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Windows XP

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Windows XP

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  1. Windows XP End of Life – What does that mean?

  2. Windows xp - r.i.p • On April 8 this month, Microsoft officially announced the “end of life” for Windows XP • Windows XP is more than 12 years old • Microsoft doesn’t want you to run it, for good reasons. • No more patches • No commitment to be backward compatible with newer operating system features • WorkWise has seen two malware attacks in the last year, and both were “enabled” by having Windows XP on our network. It’s a “magnet” for virus and malware attacks.

  3. Windows xp • Workwise will no longer support Windows XP on RB-ERP v95 and RB-ERP v96. • Our reason is more compelling … Windows XP won’t work. • There exists a “Perfect Storm” of feature incompatibilities that prevent Windows XP from working with RB-ERP.

  4. Windows xp • Both v95 and v96 are distributed compiled in .NET 4.0 • .NET 4.5 is an optional component for installation on Windows 2008 R2, but comes standard (and may not be downgraded) with both Windows 2012 and Windows 2012 R2. • Windows XP is not compatible with .NET 4.5 • The very first time we put down a .NET patch on either of these RB versions, if .NET 4.5 is in place on the host system, then RB automatically becomes native .NET 4.5, and is 100% incompatible with Windows XP clients.

  5. Windows xp • What if I just stay with Windows 2008 R2? • Yes, you could, until you get an application that requires .NET 4.5, then you’re back in the cross-hairs again with Windows XP • If you have a policy of automatically accepting patches on the OS, you might even have .NET 4.5 installed right now!

  6. Windows xp • Wait a minute – I have Windows 2012 R2 with RB-ERP 9.6, and it’s running on Windows XP clients right now. How is that possible? • WorkWise distributes RB-ERP 9.6 pre-compiled in .NET 4.0. .NET 4.5 is backwards compatible with .NET 4.0 compiled code, so it works. Once we apply a patch, the code becomes .NET 4.5 and cannot be reverted. It is then incompatible with Windows XP clients.

  7. Windows xp • “I’ll just run Windows Terminal Services for the Windows XP PCs.” • Perhaps, but it is very awkward to use Windows XP on Windows 2012 • Users are prompted at least twice to authenticate • Windows 2012 Remote Desktop Services requires a RDP 8 client to use the features – and Windows XP doesn’t have RDP 8

  8. Windows xp • Windows XP clients via Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services) • Best compromise: Use Windows 2008 R2 on your terminal server(s).   • You can have .NET 4.5 installed on the terminal server(s) without compromising the XP clients or RDP.  This way your application server and SQL server can be Windows 2012 R2 based.   • You should adopt a plan to move the terminal server(s) to Windows 2012 R2 sometime shortly after you migrate the Windows XP clients to Windows 8.1.   • We do not recommend moving Windows XP clients to Windows 7 (2 OS versions old now) or Windows 8 (the introductory release of the new Windows interface).  Windows 8.1 is very stable and works more efficiently than Windows 7 or Windows 8.

  9. Windows xp • Windows XP clients via Terminal Services • If you have a farm of terminal servers, then you are familiar with the DNS round-robin approach of load balancing with Terminal Services.  This still works with Windows 2008 R2 terminal services.  Windows 2012 uses a very different Terminal Services interface that requires the use of the web (IIs) and published applications.  Round-robin DNS is not supported for Windows 2012, you must use Microsoft’s supported load balancing.  If you attempt to use a Windows XP client on a 2012 farm, you will get stuck in the triple-authentication loop, and there does not seem to be a way around it. • You can still use the new features of RDS (e.g., published apps), if your RDP clients are upgraded to RDP 8 on the clients (Windows XP clients cannot use the extended features of RDS, but will function)

  10. Windows xp • Beware that Windows 7 clients can also fall into the RDS 2012 trap.   • Windows 7 was distributed with RDP 6 (and possibly 7), and Windows 2012 uses RDP 8.   • In order to be a true member of this type of farm, those Windows 7 clients must be on RDP 8 minimally.  It is difficult to get Windows 7 RDP 6 upgraded to RDP 8.  It is not a simple upgrade • Must be on Windows 7 SP1 • Must install a prerequisite (Microsoft Hotfix 2574819) • Install the RDP 8 update • Manually enable RDP 8 on the client (see • It is recommended that Windows 2008 R2 Terminal Servers remain live until both: • Windows XP clients are gone, and • All Windows 7 clients have been successfully upgraded to RDP 8

  11. Windows xp • WinXP is at end of life. It is not wise to keep it, from an IT perspective. Get a plan to upgrade those old workstations, and stick to it. • RB-ERP no longer supports client installations on Windows XP • If you must use Windows XP, you will need to use Terminal Services • Use Windows 2008 R2 on your Terminal Server. Do not upgrade the terminal servers beyond 2008 R2 until both: • Windows XP clients are gone, and • Windows 7 clients are all successfully upgraded to RDP 8

  12. Windows xp • WorkWise will provide a link to a recording of this webinar, so you have it for reference. • We will make the text from the slides available via our web site • Questions?