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College Consultants of Gulf Coast Website PowerPoint Presentation
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College Consultants of Gulf Coast Website

College Consultants of Gulf Coast Website

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College Consultants of Gulf Coast Website

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  1. College Consultants of Gulf Coast Website CIS4595C - CAPSTONE PROJECT James Justin Jordan Spring 2010

  2. What is College Consultants of the Gulf Coast? The company whose website I am creating assists students and families locate endowment monies for college cost. They are facilitators for a non-profit organization that has been offering these services to students for over 27 years. The non-profit organization has remained relatively local in nature. It is Creative Sales and College Consultants of the Gulf Coast desire to cover a much larger geographical area. The website I design for the company is one of the first steps towards this goal.

  3. What is the Website? The Website is a place where potential students and their families can go to get information on how they can obtain endowment monies to help them get a college degree. It is also a place where the consultants that work for the company to be able to obtain forms and training as well as some other information the company has made available.

  4. College Consultants of the Gulf Coast **Home Page** Here is the home page of the website. There is a navigation bar at the top and bottom of each page so people can move about the site easily!!

  5. **Award Letters Page** Here is the Award Letters page this page allows potential students and families to see letters that show how much money students have received from colleges that have given grants to other students. Although at this time the links are unavailable do to technical difficulties with the host of the website.

  6. **Consultants Login Page** This is the page where consultants working for the company can sign in with a password and get files needed as well as training and other useful information. Here is the login box that pops up when the consultants page is opened.

  7. **Lecture Videos Page** This page is where the consultants can receive their training videos. The tabs on the left help the consultants navigate between their pages.

  8. Summary College Consultants of the Gulf Coast from now on referred to (Client) asked me to build a website that was easy to navigate yet look appealing to potential customers. The client also wanted to have what they call a “Back Office” site which is called “Consultants Login” on the site so that the consultants would have a place to retrieve files and train without having to be at the office. It was the client wishes that this page be protected by a password which was completed. The site has a total of 14 pages 7 are for the general public and the rest for the consultants. Each page has the same background with 2 navigation bars one on top and the other on the bottom; the consultants have an extra navigation bar for the back office side of the site. The client is in the process of obtaining more information to upload onto site and has asked me to stay on as the web administrator. Thank you for your time. Have a good day!!