unit 9 applying for the job interview and resume n.
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Unit 9 Applying for the Job: Interview and Resume PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit 9 Applying for the Job: Interview and Resume

Unit 9 Applying for the Job: Interview and Resume

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Unit 9 Applying for the Job: Interview and Resume

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  1. Unit 9 Applying for the Job: Interview and Resume

  2. Introduction of the Application. • Several steps in applying for a job. • 2. The tasks of these two classes.

  3. Several steps in applying for a job. • 1.Get more job information from Ad. • 2. Prepare your personal date record. 3. Write an application letter 4. Attend interviews, accepting or declining a job offer.

  4. II. Teaching tasks 1.Read and translate job advertisements 2. Learn to write a resume 3. learn some dialogues about job interview 4. practice having job interviews

  5. Task One1.Read and translate the following advertisements

  6. Task Two : Learn to write a resume Resume I Full Name: Zhang hong Address: No.25 Dongfeng Street, Wei Fang City Date of Birth: April 20, 1978 Sex: Male Marital Status: Single Health: Excellent Education: 1996---1999 Wei Fang Professional College Major: Clothing Design 1994---1997 No. 2 High School, Wei Fang City Work experience: May 1999---Oct.2001 assistant clothing designer Huawei Clothing Company Sep.2001----present advertisement designer Modern Advertisement Company Interests: reading, travelling, drawing pictures and listening to music

  7. Resume II Jiang Huai-ming 27 Huanghe Street, Zhengzhou Henan Province, China Tele:0371 4587902 Job Objective: _________________________________________________ Education and training: __________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ Work experience: _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ Personal Data: Born: _____________________ Sex: ______________________ Health: ____________________ Marital state: ____________________ Interests:_________________________________________________________ References: ______________________________________________________

  8. 李明 男,已婚。1970年4月出生于山东省潍坊市,1983.9—1989.7在潍坊一中学习,1989.9—1993.7在山东大学计算机系学习,1996获理学硕士学位。1996.7—至今,在华光青鸟集团公司任工程师,负责软件开发和计算机销售工作。欲应聘计算机课程教授职位。爱好:读书、英语、体育。地址:山东省潍坊市621#电话:0536-8884861

  9. An Application Letter May 15, 1996Dear sirs, I have just seen your advertisement in Binhai Daily of the 10thMay for a salesman in the Electronic Appliance Section of your company. I'm very interested in the job and I feel I'm qualified to meet the requirements. I'm therefore enclosing a resume together with references from my supervisor and the director of the Electronics Department of my university respectively. As you can see, I once worked in the Electronics Department. So I am familiar with different kinds of electronic appliances. As for the academic qualification, I'll graduate soon from the Management School and I have obtained good skills in advertising and marketing .I have worked more than once as a salesman in some stores during my previous vacations . Besides , I'm very patient and friendly in nature .I'm confident that I shall be suitable for the kind of work . If you need any further information ,I shall be very pleased to supply it . Or I wonder if you will grant me with an interview .I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon. Yours faithfully, Wang dong

  10. Notes: • What does usually an application • letter consist of?It usually consists of your interests in the job, your education, work experience, your qualifications, abilities, nature, personality and your confidence to do the work well • 2. The form of an application is the same as a letter.

  11. Task Three: 1) Having a job interviewApril: Hello. Please come in and sit down. Your name is Li Fan, I see. Li: Yes. ---------GreetingApril: So why don’t you tell me about yourself first,Mr. Li ?Li: Uh, certainly. My name is Li Fan. I’m from Shanghai,But I’m living in Shanghai now. I graduated from Binhai Applied Technology College last year. ------ introductionApril: Ok Very good. What job are you applying for? Li: Well, I want to apply for the position advertised Job objective by your company---a full time job in sales.April: What courses did you take in your college? Li: My major was clothing design. ------- EducationApril: Really? Do you have any sales experiences? --------- Work experience Li: Yes. After graduation, I workd as a salesman for a company for one year.April: What about languages? ------ Interests or qualifications Li: I can speak English very well.April: I see your English is clear . And you dress professionally, too. Hum. Please wait one moment

  12. 2.Applying for a jobCampos: Come in, Please sit down.Yu: Thanks. Mr. Campos. I'm Yu Lihong.Campos: OK, what can I do for you , Mr. Yu?Yu: I saw your ad for a production technologist yesterday, and I want to apply for that position.Campos: Oh, Would you tell me why you are interest in that job?Yu: Well, I got a Mechanical Engineering diploma three years ago, and I've been working in Precascon Mechanical Factory for two and a half years.Campos: Why do you want to leave (change) the present job ? Yu: Well, I'd like to work in a large company like yours that offers more opportunities for growth (promotion, advancement).Campos: OK. Mr. Yu . it seems that you have the qualifications, Please fill out the Application form, You'll be hearing from us within two weeks. Yu: Thank you for giving me the chance.Campos: You're most welcome, and good luck.

  13. Notes: The most important question for an applicant who want to change his present job is "why do you want to leave the job ?". Because I like a change , challenge, to widen my experience in this field ……

  14. Brian: Hello, Miss Zhou. I'm Brian Wilson. Glad you could come. Zhou Yan: Thank you for inviting me. Brian: Can you tell me something about your working experience first? Zhou Yan: I've been a data entry operator for more than two years. Brian: Where did you work? Zhou Yan: I worked for Havana Motors. Brian: That's a famous company. Why did you leave your job then? Zhou Yan: Well, I enjoy having a change. That will widen my experience in the field of computer technology. Brian: What kind of education have you got? Zhou Yan: I studied computer science in North University and got an MS degree.

  15. Zhou Yan: No problem. I'm in good health and hard- working Brian: Fine. We have a vacancy for a computer operator, working weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., with half an hour lunch break. Zhou Yan: What’s the salary? May I ask? Brian: It will be 25000 a year. Zhou Yan: Is there any opportunity for advancement? Brian: Yes, there’re good prospects for promotion. Zhou Yan: I think this job should suit me well. Brian: Can you start working next Monday? Zhou Yan: Sure. Brian: That’s settled then. Hope to see you on Monday. Zhou Yan: Thank you, Mr. Wilson. Brian: Goodbye.

  16. How to be Successful in the Job Interview Questions you should think about : 1). Why are you interested in the job? Know what kind of person you are, List your advantages over other applicants 2). Why do you want to join the company? or what contributions can you make to the company? Know some information about the company ( the advantages of the company , some facts about it, the business ,the organization, the number of people ,the good future )

  17. 3). How to sell yourself confidently? Show your enthusiasm for hard work and your abilities to handle problems. 4). How should the applicants behave in an interview ? (walk in quickly, greet warmly, shake hands firmly, sit properly, give no simple yes-no answers and dress professionally.)

  18. 5). How much salary will you expect ? What is the salary? May I ask about the salary? 25000 dollars a year…… 6). What is the working time? Can you work over time? Work weekdays from 9:00 a.m to 3: p.m, with half an hour lunch break. (From 5 to 9 p.m every day except Sundays)

  19. Task Four:Practice Having InterviewsTwo or three students as a group to have an interview according to the following positions: an accountant a salesman a guide a computer operator a secretary a receptionist a teacher a technologist a librarian

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