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  2. Sochi Beach Sochi is the largest resort in Russia. Located near the border with Georgia .From the north-west of the city is surrounded by mountains Caucasus. The metropolitan area extends along the shores of the Black Sea, for 91 miles.

  3. Sochi City Homes. Black Sea background

  4. Summer Theatre of Sochi

  5. Winter Theatre

  6. Many Russian Celebrities have Villas in Sochi

  7. r Port of Sochi

  8. Sochi

  9. Sochi has the world's longest beach. Its length is up to 72 miles.

  10. Saint Nicholas Church

  11. Arboretum in Sochi

  12. Ordzhonikidze Sanatorium

  13. Sanatorium "Sochi"

  14. Stalin’s Villa in Sochi

  15. Sochi was established as a fashionable resort area under Joseph Stalin, who had his favorite dacha built in the city. Stalin's study, complete with a wax statue of the leader, is now open to the public.

  16. Sochi on the Black Sea home of the 2014 Winter Olympics

  17. The Russia Winter Olympics cost an astronomical sum of $ 50 billion. It's is the most expensive games in the history of Olympic sport. This amount is 5 times bigger than originally planned. 10 billion higher than the cost of the Beijing Olympics and more than 3 times higher than the budget of the Olympic Games in London in 2012. Russian opposition, claims the extravagance hides corruption and theft on an incredible scale.

  18. Ice Skating events and the media center.

  19. Olympic Park

  20. Fiszt Olympic Stadium, The Stadium name comes from one of the most famous in Russia's Caucasus Mountains. Opening and closing ceremonies of the Games will be here

  21. Grand Palace of Ice, It will accommodate 12,000 spectators. The Ice Hockey matches will be held here. The dome covering the rink looks like a giant frozen water drop. The area of the dome is shiny and silver for the day, while at night it is a huge screen ledowym, which may display any images.

  22. Oddball Arena, Sochi 2014 "Oddball" in Russian means hockey puck. . From the outside the ice arena can be associated with snow whirlwind. Here and in the Grand Palace to host the Olympic ice hockey tournament.

  23. Skating Center Arena Adler, This facility will be speed skating competitions. The walls of the hall are glazed ice rink, making viewers have a view outside.

  24. Iceberg Skating Palace, Sochi 2014 Facility designed for competitions in figure skating and speed skating short distance [short track].

  25. Ice Cube Curling Center, Sochi 2014 It is the smallest of the construction of sports facilities in Sochi. After a winter competition will be disassembled and transported to another city in Russia.

  26. Olympic Village in Sochi.

  27. Theme Park at Olympic Village

  28. The new railway station, from where you can catch a fast train linking Sochi with the village of Krasnaya Polyana in the Caucasus mountains, where competition will be held “.

  29. New roads, viaducts and tunnels on the route queue.

  30. Krasnaya Polyana, Russia is the largest ski resort, called "Russian Switzerland".

  31. The ski jumping “

  32. Alpine Center

  33. Center for cross-country skiing and biathlon

  34. Extreme Park

  35. Przez kilka lat budowano tu nowoczesne hotele, restauracje, wyciągi, nartostrady i snow parki – wszystko to w ekspresowym tempie, aby zdążyć przed olimpiadą. Obecnie mamy tutaj 21 wyciągów narciarskich i łącznie 72 km tras.