by carder welles and sparky hopkins n.
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By: Carder Welles and Sparky Hopkins PowerPoint Presentation
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By: Carder Welles and Sparky Hopkins

By: Carder Welles and Sparky Hopkins

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By: Carder Welles and Sparky Hopkins

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  1. How To Be a MAN By: Carder Welles and Sparky Hopkins

  2. So, God Chose to make You a Male • Now What? First, you must be a gentleman. a. This means, that you must be a courteous outstanding citizen in your community. b. simply put that means you must be polite, you must be a hard worker, and you must have a role model. This role model should be Chuck Norris.

  3. You’re a gentleman? Are you a sportsman? • An important part of being a man is physical contact among peers in friendly competition. A good such example would be football. • Sports evolved from the most primal of all activities. The hunt. This is not necessary, but it is always a good way to get in touch with your ancestral roots, to go out hunting.

  4. So We’ve covered Etiquette and Activities. What next? • Good question Johnny. You may be wondering what you CAN eat while you are hungry. This is a question simply answered. The easiest way to eat is to learn to bar-b-q. It is a must to know how to grill up a fantastic meal. You should familiarize yourself with a grill and find a tutor.

  5. Now, you’re not hungry, and you’ve got some time on your hands. What to do? • Well Johnny, a good pastime that many men have discovered, originated from Scotland. This would be golf. Golf is a sport where you hit a small white ball with a club in the attempt to get it into a hole in the ground, a couple hundred yards away.

  6. Now You Know the Basics. • Congratulations! Go out into the world and discover life! Next issue: Sports Cars and Trucks.