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My Career Plan

My Career Plan. Justin Baichu. Self-Analysis.

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My Career Plan

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  1. My Career Plan Justin Baichu

  2. Self-Analysis • Based on my self-analysis I would say that a job in heating & cooling (HVAC) would be suitable for me. I am a knowledgeable person in this field and I love the work that it consists of. I have done HVAC jobs hands on and it’s a career that I can see myself doing in the future. I understand the concept very well and I love hands on work. I also have family in this field that can guide me through any problems I may have. They also provide me tips from experience. I hope to run my own heating & cooling business one day.

  3. Earning Potential • The average salary for a starting HVAC Service Technician is $51,000. • With experience you can move up and become a Commercial Service Technician earning $111,000.

  4. Training • There are many places that offer training for refrigeration but I feel that the best one is The Refrigeration Institute. They provide 450 hours of hands on training with 28 weeks. Upon leaving here you become a qualified mechanic. They push you to fully understand the theory of air conditioning so that you can pursue a career in this field and pass licensing examinations. I also know people that have gone here and others that are currently there. They say that the course is great and after they graduated were able to get a job.

  5. Occupational Outlook • There are many openings in the field of heating & cooling. The reason that it’s a high demand career is obvious, we need heat & air conditioning. In the summer many would like to have cooling systems in their house and in the winter they would love to have heat. HVAC mechanics perform both of these tasks from a single household unit all year around. • There were 308,000 HVAC mechanics employed in 2008.

  6. Requirements • Formal Training (apprenticeship, classroom instruction, on the job training, etc.) • License to be a HVAC mechanic (requires a test) • Associates Degree or Certificate • Knowledge in electrical and gas systems, temperature control, and troubleshooting.

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