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Cookie Cutter Shark PowerPoint Presentation
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Cookie Cutter Shark

Cookie Cutter Shark

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Cookie Cutter Shark

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  1. Cookie Cutter Shark By Matt Heiken

  2. What They Are • The Cookie Cutter shark is a slow swimming shark. It has a glowing light in its belly. It is a bioluminescent creature. • They are also called the “Cigar Shark” because of its size and shape. • It is also sometimes called the “Luminous Shark” because it is bioluminescent.

  3. Where They Live • They usually live at about around 3,300 meters down from the surface. • They are found in the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans. • They are found in temperate and tropical regions

  4. Their Hunting and Diet • Cookie Cutter Sharks eat whales and bigger fish. • The Cookie Cutter Shark eats by attaching its lips to the animal and then piercing out its teeth and pulling out a circular piece of flesh in a shape of a cookie cutter. That is how it gets it’s name.

  5. The Threats to the Cookie Cutter Shark • Only bigger sharks eat this animal. • Like all marine life, it is also effected by pollution and litter. • This animal lives so deep it does not have that many predators. • This is not an endangered species because it is too small to be taken in by fisheries.

  6. What The Cookie Cutter Shark Looks Like • When it is full grown it can reach a length of 20 inches. • It has big green eyes to help it see. • Its belly glows. This is an act of bioluminescence. This is a picture of a Cookie Cutter Shark that shows all its body parts

  7. Interesting Facts • Cookie Cutter Sharks have been known to bite and damage the rubber covered parts of submarines. • This Shark is harmless to humans and is rarely seen.

  8. Quiz

  9. What is the average length of a Cookie Cutter Shark? 20in. 20ft 15cm

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