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City of Winchester Performance Evaluations

Objectives. Introduce the NEW City evaluation process.Outline WFRD add-ons for the evaluation process.. Overall Purpose. Identifying the Department's expectations.Communicating the expectations.Setting goals for meeting the expectations.. 4 Phases of Performance Evaluation. PlanningID performan

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City of Winchester Performance Evaluations

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    1. City of Winchester Performance Evaluations For WFRD Supervisors

    2. Objectives Introduce the NEW City evaluation process. Outline WFRD add-ons for the evaluation process.

    3. Overall Purpose Identifying the Departments expectations. Communicating the expectations. Setting goals for meeting the expectations.

    4. 4 Phases of Performance Evaluation Planning ID performance and developmental goals and gain the employees commitment to achieving those expectations. Coaching A continuous cycle of observation, feedback and reflection that is required to ensure the employee is on track to achieve expectations. Reviewing Jointly assess actual performance against expectations. Rewarding Ensuring employees receive monetary and non-monetary rewards.

    5. Performance Evaluation is a continuous process! Not just once a year.

    6. When to Perform Anniversary date by quarter Admin. sends list to Department head. Should be completed by first day of first month in quarter.

    7. New Form Layout 1 to 5 whole number scoring system. Page 1 is the summary. Part I Core Competencies There are 10 core topics and 1 additional for supervisors. Part II Job Specific Responsibilities There are 8 job specific topics that are WFRD specific. Part III Developmental Activities These are supervisor goals for the employee. Employee Feedback Form (same)

    8. New Form Layout cont. Word Document Accessible from our Internal Website At this time it does not calculate like our old form. Instruction sheet. An expectation sheet is provided for reference. Skill sheets will be provided for consistency.

    9. Procedures for Completing the Evaluation Fill in the top section completely. One rating, reflecting the level of demonstrated performance, shall be marked for each competency. We will use whole numbers 1 thru 5

    10. Scoring System Unacceptable Performance - Performance consistently does not meet standards and expectations. Fair Performance Performance is inconsistent and may be satisfactory sometimes and unacceptable at others. Acceptable Performance Meets or occasionally exceeds the expected standards, usually able to perform without close supervision. Commendable Performance Performance is clearly above normal expectations for the position. Extraordinary Performance Performance consistently exceeds standards and requirements.

    11. Procedures for Completing the Evaluation, cont. Part I - All employees shall be rated on the first 10 competencies. Part II WFRD defined competencies. The comments section for each competency shall be used to document specific examples that support the rating. This is a must if giving a 1,2,4,5. Part III Outline activities/goals to be completed by the employee during the next evaluation cycle.

    12. Procedures for Completing the Evaluation, cont. The summary page shall be completed by transferring the evaluations from each competency and the average calculated for Part I & II, signed and submitted to immediate supervisor. The employee shall review the completed evaluation and sign the summary sheet to indicate that the evaluation was shared with him or her. Personal feedback forms shall be prepared and reviewed by the employee/supervisor.

    13. Part I Core Competencies

    14. 1. Customer Service Inspections Time Violation Respectful Public Education Time Prepared Respectful Department Members Respectful Helpful Interaction Demeanor Other City Departments Helpful Respectful Emergency Responses Consistent Respectful Response Time Body Language

    15. 2. Adaptability/Flexibility Team Oriented No me or Is Prioritize Changes What Must Happen Proactive Problem Solver

    16. 3. Work Habits Outside Contacts Personal Computer Use Cell Phone Use Apparatus Inspections

    17. 4. Safety Station Security PPE for Task Lifting Traffic Vest

    18. 5. Communication Non-Emergency Tone Factual Language Understood Frequency Emergency Calm Clear Receiver Acknowledge Accurate Electronic Check Acknowledge Respond

    19. 6. Organizing/Planning/Project Management Recordkeeping Prioritize Responsibilities Meets Established Timelines

    20. 7. Decision-Making/Judgment Uses Facts Not Rumors Processes Information Before Deciding

    21. 8. Fiscal/Resource Management Consolidated Trips Electricity Usage Supply Usage

    22. 9. Continuous Improvement/Innovation New Training Classes/Certifications Improves Work Environment

    23. 10. Strategic Thinking Emergency Assess Evaluate React Non-Emergency Establishes Goals Alternative Methods

    24. 11. Supervision/Mgt./Coaching Walks the Talk Practices the Sermon Consistent Standards and Expectation Same for Everyone Continuous Feedback Monthly Review Looks for the Good Finds people doing the right thing Fair Assignment Distribution Everyone Receives

    25. Part II Job Specific Responsibilities

    26. 1. Knowledge Testing Core test results Street test results Other written test

    27. 2. Fire Skills Skill sheets provided Scoring: 5 (100%) 4 (99%-90%) 3 (89%-80%) 2 (79%-75%) 1 (74%-below)

    28. 3. EMS Skills To certification/operational level Skill sheets provided Scoring: 5 (100%) 4 (99%-90%) 3 (89%-80%) 2 (79%-75%) 1 (74%-below)

    29. 4. Hazmat Skills To certification/operational level Skill sheets provided Scoring: 5 (100%) 4 (99%-90%) 3 (89%-80%) 2 (79%-75%) 1 (74%-below)

    30. 5. Apparatus Skills Skill sheets provided Scoring: 5 (100%) 4 (99%-90%) 3 (89%-80%) 2 (79%-75%) 1 (74%-below)

    31. 6. Successfully Completes Work Performance Test Scoring: 5 (5:59 & Under) 4 (6:00 7:59) 3 (8:00 10:47) 2 (10:48 11:30) 1 (11:31 & Above)

    32. 7. Additional Assignments Inspections, Public Education, Projects, Instruction Quality result Timeliness of completion Documentation

    33. 8. Apparatus and Station Routines Quality result Timeliness of completion Documentation

    34. Part III Developmental Activities

    35. Developmental Activities Define the action plan for the upcoming year for the employee. Define the activity/goal Outline the expected learning gain Outline the resources or assistance that may be needed. Outline the results

    36. Employee Feedback Form Should be completed by all employees. Submitted to supervisor prior to evaluation interview.

    37. QUESTIONS !

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