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  1. Emily Final 2 steps are too parallel to the bar. Need to attack at 35°. Running on heals. Very nice plant. Dipping should towards bar and leaning backwards at toe-off. Should be completely vertical. Strong knee drive.

  2. Lilly Good attack angle. Plant is parallel to the bar. Dangerous. Jumping into the bar. The body should be completely vertical at toe-off. Head should be in line with the body when clearing the bar. At the plant, the body should be a straight. The knee is bent. At toe-off, you are straight. Great!

  3. Sheridan Landed on heel on 2nd to last step. Nice position at plant. Leaning backwards at toe-off. The body should be completely vertical. Need to jump through center of gravity Jumping into the bar rather than straight up. The right arm could be closer to the body. Leaning backwards. The backward lean is preventing the pirouette rotation. Both hips should clear the bar at the same time.

  4. Greta Last 2 steps are too parallel to the bar. Should have a 35° attack angle. Slight C at toe-off. Jumping into the bar. The right arm should be blocking straight up rather than driving into the bar. Mostly flat at clearance and working towards having the body perpendicular to the bar.

  5. Belle Perhaps last step is too long. Strong plant. A bit of a C at toe-off which prevents you from being completely perpendicular to the bar at clearance. The right arm should be down at your thigh.

  6. Jocie A slight C at toe-off. Stepping out on 2nd to last step. Foot plant is parallel, DANGEROUS! Jumping into the bar slightly.

  7. Caraline