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7th UN/CEFACT FORUM. Hosted by: EDIFrance Sponsors:. September 26-30 Lyon 2005. 7 th UN/CEFACT Forum. Opening Plenary Forum Management Group Chair: Dick Raman Vice-Chair: Sue Probert. Agenda. Introduction Welcome by our Host EDIFrance Forum Logistics Report from the Bureau

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  1. 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Hosted by: EDIFrance Sponsors: September 26-30 Lyon 2005

  2. 7th UN/CEFACT Forum Opening Plenary Forum Management Group Chair: Dick Raman Vice-Chair: Sue Probert

  3. Agenda • Introduction • Welcome by our Host EDIFrance • Forum Logistics • Report from the Bureau • Reports from the Permanent Groups • A User-Case for UN/CEFACT: SAP • Wrap-Up 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  4. Introduction • Welcome • 7th UN/CEFACT Forum • Over 200 attendees • Organisation • Overcame many obstacles • Budget issues • Worked hard to resolve 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  5. 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Hosted by: EDIFrance Sponsors: September 26-30 Lyon 2005

  6. Logistics • Meeting Rooms • Secretariat • Internet Access • Morning Coffee & Coffee Breaks • Smoking Policy • Welcome Reception – Mayor of Lyon 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  7. Lunch & Learn • Monday – UNeDocs UK • Sue Bravery (SITPRO) & Niels Lehner (IATA) • Tuesday – GS1 • Mark d’Agostino (GS1) • Wednesday – XBRL • Gilles Maguet (XBRL-GL) • Thursday – UMM • Christian Huemer (UoV) 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  8. Forum Management Group • Implementation of Procedures • Nominations by your HoD • Strictly enforced starting next Forum • Work Items • Open Development Process • External Engagement Procedure • Liaisons 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  9. Forum Management Group • Fundraising • Principles agreed by UN/CEFACT Plenary • Marketing • Project Matrix • Legal Group • Terms of Reference • Programme of Work • Recommendations on coordination with other PGs • Legal Aspects of the PG’s work 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  10. UN/CEFACT Bureau Report to the 7th UN/CEFACT Forum Mike Doran & Mark Palmer UNITED NATIONS CENTRE FOR TRADE FACILITATION AND ELECTRONIC BUSINESS Under the auspices of United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

  11. Contents • Decisions made at the 11th UN/CEFACT Plenary - 22/23 June 2005 • UNECE External Review • IPR Update • Bureau objectives for the 7th Forum 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  12. Decisions of the 11th UN/CEFACT Plenary (1) • Plenary requested Quarterly reports from Bureau • FMG Report on the objectives of the Forum noted • R.650/Rev.4 approved • A form will be prepared for HoDs to nominate Forum delegates • Forum Rules of Procedure approved 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  13. Decisions of the 11th UN/CEFACT Plenary (2) • Rules of Procedure to be further revised to clarify the right to invite observers & special guests to the Forum • ODP was approved. To be completed with procedures to cover all UN/CEFACT deliverables • Recommendations for the Support & Financing of UN/CEFACT’s program of Work - approved • Principles of the IPR Policy approved. After OLA approval, IPR Policy will be approved in an intersessional approval process by the end of 2005. • Plan for Cooperation Agreements with other organizations approved 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  14. Decisions of the 11th UN/CEFACT Plenary (3) • New MoU between OASIS & UNECE signed • UN/CEFACT Forum Progress Reports approved • Legal Group to be re-convened at Lyon Forum • Draft BRS’s approved • Cover pages of BRS’s should indicate the PG in charge as the source of submitting the document, and the individual WG where the work is undertaken, as well as internal & external liaisons and outreach with “stakeholders” • Bureau requested to review the term “BRS” 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  15. Decisions of the 11th UN/CEFACT Plenary (4) • TBG requested to submit a revised BRS for Material Data Sheet for review & approval of the Plenary • Report of the Standards Liaison Rapporteur noted • Report of the Rapporteur for Asia noted. He was requested to further contacts with regional standardization initiatives • Bureau requested to review the Mandates & ToRs of the Rapporteurs & submit them to HoDs in an intersessional approval process • Bureau also requested to identify Rapporteurs in additional regions, particularly Africa & Latin America 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  16. Decisions of the 11th UN/CEFACT Plenary (5) • Plenary took note of a number of reports on Capacity Building & other related matters prepared by the secretariat • It also took note of the Bureau’s report on Regional Cooperation • Stuart Feder (USA) of the Bank for International Settlements was elected as Chairman of UN/CEFACT for the period 2005-2007 • The Plenary requested the secretariat to issue the list of approved decisions on the UN/CEFACT Website & in a message to the HoDs listserver • The 12th UN/CEFACT Plenary will be held in Geneva from 29 May to 2 June 2006 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  17. UNECE External Review (1) • The Member States of UNECE decided to commission a comprehensive report on the state of UNECE • An evaluation team was set up and carried out the review between January & June 2005 • Their report, “The State of UNECE” was published on 30 June 2005 • The Bureau, as with the other WPs in UNECE, under the authority of the CTIED was invited to comment on the report & its recommendations 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  18. UNECE External Review (2) • The global value of UN/CEFACT’s standards is recognized and appreciated • Despite informing the Evaluation Team of a number of errors in their report, because the views of the Member States were somewhat contradictory, no action was taken • Certain recommendations are unacceptable • The Bureau has therefore prepared a response. This has been communicated to the Chair of the UNECE Commission, Ambassador Roux of Belgium • HoDs have been provided with a briefing paper to communicate to their Missions in Geneva who will be involved in the negotiations 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  19. UNECE External Review - Next Steps • The UNECE Commission, under Ambassador Roux of Belgium, has now started negotiations and hopes to conclude by November 2005 • Bureau members are contacting individual HoDs to follow up on the briefing paper they have been asked to communicate to their Missions in Geneva who will be involved in the negotiations • As a number of Bureau members and HoDs are attending the Forum here in Lyon, there is an opportunity to discuss some of the recommendations and agree on further action • The main thrust of the External Review concerns the governance of UNECE and it is felt that reforms proposed may be implemented fairly quickly 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  20. IPR Policy - Background • 10th Plenary established an IPR Special Contact Group • IPR SCG reviewed other SDOs IPR policies • Established consensus on fundamental principles (IPR SCG N04001) • IPR SCG circulated drafts for comment • Discussion with OLA – no concerns identified • Policy and summary of principles submitted • 11th Plenary approved the IPR SCG report and the IPR policy principles 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  21. IPR Policy – Overview • Goal: promote UN/CEFACT Specifications without the burden of fees or restrictions. • Four key principles of draft IPR Policy • Waiver • Disclosure • Exception Handling • Warranty 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  22. IPR Policy – Waiver Obligation • All participants in a Forum Group waive their rights to enforce intellectual property necessary to practice the specification from that Forum Group. • The waiver is limited in that it applies only as to implementations of the specification – all other rights are reserved. • This waiver is required as a condition of participating in the Forum Group. 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  23. IPR Policy – Exception Handling • Applies when a participant discloses intellectual property. • Intellectual Property Advisory Group (“IPAG”) is formed to consider the intellectual property conflict at issue and to arrive at one of the recommendations outlined in the Policy. 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  24. IPR Policy – Warranties • Every participant warrants that to the best of its representative’s knowledge, and without investigation, no third party contends that the participant’s contributions infringe that third party’s intellectual property. • There are no other warranties or indemnities. 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  25. IPR Policy – Recent Progress • 11th Plenary approved the IPR SCG report and the IPR policy principles • Some member bodies requested extra time for review and comments • IPR Policy submitted to OLA for approval • IPR SCG awaits the OLA comments and approval • Pending OLA approval, final IPR policy will be circulated for intersessional approval before the end of 2005 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  26. Bureau Objectives for the week • Complete tasks proposed by UN/CEFACT Plenary • Continue to enhance communications with all PGs • Obtain input on improving UN/CEFACT work • Work with the Forum Management Group • Arrangements for the March 2006 Forum Meeting • Coordination of work programmes and procedures • Strategic planning and improving external cooperation • Listen to the contributors and customers of UN/CEFACT 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  27. Applied Technologies Group ATG - Opening plenary Chair: Anders Grangård Vice-Chair: Mark Crawford

  28. ATG1 UN/EDIFACT Gait Boxman • ATG1 will be meeting Tue am, Wed/Thu all day • UN/EDIFACT Data Maintenance Requests for D.05B • 130+ DMRs received • TBG WG chairs please identify availability for discussing DMRs today (Monday) to Alain Dechamps or Anders Grangard • We'll setup a schedule Tue early and inform you before coffee break • UML to UN/EDIFACT Transformation Rules 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  29. ATG2 XML Mark Crawford • ATG2 will be meeting Tue pm, Wed and Thu (full day) • XML Naming and Design Rules • Schema production procedures • Creation of code list schema modules • UBL • Projects pending NDR • XML Profile for UMM/CC • TAC for XML • BPSS XML Schema • UML to XML Transformation Rules 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  30. Information Content Management Group ICG - Opening plenary Chair: Mike Conroy Vice-Chair: David Dobbing

  31. International Trade and Business Processes Group TBG – Opening Plenary Chair: Jean-Luc Champion Vice-Chair: Yong-Jae Kim

  32. TBG’s Mandate • Simplification of • International Trade Procedures • Business and Governmental Process Analysis • Use of best practices and methodologies (UMM, UML, …) • Support the development of trade facilitation & e-Business solutions. 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  33. TBG Summary • Over 200 members within 18 Working Groups • Many participants are representatives of large organizations: AIAG, Boeing, GS1, SWIFT, KIEC, Eurofer, JASTPRO, SAP, Atos, Oracle, US GSA, US DA, EDIAgro, IAPH, NIST, WCO, … • 11 domain Working Groups plus Intl. Trade Facilitation, Business Processes and Harmonisation 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  34. TBG new Project Proposals • Steel Industry Invoicing Process (TBG1) • Cross Industry Ordering Process (TBG1) • Financial Execution Management (TBG6) • Schedule and Cost Performance Management (TBG6) • Supply Chain Reference Model (TBG1-TBG14) • Recommendation 6 Revision (TBG1-TBG15) • Setting up of TBG18 (Agriculture) • E-Gov working group 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  35. Techniques & Methodologies Group TMG - Opening Plenary Chair: Gunther Stuhec

  36. General • UN/CEFACT TMG Meeting in Walldorf, 6 – 10 June, 2005 • CCTS F2F Meeting 19 – 22 September, 2005 • We have • 39 Voting Members • 27 Non Voting Members • 58 Guests • Preparing New TMG Web Site – First draft available at the end of this Forum 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  37. Goal Our main goal is: to bring the key components together UN/CEFACT Methodologies UMM CCTS Business Semantics EDI (EDIFACT, TPA, AS2?) ebXML (ebMS, RegRep, CPPA) Web Services Technical Framework And the content, which is based this methodology can be used by all relevant technical frameworks. 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  38. Business Process Working Group • UMM • First Working Draft of UMM Foundation released August 2005 • This week • Process comments on UMM Foundation • Work on the User Guide for the UMM Foundation • BCSS • Draft profile released July 2005 • Comments received from TMG and also from OAGi • This week • Align CEFACT and OAGi UML profiles • Complete a harmonised BCSS draft • Test XMI interoperability with three different tools 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  39. Business Process Working Group • BPSS • After signing the MoU between UN/CEFACT and OASIS, we started a negotiation with the OASIS ebBP • This week: • Further progress in negotiation • Define a negotiation plan • UBAC • Current ODP phase: Requirements and Scoping(Introduction document, Requirements and use case document completed) • Project inactive pending re-establishment Legal Group • This week • Joint Meeting with LG on Tuesday • Project meeting Thursday 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  40. Core Components Work Group • CCTS – Core Components Technical Specification • F2F Meeting 19 – 22 September • Completed review of 205 comments for release 2.x • 2.x ready for review 1 November • Decisions: • One list of Representation Terms • Table maintenance transition to ATG • Tables publicly, freely available • CCMA – Core Components Message Assembly • Chair: Gait Boxman (TIE), Editor: Serm Kulvatunyou (NIST) • 40 members • Developing Requirements • F2F Tuesday, 13:00 to 17:00 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  41. eBusiness Architecture Working Group • Architectural process • Planning for the Architectural Process conducted in collaboration with ATG • First startup-meeting in Lyon • Architecture project • Activities suspended pending establishment of Architectural Process • Glossary project • Planning for publication of glossary on TMG website • Activities during the week • Meetings Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  42. TMG/TBG Modelers Reference Initiative • What is the Purpose? • Stimulate, facilitate and motivate the uptake of the UN/CEFACT modeling approach • MRI Workshop was on Sunday, 25 Sept. • Brought modelers together for experience sharing and discussions on current state of application of BRS, RMS • MRI meets on Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursday afternoons 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

  43. http://www.UNCEFACT.org 7th UN/CEFACT FORUM Lyon

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