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Reaching for the Top Scholarship Opportunities Beyond First Year

Reaching for the Top Scholarship Opportunities Beyond First Year. Student Financial Services. Overview. Using the Web York Scholarships and Awards How Do I receive a York Scholarship Requesting a Refund External Scholarships Creating a Winning Application Summary .

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Reaching for the Top Scholarship Opportunities Beyond First Year

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  1. Reaching for the TopScholarship Opportunities Beyond First Year Student Financial Services

  2. Overview • Using the Web • York Scholarships and Awards • How Do I receive a York Scholarship • Requesting a Refund • External Scholarships • Creating a Winning Application • Summary

  3. Current Students Web site • One stop for student services • Available 24/7 – get things done when it’s convenient for you…and avoid line ups

  4. York Scholarships • Scholarships are distributed primarily on the basis of academic merit (grades). • Some are awarded automatically • Others require an application • Online Award Search Database: full listing of York University scholarships www.yorku.ca/osfs/award_search/ • Deadlines: • Fall October 15 • Winter January 31

  5. Renewable Entrance Scholarship • Value remains the same for all four years of university • To renew: • Maintain an 8.0 GPA • Enroll in a minimum of 24 credits each year • If the scholarship is lost one year it can be regained in future years.

  6. Continuing Student Scholarship • York University Continuing Student Scholarship • Automatic scholarship • Awarded in August to undergraduate students who: • Completed a minimum of 24 credits • Achieved a GPA of 8.0 in the previous Summer and Fall/Winter sessions • Did not receive the York University Renewable Entrance Scholarship • Scholarship amount varies each year

  7. Bursaries • Need-based awards • Some look at extra-curricular/community activities • Complete the Student Financial Profile • www.yorku.ca/osfs/sfp.shtml • Complete the additional documentation form (for some awards) • All bursaries are listed in the Awards Search Database • www.yorku.ca/osfs/award_search/

  8. External Scholarships and Awards • Student Financial Services Web site: www.yorku.ca/osfs/externalaw • External award search engines • scholarshipscanada.com • www.aucc.ca (Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada) • Studentawards.com

  9. Millennium In-Course Scholarship • Scholarship recognizes academic excellence, leadership and active citizenship in upper-year students • Eligibility Requirements • Completion of second year • Minimum cumulative GPA 7.0 • No previous receipt of a substantial merit scholarship to support post-secondary education • no more than $3,500 in any one year • no more than $5,000 total to date

  10. Millennium In-Course Continued • Focus is on • Community Service • Innovation • Leadership • Academics • Value is $4,000 - $5,000 (may be renewable for additional year)

  11. How Do You Receive An Award • All York University awards are credited to your student account • You must pay your $450 enrolment deposit before awards will appear on your student account • If you have a credit balance after the charges on your student account are cleared, you can request a refund at www.yorku.ca/osfs/refunds/

  12. Create a Winning Application • Read and understand the questions • Answer questions being asked thoroughly • Don’t wait until the last minute • Don’t leave answers blank • Write and re-write - use spell check! • Have your application proofread by somebody else • Consult with a friend, parent, TA, professor • Make a copy of your application for your records

  13. Create a Winning Application: Extra-Curricular Activities • Emphasis on quality, not quantity • Long-term vs. one-day events • Meaningful and significant activities • Outstanding applicants: • Are aware of the place they are living in • Choose activities to meet the needs of their community • Use leadership position to make positive contributions • Display true initiative and ongoing commitment • Take risks and move out of comfort zone

  14. Create a Winning Application: Extra-Curricular Activities • How can leadership and community activities best be presented in a scholarship application? • Explain position • What is the organization? • Who does the position manage/supervise? • Who does the position serve – York students? Club members? Community members?

  15. Create a Winning Application: Extra-Curricular Activities • Explain activities that the position was involved in • How often? • For how long? • How it benefited target audience? • What role did position play in these activities? • Make sure your application is easy to read • Use active language – verbs!

  16. Create a Winning Application: Choosing References • Choose your reference wisely • Choose someone who will give you the best letter • Should attest to your attributes, excellence, and support your application • Cannot be from relative or roommate/partner • Get their permission to act as a reference • Prepare your reference • Provide a copy of your completed application • Thank them afterwards and advise about outcome

  17. Tips for Seeking Financial Assistance • Be resourceful - there are a variety of funding opportunities at York • Don’t re-invent the wheel – save your answers to use for other applications • Be aware of deadlines – often change from year to year • Stay positive and stay focused – most rewards require hard work

  18. Questions and Contacts • Student Financial Services • 416-487-6701 • finance@glendon.yorku.ca ?

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