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  1. 20th UN/CEFACT FORUM Closing Plenary Vienna, Austria – 21 Sept 2012

  2. 20th UN/CEFACT FORUMCLOSING PLENARY Trade and Transport Facilitation Program Development Area Activities during the Week Mats Wicktor & Viktor Dravitsa UN/CEFACT Plenary Vice Chairs 17 - 21 September 2012 Technical University, Vienna

  3. PDA Structure Vice Chairs Mats Wicktor Viktor Dravitsa Trade and Transport Facilitation PDA • Domains • International Trade Procedures (Johan Pontén) • Transport and Logistics (Dominique Vankemmel and Michael Onder) • Customs (SP Sahu) 17 - 21 September 2012 Technical University, Vienna

  4. ITPD • Draft Recommendation on Consultation Mechanisms further developed. Project decided to revisit Rec 4 to evaluate possibility of expansion. • Recommendation on PPP for Trade Facilitation Measures: • work done by other groups recognized • discussion paper possible outcome • recommendation not excluded • Work plan • TFIG 17 - 21 September 2012 Technical University, Vienna

  5. Transport / Logistics • “Cargo Tracing and Tracking” project progress report. • Multi Modal Transport (MMT) structure as a subset of the Collaborative Framework (Core Components Library): decision to write a project proposal (by FIATA). • Workshop on “Global Electronic Freight Data Exchange”, over 15 participants, with a goal to develop a plan to prepare and publish guidance on use of transport standards. • Joint meeting with Supply Chain PDA: discuss overall SC model, materials for promotion on the Buy-Ship-Pay model. • Participation in working sessions on UN Rec 14, UN Rec 36 and new framework for Core Library Feasibility. • Projects: Status Report, Transport Instructions, Waybill and Dangerous Goods. Priorities to be reassessed at the next T&L meeting. • ITIGG-International Transport Implementation Guidelines: update on CEFACT D11B. • Report on cooperation with ISO committees, ISO TC204-ITS-Intelligent Transport Systems: proposal ISO 17187 Freight-X (Governance of Freight Electronic Exchanges) • Assessment/approval of DMR’s – proposal BIC for Container EDIFACT message • Pending issues: reduced resources of the T&L Group, seeking Experts for projects leadership, confirm support from International Transport Organizations • Interim T&L Domain meeting 26-30 November 2012 at FIATA in Zurich

  6. Customs • Processing of DMR’s (5 approved, 1 withdrawn) • Participating in joint meetings within and across the PDA’s and other domains 17 - 21 September 2012 Technical University, Vienna

  7. Recommendation 14 • Most of the writing before the end of the year. Points of consideration: • Levels of sensitivity / security assurance levels and level recommendation • Technology neutrality • Technical aspects and legal aspects to be considered • Definitions and functions should be as close to those of UNCITRAL as possible • Annex 1 on legally enabling implementations • Establish a template for submission of data – key characteristics to be considered • Important to deduce a common checklist as an introduction to the annex. • Annex 2 on technical implementations enabling electronic data transfer • Use typologies in UNCITRAL “Promoting Confidence…” document to group similar solutions and allow an easier lecture in the recommendation. • Must consider other typologies for examples like the IATA example or GS1 example… • Looking forward, we would appreciate participation of ex draft Rec 37 members. • Next meeting: conference call mid-October; contact for more info

  8. Recommendation 36 • A major interest shown measured by participation • Attendees had different background of Single Window • Presentations were given of SW-implementations from national to regional (i.e. APEC) and global concepts (i.e. GNC) • Re-use of existing draft to Rec 36 • Consultation process based on a questions template together with a «glossy» to be circulated • To be supplemented by contributions of several group members to tap into gained experiences • The results of the consultation will be examined by the group during the Forum intersession and the Recommendation will be continuously progressed using e-collaboration facilities

  9. 20th UN/CEFACT FORUMClosing PLENARY Supply Chain Programme Development Area Mike Doran & Tim McGrath UN/CEFACT Plenary Vice Chairs 21 September 2012

  10. MONDAY 17 September PDA Planning for the week Preparation for the eProcurement Workshop TUESDAY 18 September eProcurement Workshop Preparatory Session Finance & Payments kick-off meeting WEDNESDAY 19 September eProcurement Workshop THURSDAY 20 SEPTEMBER Joint meeting with Agriculture – Flower Auction Change Requests – CII Joint meeting with Trade & Transport PDA Revised Technical Framework meetings during the week Meetings 21 September 2012

  11. proposals Project areas – Finance and Payments Supply Chain Finance New standardization needs to be addressed: - Purchase Order financing (NEW) - Inventory financing (NEW) PDA: Supply Chain Coordinators: Mike Doran, Tim McGrath - Cross-industry Invoice v3 - Credit Note (NEW) - Trade Counterparts screening (NEW) Maintenance with respect to financial issues / coordination with SCM domain Supply Chain documents (under SCM) Finance/Payments domain Finance (exTBG5) See next slides No progress since 2008, need for review ? Mobile payments/ePayments? Work Programme (guidelines) Liaison to standards Liaison to ISO20022 and global financial services under TC68 * : - Remittance Advice re-submitted BJ - Factoring /reverse factoring - Guarantees / collaterals 21 September 2012 * Await formal assignment, see later

  12. Accounting & Audit Lexical Nomenclature Benoît Marchal Study of nomenclatures Trust and security session Presentation to PDA Impact of revised technical framework

  13. Supply Chain Management & Procurement Bernard Longhi & Edmund Gray 21 September 2012

  14. Project Status eTendering, CFEM and CII ver 3 • CC harmonization finalisation: Sept 2012 • BRS update: Sept 2012 • Schema generation: Sept 2012 • Last internal review: 24-28 Sept 2012 • Public review: October 2012 • BRS and XML schema • Via Confluence website

  15. V3 CCL publication 21 September 2012 • Proposals for CCL publication process from the projects: • Option 1: validation by Validation team of CCs and BIEs and published as a standard. • Option 2: validation of CCs by validation team and published as a standard. Self-validation of BIEs by projects and published by the projects on Confluence for public review. • Option 3: self-validation of CCs and BIEs by projects for the establishment of the Core library and published by the projects on Confluence for public review.

  16. Data Type Catalogue Project proposal for the Revision of the Data Type Catalogue has been submitted: Remove requirements to use specific code lists, and code list versions, that has led to challenges in implementation. The revised data type catalogue: Allow implementers to use and validate codes in whatever way is most appropriate for their particular circumstances or communities of use. Supported by 3 HoDs in accordance with ODP

  17. Project Status Supply Chain Management • Meeting with Dutch Horticulture Florecom • Discussed potential of capability for Auction use in general e.g. Fish / Cattle. • Most requirements were already in the Library. • Online Meeting next week to discuss inclusion in CII and also to start process to develop formal change requests • We attended the workshop on the new Technical Framework. • At an internal preparation for the eProcurement workshop presentations were made by Edmund, Jostein and Tim.

  18. eNotification Didier Hardy 21 September 2012

  19. Pre-awarding phases Post-awarding phases ePreparation eAccess eSubmission eEvaluation eAwarding eContract BUY eOrdering SHIP eDelivering PAY eInvoicing contract TRANSPORT eAccounting eAuditing TAXES ePayment eAttestation VCD eCatalogue eReporting Secure Transfer & storage eLearning eArchiving eIdentification eSignature Modularity in the eProcurement steps eTendering BUY – SHIP – PAY PIN CN CAN eNotification Other post-awarding services eNotification Other eProcurement services General services 17 - 21 September 2012 Technical University, Vienna

  20. Pre-awarding phases Post-awarding phases ePreparation eAccess eSubmission eEvaluation eAwarding eContract BUY eOrdering SHIP eDelivering PAY eInvoicing contract TRANSPORT eAccounting eAuditing TAXES ePayment eAttestation VCD eCatalogue eReporting Secure Transfer & storage eLearning eArchiving eIdentification eSignature Identified projects in the “Supply Chain PDA” eTendering BUY – SHIP – PAY PIN CN CAN eNotification Other post-awarding services eNotification Other eProcurement services General services 17 - 21 September 2012 Technical University, Vienna

  21. 2011: project request: submitted 2012-Jan: call for participation: submitted 2012-Sep: LNP – BRS  draft ready ACTIONS: Update the confluence site with LNP docuements Required: Input/feedback from global perspective Next step: Draft RSM 20th Forum: feedback 21 September 2012 Technical University, Vienna

  22. 20th UN/CEFACT FORUMCLOSING PLENARY Regulatory Program Development Area Activities during the Week Tahseen Khan & Mats Wicktor UN/CEFACT Plenary Vice Chairs 17 - 21 September 2012 Technical University, Vienna

  23. PDA Structure Vice Chairs Tahseen Khan Mats Wicktor Regulatory PDA • Domains • Environmental Management (Delta Pelgrim) • Government (Ray Pisani) • Customs (SP Sahu) 17 - 21 September 2012 Technical University, Vienna

  24. REG PDA 17 - 21 September 2012 17 - 21 September 2012 Technical University, Vienna Technical University, Vienna

  25. 20th UN/CEFACT FORUM Closing Meeting Sectoral PDA Harm-Jan van Burg and Bruno Prepin Vice Chairs Vienna, Austria – 17 Sept 2012

  26. 20th UN/CEFACT FORUMClosing Meeting PDA Sectoral / Agriculture 21 September 2012 17 - 21 September 2012 Technical University, Vienna

  27. AGENDA OF THE WEEK MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY Join meeting with PDA Supply Chain : Flowers Invoice) eCERTelectronic signature eLabs Conf call with F. Van Diepen State of progress Nextsteps eFood Chain MarketAnalysisPresentation FramewokDevelopment Pilots prototypes EDI of fisheries catch data Project presentation Opening Plenary session MORNING eLabs eLabs Conf call with F. Van Diepen EDI of fisheries catch data Project presentation Validation of the agenda Validation of Minutes ( Geneva) Intermediates meetings eFOOD Chain Project Closing Plenary Session AFTERNOON Developpment plan for PDA Agriculture Review and finalise Draft document Final Report New project : European Commission : Health and Consumer Protection/ RASFF notification exchange Livestock registration (pigs, poultry) and Livestock traceability or eCert electronic signature and implementation guide Project Templates ( project proposals, BRS…) News projects

  28. Monday • Validation of the Agenda • Validation of the minutes of last Forum • Intermediate meetings since Geneva : • CEN - CII Invoice (august 2012) • IPPC – eCERT (september 2012)

  29. eCERT Electronic signature • What will we do : • European Commission will experiment with the Dutch implementation of their international exchange using a security system based on draft UN/CEFACT Recommendation 37. • Based on this experiment, The Netherlands will set up draft guidelines with EC.  

  30. eLABs • eLabs Session • State of progress since April 2012 • Comments on the last documents • Update of the BRS • preharmonisation results  for the CCs  and impact on the BIEs • Next steps : • Finalize the harmonisation (ABIEs) • Work on RSM document • Publish the schema on CCL12B 

  31. European Commission projects • Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) Notification Exchange • Review and finalize the project proposal • 3 countries agreement • Definition of editor and co-editors • Health and Consumer Protection (will be presented in next Forum)

  32. eFood Chain project • Results of the Market Analysis • Work on preparation of pilots prototypes : • E-Invoicing • Food safety and secure produces • Sustainability

  33. Animal Registration New projects in livestock registration (pigs, poultry) and Livestock traceability Presentation of the needs in Batch number identification for animal productions

  34. Fish traceability Electronic data Interchange of fisheries catch data Project presentation • Work on BRS documents Next steps : • Finalization of BRS documents • Preparation of harmonization

  35. Flowers Auction • Joint meeting with PDA Supply Chain: change requests to the CII for Flowers Auction • Presentation and discussion on the five issues in the change request • Solutions were discussed • Next step will be finalize the solution for the next version of the CII Invoice (BRS and CCL)

  36. UN/CEFACT ForumPDA: Sectoral –Travel/Tourism Coordinator: Akio Suzuki 21 September, 2012

  37. Progress in this week • SLH ( Small scaled Lodging House) • Reservation Information Process • We had a joint meeting with Library Maintenance Group on qDT and code list management, and could get well guided and solved. • This project will be able to fulfill the exit criteria in the near future. • We discussed on the SLH Trial Project in AFACT region and agreed to make ourselves well prepared for this start • New Project Proposal • The new project of Destination Travel Information (DTI) Process was discussed. We could document the draft project proposal to submit to the Bureau.

  38. 20th UN/CEFACT FORUM Closing Meeting Methodology & Technology PDA Vienna, Austria – 21 Sept 2012

  39. METHODOLOGY & TECHNOLOGY PDA Key topics for this week • Workshops on: • Trusted Exchange of Business Documents • Core Library Feasibility (proposed technical framework) • Project team meetings: • Business Document Header & Envelope • Specific issues for discussion: • EDIFACT maintenance procedures • Revised technical framework proposal 20th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Vienna, Austria

  40. Workshop on Trusted Exchange of Trade Documents Identifying requirements and best practices for a framework of interoperability that establishes a trusted environment for exchanging trade documents. • Authentication of Trade Documents by Means other than Signature • Lance Thompson (France) • Trusted trans-boundary electronic trade document exchange • Alexander Sazanov (Russia) • Maintaining trust within a 4-corner network model • Kenneth Bengtsson (Denmark) • Long Term Signature profiles for EDI Data and Electronic Documents • Andrea Caccia (Italy) • “# Mail, the certified email address” • Mr Seongmin Lim (Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Korea)) 20th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Vienna, Austria

  41. Workshop on Core Library feasibility Understanding the requirements and identifying best practices for creating a core interoperable foundation library for trade facilitation. • Core Interoperable Foundation Library • Tim McGrath (Australia) • Community of European Semantic Assets Repositories (CESAR) and ADMS • Joao Frade (European Commission) • Current Core Component Libraries status • Sue Probert (UK) 20th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Vienna, Austria

  42. Revised Technical Framework • Why are we doing this? • UN/CEFACT is in the business of making recommendations and standards • We need business justifications not technical ones • Market driven • Support from stakeholder communities 20th UN/CEFACT FORUM – Vienna, Austria

  43. The current market • Surveys, analysis and experience suggests: • Many established communities not using UN/CEFACT standards consistently • Situation is too fragmented to change • Then and now… • UN/EDIFACT = single SDO (UN/CEFACT) • XML = many SDOs (W3C, OASIS, ISO, IEC, GS1) • UN/CEFACT is not the sole arbiter of XML standards for eBusiness • No ‘one’ canonical standard will work 43

  44. What Standard(s) Can We Achieve? • One Standard to Rule them All • Centralized • Global agreement on everything • Is my requirement everyone’s requirement? Or • Islands of standardization • Foundational semantics • Satisfying different communities of use • Using specific EDI or XML formats • Transform between different formats • Needs coordination

  45. The Options Before Us • One Standard • Who decides? • What do they decide? • When do they decide? • Fragmented Standards • Who wins? • Coordinated Standards • Common semantics • Federated approach

  46. The opportunity for UN/CEFACT • Someone needs to facilitate the interoperability between these communities. • UN/CEFACT can have that role • Standardize what can be agreed, to improve interoperability • ‘core’ processes, structures, components and data types (including code lists). • Allow communities to re-use these in their environments. 46

  47. The role for UN/CEFACT • A forum for coordinating a framework for interoperability for trade facilitation and eBusiness • Ensure everything is done, but … • Not to do everything • Facilitators not owners • Support disparate community implementations • Build bridges not walls How do we do this? 47

  48. Restructure what we have • Agree on what the ‘end game’ should be: • What an effective framework for UN/CEFACT deliverables would look like. • Plan how to reach the ‘end game’ • Who does what • Stop doing things that don’t fit this plan • Manage the completion of these projects • Get the right resources • Manage expectations • Communicate value

  49. The Core Interoperable Foundation Library

  50. Bureau Program SupportLibrary Maintenance EDIFACT: Gait Boxman CCLs: Chris Hassler, Mary Kay Blantz Schema: Jostein Fromyr Code Lists: Gait Boxman + Validation: Hidekazu Enjo Vienna, Austria