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NCCVT Acceptable Use Policy PowerPoint Presentation
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NCCVT Acceptable Use Policy

NCCVT Acceptable Use Policy

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NCCVT Acceptable Use Policy

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  1. 2010-2011 NCCVTAcceptable Use Policy

  2. NCCVTAcceptable Use Policy Your account has a unique username and password. As a student in the NCCVT school district, you are privileged to have access to your own individual account on the District network.

  3. NCCVT Acceptable Use Policy Using District technology can enrich how you learn by: • Improving the quality of your assignments • Increasing how efficiently you use your time • Building your technology skills for future needs and opportunities • Allowing you to access and keep track of your grades and assignments • Letting you see your school’s website to keep informed

  4. What is the Acceptable Use Policy? • It’s a set of rules to help you make smart choices when using the technology. • It keeps our system functioning smoothly and makes it safe and healthy for all users.

  5. What does the AUP include? • District network • Servers • Computer workstations • Telephones • Peripherals • Applications • Databases • Library catalog • Online resources • Internet access • E-mail • Online class activities • Other technology designed for use by the district for students • Personal laptops and other wireless devices brought to school are not allowed on the network

  6. Whodoes the AUP cover? • Students • Staff • Anyone working for or in the District

  7. AUP Rules to Remember • No user will be allowed to utilize the District network or Internet resources of the District without signing the AUP agreement • Internet use at school is for educational purposes only. • Users are to behave ethically and responsibly when using the district’s technology.

  8. AUP Rules to Remember • Users are to only access their own electronic files and have a duty to protect their logins and passwords. • Parents must give permission for students and teachers/coaches to communicate through email, cell phones, texting, instant messaging, etc. Students are not to share teacher phone numbers with each other and must follow teacher/coach guidelines regarding how and when to contact them.

  9. AUP Rules to Remember • Do Not post messages or access materials that are abusive, obscene, sexually-oriented, threatening, harassing, damaging to another's reputation, or illegal. • Do NOT waste school resources through online gaming, Internet radio, downloading music, watching videos, participating in chat rooms, etc.

  10. AUP Rules to Remember • Do NOT intentionally introduce a virus or other malicious programs onto the District’s system. • Do NOT attempt to override the District’s network security. • Do NOT try to gain unauthorized access to restricted information or network resources.

  11. Consequences The consequences for unacceptable use of computers at school are clear. • Depending on the nature of your violation, • You will lose your Internet rights • You will lose your school network account • You will be suspended from school • You will be referred to legal authorities

  12. And beyond the walls and wires of our District, we hope that you will continue to • Support good values • Consider the rights and needs of others • Follow ethical standards for technology use whenever and wherever you use a computer. wherever whenever THANK YOU!!