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Electrical Planning #6 PowerPoint Presentation
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Electrical Planning #6

Electrical Planning #6

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Electrical Planning #6

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  1. Electrical Planning #6 Electrical Plan

  2. Electrical Working Drawings Electrical Plan

  3. Electrical Working Drawings • Complete electrical plans ensure that electrical equipment and wiring are installed exactly as planned • If electrical plans are incomplete and sketchy, the installation depends upon the judgment of the electricians Electrical Plan

  4. Electrical Working Drawings • Designers should not rely upon electricians to design the electrical system, only to install it • Conversely, designers do not plan the position of every wire, • only the position and relationship of all fixtures, devices, switches, and controls Electrical Plan

  5. Electrical Working Drawings • This is done with the use of electrical symbols Electrical Plan

  6. Electrical Symbols • Hundreds of electrical symbols are used on floor plans • to describe what and where electrical elements will be installed • About sixty symbols apply to residential or light construction Electrical Plan

  7. Electrical Plan

  8. Electrical Plan

  9. Electrical Symbols • Although the wiring diagrams detail how a fixture is wired to a switch, • these diagrams are abbreviated on architectural plans Electrical Plan

  10. Electrical Plan

  11. Electrical Symbols • Some floor plans are so filled with dimensions, labels, and notes • that there is little space for electrical symbols • For this reason, • only the wall outlines are traced as an outline for preparing electrical plans Electrical Plan

  12. Electrical Symbols • On computer-generated floor plans, • this may involve deleting all but • the basic wall outline layer Electrical Plan

  13. To draw an electrical plan: Electrical Plan

  14. To draw an electrical plan: • #1 • Draw all electrical symbols on an abbreviated floor plan • This will prevent interfering with other lines, letters, and numbers on a complete floor plan • Electrical symbols are added to the plan in their appropriate location • If an exact location is required, this should be dimensioned or shown on a separate elevation or detail Electrical Plan

  15. To draw an electrical plan: • #2 • After all symbols are located on a plan, • connect the switches to fixtures • or devices by drawing a dashed and curved line • from each switch to the outlet, fixture, or device • that the switch controls Electrical Plan

  16. To draw an electrical plan: • #2 Cont’d • This line does not represent the actual wiring, only the control link Electrical Plan

  17. Room Wiring Drawings Electrical Plan

  18. Room Wiring Drawings • Typical architect5ural wiring diagrams identify the various electrical fixtures and devices and trace the control of each fixture to a switch • Wiring plans for various rooms and areas in a house are shown in Fig. 31-27 a-j Electrical Plan

  19. Electrical Plan

  20. Electrical Plan

  21. Electrical Plan

  22. Room Wiring Drawings • Because many kitchen appliances are heat-producing and therefore require high wattages, kitchen outlets are divided among several circuits • Otherwise, two or more appliances could overload a circuit when used at maximum load Electrical Plan

  23. Room Wiring Drawings • Utility rooms also require heavy-duty outlets for motor-driven and heat-producing appliances • Bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets require comparatively low wattage levels Electrical Plan

  24. Room Wiring Drawings • Stairs and halls present special problems in electrical planning • Three-way switches must be carefully located • to provide control at many locations • and thus eliminate unnecessary backtracking Electrical Plan

  25. Room Wiring Drawings • In drawing electrical plans on a CAD system, symbols can be called up from a symbol library and copied into the correct position • Electrical symbols are often added by using the layering function • This enables the symbols to be plotted in a different color or omitted totally from the floor plan Electrical Plan