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One important thing to note about cosmetic rhinoplasty is that it goes beyond aesthetics. While improving the external appearance of the nose is a primary focus, surgeons also consider functional aspects such as nasal breathing. So cosmetic rhinoplasty can address those concerns if you have difficulty breathing through your nose due to structural abnormalities or previous injuries. Visit:

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  1. Rhinoplasty Cosmetic Rhinoplasty, Also Known As A Nose Job, Is A Surgical Procedure Designed To Reshape And Enhance The Nose's Appearance. It Is One Of The Most Commonly Performed Cosmetic Procedures Globally. This Surgery Aims To Achieve Harmony And Balance Between The Nose And Other Facial Features. One Important Thing To Note About Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Is That It Goes Beyond Aesthetics. While Improving The External Appearance Of The Nose Is A Primary Focus, Surgeons Also Consider Functional Aspects Such As Nasal Breathing. So Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Can Address Those Concerns If You Have Difficulty Breathing Through Your Nose Due To Structural Abnormalities Or Previous Injuries. During A Consultation With Your Plastic Surgeon, You Will Discuss Your Desired Outcome And Any Concerns Regarding Your Nose. They Will Evaluate Factors Like Bone Structure, Skin Thickness, Nasal Symmetry, And Overall Facial Proportions Before Customizing A Surgical Plan Tailored To Your Needs. The Actual Procedure Involves Making Incisions Either Inside Or Outside The Nostrils To Access The Underlying Structures Of The Nose. The Surgeon Then Carefully Reshapes Cartilage And Bone To Achieve The Desired Shape And Size For Optimal Results. After Cosmetic Rhinoplasty, Patients Can Expect Some Swelling And Bruising Around Their Eyes For Several Days Following Surgery. However, These Side Effects Are Temporary And Subside As They Heal Correctly. Contact Us: Address: 845 N. Michigan Ave. Suite 923e, Chicago, IL 60611 Phone Number: 312-335-2070 Email: Website:

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