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Revitalizing Downtown Bryan PowerPoint Presentation
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Revitalizing Downtown Bryan

Revitalizing Downtown Bryan

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Revitalizing Downtown Bryan

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  1. Revitalizing Downtown Bryan

  2. The Downtown Master Plan was a collaboration between the public, City staff, and consultants Looney-Ricks-Kiss Inc. The Plan includes the following components: Existing Condition Analysis Public Input Physical Master Plan Streetscape Design Utilities and Infrastructure Urban Design Economic & Market Strategies Façade Restorations Market & Parking Survey Results The Plan was instrumental in engaging the stakeholders and creating a shared vision for the future of Downtown Bryan.

  3. Context Sensitive Design: Historical Districts, Mixed-Use Environment, Public Spaces, Walk-able Neighborhoods, New Urbanism, Place-making, Town Hall Designs, Transit Oriented Developments

  4. Infrastructure Improvements The DTMP created streetscape plans and identified phasing of the infrastructure improvements. The design elements incorporated within the plan allows for quick design because the streetscaping elements have already been selected. Each phase has taken approximately 6 months for complete survey and design work. The infrastructure improvements include a complete reconstruction of water, sewer, storm sewer, electrical and private utility infrastructure in addition to the above-ground streetscaping.

  5. Capital Improvement Expenditures Phase 1 (Carnegie Alley, Main Street between 28th and 24th Streets) $3.6 million Phase 2 (Bryan Avenue between 28th and 24th Streets) $7.5 million Phase 3 (Main Street between 24th and MLK Jr. Drive) $8 million budgeted Phase 4 slated for the 2013 Capital Improvement Plan (Bryan Avenue between 24th and MLK Jr. Drive) $5.7 million budgeted Tabor Avenue parking lots slated for 2014 CIP $1.5 million budgeted

  6. Streetscaping Improvements: Trees Lights Sidewalk treatments

  7. Streetscaping Improvements: Medians to slow traffic Bike racks Benches Planters/landscaping On street parking Trash cans Public art

  8. Land Use Special Use Licenses to allow and encourage street dining and other ‘spill-over’ to create a living streetscape. City Initiated Re-zonings to encourage mixed-use developments in the Downtown area Downtown – North District Downtown – South District Downtown – Civic District

  9. Public Spaces Gloria Stephan Sale Park Carnegie Library gardens Library park

  10. Special Events • Texas Reds • Parades (Veterans Day, Cinco de Mayo) • Downtown Holiday Lighting • First Fridays

  11. Downtown Improvement Program façade grants $1000 per linear foot of street frontage

  12. What’s next? Phase 3 incorporates several improvements based on public feedback: Trees located on the sidewalks adjacent to properties and in medians; Angled parking on side streets; and Wider sidewalks (as much as 15’)

  13. Julie Fulgham,Downtown Planner 979-209-5030