bexley city schools acceptable use policy workshop n.
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Bexley City Schools Acceptable Use Policy Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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Bexley City Schools Acceptable Use Policy Workshop

Bexley City Schools Acceptable Use Policy Workshop

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Bexley City Schools Acceptable Use Policy Workshop

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  1. Bexley City SchoolsAcceptable Use Policy Workshop

  2. Goals of workshop • Make staff aware of district’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) • Clear up common misconceptions • Inform staff of their rights and responsibilities • Address frequently asked questions related to AUP

  3. Where can I find a copy of our AUP?

  4. Bexley’s AUP can be downloaded from Click on the departments link and select technology.

  5. Do I need to sign something related to our AUP?

  6. No. There is nothing for you to sign. We virtually sign or agree to the AUP every time we log into the system.

  7. Can the district track and monitor my personal e-mails and websites accessed at school?

  8. Yes.

  9. If the web filtering software blocks a site that I feel should not be blocked, is there anything that I can do?

  10. Yes. Contact the tech department to request that your website be temporarily accessible. Typically, this takes 24 to 48 hours to unblock a website. The tech department does not guarantee that your request can be met.

  11. I need that website for today’s lesson! As an educator can I use a proxy?

  12. Teachers are not permitted to use a proxy.

  13. Different teachers have different access rights. Can I lend my username and passcode to a colleague or sign in under someone else’s account?

  14. As stated in the AUP, neither is acceptable.

  15. I’d like to play an audio or video file from my iPhone to project onto the SMARTBoard. Can I do this?

  16. Yes, but be careful when doing this. You are responsible for any content shown or reimbursement for any damage caused by your personal electronic device.

  17. Are my files, personal and work related, safe on the school network?

  18. Yes. All files are backed up that are stored on the network. However, in the event that the school loses or destroys these files, they are not responsible.

  19. Questions or comments? • Remember, the AUP is accessible at • Thank you, and I hope you found this helpful.