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Tacoma Whole Child Initiative (TWCI) PowerPoint Presentation
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Tacoma Whole Child Initiative (TWCI)

Tacoma Whole Child Initiative (TWCI)

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Tacoma Whole Child Initiative (TWCI)

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  1. TacomaWholeChildInitiative (TWCI) WELCOME! July 19, 2016

  2. Strategic Goals of the Tacoma School District • Academic Excellence • Partnerships • Early Learning • Safety

  3. Learning Targets • We will deepen our understanding of TWCI and the additional steps developed to support every student, every day. • We will deepen our understanding of Implementation Science to build sustainable/adaptable systems. • We will share data and strategies tied to foundational (tier 1) and teir 2 needs of students.

  4. Whole Child Academic Excellence, Partnerships, Early Learning, Safety District and Building Leadership Curriculum, Assessment, Instruction Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support Social Emotional Learning Tiered Academic and Behavioral Interventions School Based Mental Health Community/Neighborhood Teams Data- Based Decision Making Safe, equitable, healthy, positive, predictable, consistent host environments at home, school and in the community.

  5. Implementation Science WHO WHAT Teams Stages HOW WHEN HOW Interventions Cycles Drivers

  6. Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) Adds a layer of intensive, individualized supports to reduce harm Tier 3 Tier 2 Develops a plan for non-responsiveness • Main Ideas: • Invest in prevention first • Multiple tiers of support intensity • Early/rapid access to support Tier 1 An approach that begins with a school-wide prevention effort for ALL students.

  7. Supporting Social Competence & Academic Achievement 4 PBS Elements Academic & Behavior targets endorsed by stakeholders OUTCOMES Supporting Decision Making Supporting Staff Behavior DATA SYSTEMS Info to identify status, need for change, & effects on interventions Supports to enable accurate & durable implementation of the practices PRACTICES Curricula, instruction, interventions & EBPs Supporting Student Behavior

  8. Standardized Assessments

  9. TWCI = Data, Systems, and Practices in a Multi-tiered System of Supports (MTSS) Under Construction

  10. Students with 0-1 major discipline referrals 6+ ref Why do we need to “firm-up” the foundation for School-wide Behavior Support? Not enough resources to address needs of student who exhibit behavior problems Less problems allow for allocation of resources to appropriately meet needs Students with 6 + major discipline referrals 2-5 ref Grow the “green” and mellow the “yellow” to stop the spread of “red”! Students with 2-5 major discipline referrals

  11. If there isn’t a solid foundation of behavioral supports……

  12. TWCI is a lot like a cafeteria tray…….We keep adding components to make a “nutritious” and balanced learning environment. Staff Resources Videos and Lesson Plans Social and emotional Learning Behavior & Academic Data Staff Development Acknowledgements Expectations

  13. Secondary and Tertiary Prevention Tertiary Prevention (e.g., Tier III): Individualized intervention(s) of increased intensity for students who show minimal response to secondary prevention ≈5% Secondary Prevention (e.g., Tier II): Evidence-based intervention(s) of moderate intensity that address the learning or behavior challenges of most at-risk students ≈15% • Provided in addition to primary prevention (core) • Individualized instruction • Ongoing progress monitoring and appropriate diagnostic assessment as needed (more frequent) • More intense instruction (increased time, reduced group size, more explicit and systematic instruction, increased feedback) • Provided in addition to primary prevention (core) • Small-group or targeted instruction • Ongoing progress monitoring and appropriate diagnostic assessment as needed ≈80% of Students

  14. What is a Tier 2 or Targeted/Group Intervention? • Any academic or behavioral interventions that occur for students needing additional supports/Interventions provide additional student support • Start with the easiest and most efficient interventions first (standard protocol) • Interventions that are intended to prevent the escalation of minor problem behavior • An intervention (or set of interventions) known by all staff and available for students throughout the school day. • Groups of students are involved

  15. Range of Tier 2 Interventions Opportunities to Respond CICO Check and Connect Pre-correction Social Skills Group Instructional Choice Homework Club Active Supervision

  16. Tier II Support Process • Step 1 –Universals, including Classroom, in place • Step 2 – Student Identification Process • Decision Rules • Referral • Screen • Step 3 – Tier 2 supports • Non-responders to classroom supports • Match function of student behavior to intervention • Progress monitor • Step 4 - Evaluate Process

  17. City of Tacoma Data- SSGrin(Comprehensive Life Resources)- Check In / Check Out