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  1. RAMTEJ Group Welcomes You

  2. Organizational Structure RAMTEJ Group RAMTEJ Businesses RAMTEJ Services RAMTEJ Academics RAMTEJ Constructions RAMTEJ Foundation RAMTEJ Technologies Group Center for Excellence in Computer Technology International Center for Quality Education Welcome India Japan RAMTEJ Technologies Japan N.S.Society India RAMTEJ Technologies India

  3. About RAMTEJ Group • “RAMTEJ Group” is a premier group,which provides various services through its group entities: • RAMTEJ Services: These services to the society are to uplift the poor and downtrodden and promote socio-economic and cultural awareness through its NGO organizations • RAMTEJ Academics: Provide Quality Educational and Research Opportunities to the students and researchers with international environment from basic to advanced technologies • RAMTEJ Business: Offer Business Opportunities and Technology to the active Entrepreneurs, Factories, Government and Organizations and Society.

  4. About RAMTEJ Services • “RAMTEJ Services” is a branch of RAMTEJ Group to take care any foundations setup under it. • RAMTEJ Services has setup a Foundation called “RAMTEJ Foundation” to coordinate voluntary NGO organizations “N.S.Society” established in India and “Welcome INDIA” established in Japan.

  5. About RAMTEJ Foundation • “RAMTEJ Foundation” coordinates and controls service organizations setup under its provision. • At present, two NGO organizations were setup and actively performing their social and cultural activities. • N.S.Society established in India for Indians • Welcome India established in Japan for Japanese

  6. About N.S.Society • “National Socio-Economic Society for Poverty Eradication” (N.S.Society) (previously it was Neunzert Stiftung and Society) is an NGO organization established in 1994 in India to help Eradicate Poverty through Education. • N.S.Society believes that ‘poverty is not lack of money but lack of knowledge’. Further, it believes that education is the only way to totally eradicate poverty in India and the world. • For more information on the activities, please visit

  7. About Welcome INDIA • “Welcome INDIA” is an NGO organization established in 2004 in Japan to focus on cultural and social exchanges between Japan and India. • Welcome India believes in understanding other cultures is as important as understanding himself in that culture. Further believes in propagating Indian culture in Japan as well propagating Japan culture in India brings the two countries closure. • For more information on the activities, please visit

  8. About RAMTEJ Academics • “RAMTEJ Academics” is a branch to of RAMTEJ Group to take care the Academic activities such as educational facilities established by the group. • At present coordinates the following two entities. • Center for Excellence in Computer Technology (Japan) • International School for Quality Education (India) (Proposal under consideration)

  9. About International School • “International School for Quality Education” is under active consideration to be established in India. • This institute is intended to provide quality education to the children and youth and make them fit for ubiquitous competitive international environments. • For more information, please visit

  10. About Center for Excellence • “Center for Excellence in Computer Technology” has been established to promote Advanced Education and Research in Computer Technology, in collaboration with Hiroshima University, Japan and Andhra University, India. • This center focuses on how best the Computer Technology can be made available to aspirants from a common man to large industries, academic and research institutes. • For more information please visit

  11. About RAMTEJ Businesses • “RAMTEJ Businesses” is a business branch to coordinate and control the business groups created by RAMTEJ group • Presently there is one Technologies Group, setup in India, to provide technology solutions and services • And Construction business entity

  12. RAMTEJ Technologies Group • “RAMTEJ Technologies Group” coordinates the technology companies established under its management • At present two companies are established: RAMTEJ Technologies (P) Ltd., India in India and RAMTEJ Technologies Corporation, Japan in Japan • The two companies cooperate each other to serve each others customers by providing back-end services to each other and with partners

  13. About RAMTEJ Technologies, India • “RAMTEJ Technologies (P) Ltd.,” India is a technology conglomerate offering Consultancy, Solutions and Services in Software / System Technologies. • Its main operations are in India primarily covering the Indian market and offer back-end resources to its counterpart unit RAMTEJ Technologies Corporation in Japan. • For more information, please visit

  14. About RAMTEJ Technologies Corporation • “RAMTEJ Technologies Corporation” Japan is a technology conglomerate offering Technology in the form of Consultancy, Solutions and Services in Software / System Technologies • Its main operations are in Japan primarily focusing and covering the Japan market. • For more information, please visit

  15. Thank You For Your Attention Support