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Justin Apfel!

Justin Apfel!

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Justin Apfel!

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  1. Justin Apfel!

  2. Kellam High School GPA- 3.6 Activities- Outdoors Club and Lacrosse

  3. Christopher Newport University • I would like to go to CNU for many reasons • 5 year masters program for teaching • Lacrosse • Fishing team • Small class sizes • It’s not too far from home (approx. 40 minutes)

  4. Hobbies • Fishing • Body boarding • Snowboarding • Skating

  5. Dreams • I would like to pursue a career in education, hopefully teaching high school math courses. • I would like to live somewhere I can advance in fishing and get sponsored and maybe one day join the Bass Pros and compete in professional tournaments. • I would like to have a family consisting of a wife and 2-3 boys…maybe one girl.

  6. Teaching • In my eyes the teaching profession is perfect! There is nothing bad about it. People complain about the pay, but as long as you can put a roof over your head and food on the table, I think it’s a great job. • There is nothing better than seeing a child’s face light up and yell “I get it!” with a huge smile on their face. • I don’t believe there is another job out there that will make every day great and filled with laughter and success!

  7. VTfT! • Teachers for Tomorrow has helped me so much throughout the two years of interning. It has helped me get used to talking in front of people, creating good and solid lesson plans, and understanding what some students go through that would create a barrier to their learning. • It has also made me realize that teaching is definitely my number one career choice and I don’t think I will be satisfied with anything else. • The reason for this is it gets me so excited when I can work with a student that is not getting the material and finally it clicks from something I say. Also it is so pleasing to teach a lesson and have many of your students grasp the information and yell to you that it is so easy or that they finally get it.