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Iconia B1-A71

Iconia B1-A71

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Iconia B1-A71

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  1. Iconia B1-A71 Marketing Presentation

  2. I feel like a newbie who needs an easy-to-use mobile companion

  3. How to reclaim my own tablet from the children? Get them one of their own. Now, everybody’s happy.

  4. No larger than a paperback and feather-light, it slips easily into handbagwhere it stays safe and scratch-free.

  5. It’s my gateway to 700,000 apps and games, music, magazines and videos. Pure entertainment at my fingertips!

  6. Iconia B1-A71One of the family

  7. Key Claims Capture and share more Highly responsive fun Handy and comfortable Content at your fingertips • NVIDIA® TEGRA® 3 quad-core processor supporting HD videos, HD games, and multitasking. • The microSD™ Card slot lets you bring more media, and share files with other devices easily. • At 7” and 320 g, it’s compact and light enough to slip into a bag • Ideal to prevent children hogging your own mobile device • Triangular corner grip improves one-handed use • Better mobile gaming, web browsing and video via the1.2 GHz dual-core CPU. • Latest Android Jelly Bean improves performance throughout the system. • HD webcam for video chatting. • Access 700,00 apps and games with Google Play • Browse and read magazines from 500 publishers with Google Current. • Affordable

  8. Handy and Comfortable • Easy to carry and slip into your bag • This 7" tablet weighs only 320 grams. It’s easy to hold and use in one hand, and to slip into your pocket or handbag. • Safer to prevent children hogging your own mobile device • Robust, easy to hold, fast enough to play casual games, it’s also adapted for children. • Corner grip improves one-handed use • A triangular corner grip on the lower left that sits snuggly in the your palm.

  9. Highly responsive fun 1.2 GHz dual-core performance Gaming, web browsing and video is fast and smooth, thanks to the 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU. Faster and smoother with Jelly Bean • Jelly Bean features improved performance throughout the system. Everything in Jelly Bean feels fast, fluid and smooth. • It's easier to quickly get precise answers to search queries and explore and browse search results. • For many search queries performed through Voice Search, you can now hear a spoken answerquickly.

  10. Content at your fingertips • More than 700,000 apps You can choose from more than 700,000 free and paid games and apps from Google Play Store. • Google Current Google Current delivers all your magazines from hundreds of publishers in a convenient and easy-to-read layout either online or offline • Chat and connect Stay connected with your friends anywhere with the front HD webcam and YouTube and Facebook are one touch away • Affordable From a trusted brand.

  11. Capture and share more • Mobile expansion with a microSD™ Card • Expands storage up to 32 GB • Makes it easy to bring more media with you • Enables handy file transfers among devices

  12. Industrial Design

  13. Product Overview Volume key Speaker Power key Reset key 0.3 MP webcam 7” 1024 x 600 touch screen microUSB microSD slot 128.5 mm 197.4 mm 11.3 mm

  14. Design Details Fits in one hand, lightens your load This 7-inch tablet is easy to hold in one hand. And, at only 320 g, it barely adds weight to your bag.

  15. Design Details Corner grip For improved one-handed use, there’s a triangular corner grip on the lower left that sits snuggly in the user’s palm. triangular area

  16. Design Details Front facing camera The front camera is in the top right corner while in portrait mode. This camera location also works in landscape mode, keeping more than two users in the video call image.