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Some Interesting Statistics And Facts About Online Shopping PowerPoint Presentation
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Some Interesting Statistics And Facts About Online Shopping

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Some Interesting Statistics And Facts About Online Shopping
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Some Interesting Statistics And Facts About Online Shopping

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  1. Some Interesting Statistics And Facts About Online Shopping

  2. Online Shopping Definition • The act of purchasing products or services over the Internet. • Online shopping has grown in popularity over the years, mainly because people find it convenient and easy to bargain shop from the comfort of their home or office. • One of the most enticing factor about online shopping, particularly during a holiday season, is it alleviates the need to wait in long lines or search from store to store for a particular item.

  3. Some Statistics Of Online Shopping • Amazon’s websites has 94 million visitors per one month. • 77% men and 68% women shop during lunch hour. • Statistics from PayPal show that 20% of customers who abandon or fail to complete an online purchase do so because they’re doubtful about the security of their credit cards. • U.S. e-commerce sales grew from 72 billion U.S. dollars in 2002 to 228 billion U.S. dollars in 2010. • Online shopping is more popular among younger and middle-aged user. Shoppers aged between 35 and 44 make up 29% of all online spending.

  4. Statistics Continues... • 72% of women look online for apparels and lingerie, which have now become the most popular cross-shopping categories. • As per survey done by the Nielsen Company, reviews of products on shopping sites have huge influence on consumers. 40% of online shoppers indicate that they would not even buy without consulting online reviews first. • In U.S. an average women having an income of $65000 spend $400 per year for online shopping. • In India, men form the majority among online customers in India.

  5. Some Facts Of Online Shopping • With Internet shopping becoming an integral part of our life. • Let’s focus on some of the interesting facts associated with online shopping.

  6. Facts Continues... • Although Amazon and eBay are considered to be the initial online retail stores, the first ever online shopping site which was launched on World Wide Web was Pizza Hut in 1994. • The year 1995 can be considered as watershed for online shopping. Amazon and eBay are the two most successful shopping websites, which were launched in that year and went on to change people’s perceptions about the viability of retail e-commerce. • The “best seller” product in shopping sites worldwide is Books. • Best-selling book on Amazon for 2012 was the autobiography of Steve Jobs- “Steve Jobs”.

  7. Facts Continues... • A broken laser pointer was the first item to be sold in an auction on It was sold for $14.83. • PayPal, which was launched in 2000, was the first website to overshadow existing eBay and Amazon payment portals. Interestingly, eBay purchased PayPal in 2002 at a price of $1.5 billion. • The number of online shoppers in U.S. is expected to grow to 170 million in 2015 according to eMarketer estimates. • Even though there was a global economic slowdown in 2008, the top 500 online retailers’ business increased by 11.7% as compared to 2007.

  8. Facts Continues... • is the major online seller to consumers in the United States, Canada, and Europe. However, Rakuten Ichiba, from Japan dramatically outsells Amazon in Japan. • Expedia is the first major site for full-service travel arrangements on the web. • The iTunes Store is the world’s most successful online music sales website. It accounts for 70 percent of all online digital music sales, and in fact was the first site to demonstrate the feasibility of the online music enterprise.

  9. Conclusion • Online shopping is a different experience and you can make the shopping creative over the internet as you get used to it. • There can be lot of apprehensions about online shopping when you get in to it for the first time. • As you experience more and more of it those apprehensions get dissapeared slowly. • Remember that if you stick to the basics, online shopping become more enjoyable and easier than real-world shopping.

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