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Sam Houston

Sam Houston

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Sam Houston

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  1. Sam Houston By: Mason Shoalmire

  2. Early life • Sam Houston was born on March 2, 1793 in Virginia. He had 8 siblings, 5 brothers Paxton, Robert, James, John and William. As well as 3 sisters Eliza, Mary, and Isabella. His education was quite basic because he lived on the frontier. He was of Irish decent. He lived on the frontier with his father, mother and siblings. His father ran a militia but did not manage his dept so ended up deep in dept so he wanted to move but died before he got the chance, but his mom and family still moved. They established a farm near Maryville on tributary of a creek. He did not wish to work at his brothers store or at the family farm so he ran away in 1809 to dwell among the Cherokees. When full grown he was 6ft 2in and considered handsome.

  3. Adulthood • He married Eliza Allen but they got divorced. Eventually he remarried a mixed blood Native American. • He joined the U.S. military during the war of 1812. After the war. He read law in 1818 and eventually opened a law a practice. He was elected attorney general of the district of Nashville. He returned to private practice in 1821. In 1823 he was elected to congress. After his divorce he ran away to the native Americans and withdrew from politics. After he recovered he moved to Texas seeing it as a land of opportunities. He quickly became involved with the Anglos rebellion. He attended both the convection of 1833 and the consolation. Help ratify Texas declaration of intendance. After this he remarried with Margaret Moffette Lea and had eight children.

  4. Role in Texas Revolution • He played a big role in the Texas Revolution. He was at the convention of 1833 and sided with the more radical ideas of rebellion. He was commander and chief of the troops of Nacogdoches. He also served in the provisional government . He then established a peace treaty with the Native Americans strategically creating peace on that front. He then served as a delegate at the meeting of the Washington-on-the-Brazos were on his birthday March 2, the committee ratified the Texas Declaration of Independence. He was eventually appointed master general of the Texas armies. He joined the army at Gonzales and retreated as Santa Anna rampaged across Texas. His biggest contribution was at the battle of San Jacinto were he crushed Santa Anna and took him and his troops prisoner. Because of his victory he became president of Texas which was shaky troublesome time as he tried to keep peace with the Native Americans and Mexico.

  5. Late Life • Houston died in Huntsville in the rented home called the Steam Boat house because of its resemblance a river boat . He died on July 26, 1863 in the lower bedroom after being sick for several weeks. He died of pneumonia at the age of 70. He will certainly be remembered for signing of the Texas Declaration of Independence and leading from the front at the battle of San Jacinto winning the key victory of the Texas Revolution then keeping the country together as president. He did more for Texas then most and kept the rebellion going.

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