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Expense Accounting System PowerPoint Presentation
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Expense Accounting System

Expense Accounting System

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Expense Accounting System

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  1. Expense Accounting System

  2. Expense Accounting System • All the expenses(Petty cash) and suspenses(advance) can be requested and tracked via online with workflow (approvals) • Once approval gets completed, all the expenses can be uploaded directly to SAP. • Users and HOD’s can request for suspense/advance and can claim/expense for the suspense received. • After user requests, it goes for HOD approval and then with Finance approval and finally to the cashier for payment. • HOD,Finance and Cashier can query to any one in the approval workflow. • Once expense gets approved it can be directly uploaded to SAP by the cashier. • Claim / expenses in the new system can be made only based on the budget availability in SAP. • Auto mail will be triggered from one stage to another stage of approvals, Query and Reply.

  3. Expense Accounting – Approval structure A Suspense Request by user HOD Approval HOD Approval Finance approval Finance Approval Cashier clearance Cashier Payment Post to SAP. Expense / Claim for the suspense by user A

  4. Login screen . Enter the login and password

  5. User • Can able to create suspense and expenses(Petty cash). • Can cancel the created suspense before cashier approval. • To reply for the queries. • To view the status of the suspense/expense requested by him.

  6. Click create - suspense

  7. Enter the Purpose and suspense amount and click submit.

  8. Select the available HOD and click send.

  9. Mail from suspense requestor to his HOD.

  10. Click report to view the suspense status.

  11. Suspense to Cancel • The requested user can cancel the suspense made.

  12. Click Cancel menu to cancel the created suspense. The suspense can be cancelled only before cashier payment.

  13. HOD APPROVAL • HOD can also able to create his suspense/expense which can be approved by his reporting head. • User’s request can be approved, queried or can be rejected.

  14. Go to APPROVAL menu and click suspense for HOD approval.

  15. Pending approval list shown above. Click view to display suspense details to approve.

  16. The requestor sign will be uploaded after suspense creation. Click reject to Reject the suspense.

  17. Enter the reason for rejection and submit.

  18. The requestor sign will be uploaded after suspense creation. Click Approve for Finance approval.

  19. Select the Finance persons and click send.

  20. Finance Approval and Query. • Finance approval can be done by any of the persons who receives the request

  21. The Finance person goes to approval menu and click suspense. Lists pending suspense for approval. Click view

  22. Click query to inquire the previous approval and requested persons For the suspense.

  23. Type the comments and select the persons to query.

  24. The suspense is waiting in selected persons login, so that any one can reply.

  25. Enter the reply and send to the queried person.

  26. Enter the reply and click reply so that the request again goes to the queried person.

  27. Once replied the request does not exist in the “pending reply for suspense”.

  28. The queried person goes to the approval menu and can approve, query again.

  29. The query /reply session can be viewed…

  30. Next approval stage after finance will be the cashier approval.

  31. Cashier approval Cashier - Pay and close the suspenses after approval from Finance. He clears the expenses raised against the suspense Post all cleared expenses to SAP.

  32. Cashier can approve the capex by entering the amount paid to the requestor.

  33. Reports available for Finance and Cashier.

  34. Claim against the suspense • Expenses can be made only based on budget availability over the selected GL code.

  35. Once cashier clears the suspense, the requestor has to claim for the suspense. Requestor goes to Expenses against suspense and clicks “view”.

  36. Enter the expense details by selecting the gl code. For the below selected GL, there is Zero balance in the pipeline(current) so cannot claim the expenses for the GL. The budget has to be raised if the requestor has to claim.

  37. Enter the bill details and amount and click add

  38. Next expense tells Balance amount not available so cannot make expense under the selected GL. Click send once all the expenses been claimed

  39. Again expenses follow the same approval workflow.

  40. HOD approves the expense by going the menu APPROVAL->expense. Clicks view to see the details of the expense made against the suspense.

  41. Next approval from HOD goes to Finance and the workflow follows till cashier.

  42. The expense stage status can be seen by the requestor and the cashier in the reports menu.