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Emily Dugan

Emily Dugan

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Emily Dugan

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  1. Emily Dugan Why I love photography~& some of what I don’t like.

  2. Here’s the main reason I love photography; there’s no limits. If you want to take a picture of some dust, go for it. If you feel the urge to take a picture of a ceiling fan, go right ahead. Everyone has a different perspective of what’s photogenic and what’s not, and everyone has a different perspective in general and I think that’s what really makes me love photography so much.

  3. “A series of drawings produced using drawing implements attached to the tips of tree branches, the wind’s effects on the tree recorded on paper. Like signatures each drawing reveals the different qualities and characteristics of each tree.” This is one of my favorite pictures, because it like nature, art, and photography all combined in one concept.

  4. I love this picture and everything about it. You can’t tell if she’s just taking a normal bath with flowers, or if she’s drowning herself and trying to make it pretty.

  5. This is my favorite picture of all time, and I feel like it it’s self-explanatory.

  6. I think this one is also self-explanatory. The thing that makes this picture so powerful is the fact that this is real. That’s what makes it really speak to me.

  7. Here’s one of the don’t likes. Lol I love this picture but it’s so staged and I don’t understand the concept.

  8. This is terrifying and that’s why I like it. If this person did this in a different location or in color it wouldn’t have been scary and looked stupid. I think this is perfect.