benchmark 4 review n.
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Benchmark #4 Review!!!!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Benchmark #4 Review!!!!!!

Benchmark #4 Review!!!!!!

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Benchmark #4 Review!!!!!!

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  1. Benchmark #4 Review!!!!!!

  2. Which of the following was an abolitionist and spoke out for women’s rights? • Harriet Tubman B. Frederick Doulgas C. Sojourner Truth D. Harriet Beecher Stowe

  3. Sojourner Truth

  4. What territory did the U.S. acquire as a result of the Mexican War? • California • Texas • Florida • Arizona

  5. California

  6. Benjamin Franklin believed that freedom of the press was an important part of democracy. True or False True!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The U.S received Florida as part of the _________ __________ Treaty. • Adams-Onis Treaty

  8. True or False??? Andrew Jackson supported allowing Native Americans to stay on their land. • False!!! He removed and relocated the Native Americans

  9. The belief that the U.S. should own all of the land from the Pacific to Atlantic Ocean is – • Manifest Destiny • Westward Expansion • Trail of Tears • Divine Nature

  10. Manifest Destiny It was our God given right to own all land east to west, pacific to atlantic. This belief led to westward expansion. Farmers seeking new land had this belief.

  11. James Monroe believed European nations should not interfere with Latin nations. True of False?? • True– this was part of his Monroe Doctrine

  12. Harriet Tubman wrote “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” which was a book that exposed the evils of slavery. True/False • False – It was Harriet Beecher Stowe

  13. In 1803 Thomas Jefferson bought the ____________ ____________. It stretched from Louisiana north to the Rocky Mountains and doubled the size of the United States. • Louisiana Purchase

  14. Which of the following is the leader in education reform (believed in public education)? • Frederick Douglas • Horace Mann • Elizabeth Cady Stanton • Samuel Howe

  15. Horace Mann

  16. True of False? During the 18th and early 19th century, most cities developed in rural areas for farming. • False!!! They developed near rivers and oceans for easy use of transportation.

  17. Why did colonists in New England turn from farming to industry? • They couldn’t farm because the winters were cold and the soil was rocky and hard.

  18. Which war was fought last? • American Revolution • Civil War • War of 1812 • French and Indian War

  19. Civil War • French & Indian War • American Revolution • War of 1812 • Civil War

  20. Before the Civil War, the North had a stronger agricultural economy than did the South. True/False? False – the North had more industry (manufacturing base)

  21. Frederick Douglas was a slave owner who helped make the slave codes more severe. True/False??? False – He was a former slave who taught himself to read/write and worked for an abolitionist newspaper The North Star.

  22. Religious leaders were some of the strongest supporters of the temperance movement. True or False? True!!!!!!!!

  23. Which of the following was the 3rd President of the United States? • George Washington • Thomas Jefferson • James Monroe • Andrew Jackson

  24. Thomas Jefferson 1st - George Washington 3rd – Thomas Jefferson 5th – James Monroe 7th – Andrew Jackson

  25. What natural resource was discovered in California that made the population increase? • silver • gold • iron • copper

  26. Gold

  27. Which of the following was the famous for the Underground Railroad? • Harriet Tubman • Frederick Douglas • Harriet Beecher Stowe • Sojourner Truth

  28. Harriet Tubman The Underground Railroad was a network of escape routes to the north.

  29. What helped to connect the Northeast with the Midwest? • Toll Roads • Erie Canal • Underground Railroad • Steamboats Erie Canal

  30. Manifest Destiny was the belief that it was destiny for the Native Americans to stay on their land. True/False False – the U.S. should expand to the pacific ocean

  31. The goal of the temperance movement was to get rid of all slavery. True/False • False – to get rid of alcohol

  32. Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Susan B. Anthony were leaders in the Underground Railroad. True or False? False – They were leaders in women’s rights.

  33. According to the Fugitive Slave Act, Northern police would try to capture escaped slaves. True/False? True – Banners were placed around towns in the north to warn escaped slaves to stay clear of police.

  34. Although the main economic activity leading up to the Civil War was farming, the nation became more- • Industrialized • Dependent on slave labor • Dependent on natural resources • Harsh against farming

  35. industrialized

  36. Henry Clay wanted the South to secede from the Union. True/False False – he believed in unity

  37. Which state did the U.S. acquire from the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo? California

  38. Why did many of the first Jamestown colonists not survive? • They experienced flooding • The location was swampy and caused disease to spread • There were many attacks from Native Americans • They didn’t have the necessary supplies for survival Swampy conditions causing disease!!!

  39. Under the Lowell System, most workers were children under the age of 10. True/False False – Most were young women