs and can signal heart abnormalities or leaky valves • Can save $9.4 billion a year Diagnosis

  11. Vscan • Mini Ultrasound Scanner Diagnosis

  12. Cell Scope • Turns any cell phone into a microscope • Cost: $10 Diagnosis

  13. Treatment Medical Access New Technologies New Treatments New Cost

  14. Medical Access Online access to medical records. Online appointments. Contacting doctor by email or online chat. Online statements and reviews. Online payments Safe and secure information

  15. Technologies New advances in technologies are extending people’s lives to 78 years of age average. Iphones and other cell phones are helping us live longer because of access to information. Health care bill to help fund patient and doctor communication.

  16. Technologies Decay-Fighting Microbes Artificial Lymph Nodes Asthma Sensor Cancer Spit Test Biological Pacemaker Prosthetic Feedback Smart Contact Lens Speech Restorer Absorbable Heart Stent Muscle Stimulator Nerve Regenerator Stabilizing Insoles Smart Pill Autonomous Wheelchair Gastrointestinal Liner Liver Scanner Nanoscale Adhesive Portable Dialysis Walking Simulator Rocket-Powered Arm

  17. Treatments Nanomedicine Wireless medicine Medical imaging Virtual medicine Artificial medicine

  18. Costs Medical Insurances Co-pays and premiums Coverage Payments

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  20. Questions?

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