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Datacenter HVAC

Datacenter HVAC. By Graham Brooks. What is HVAC?. H eating V entilating A ir C onditioning Cycle: Refrigeration Ductwork in buildings Units on roofs. The refrigeration cycle. Datacenter HVAC vs. HVAC. Unique design problem High electrical loads

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Datacenter HVAC

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  1. Datacenter HVAC By Graham Brooks

  2. What is HVAC? • Heating • Ventilating • Air Conditioning • Cycle:Refrigeration • Ductwork in buildings • Units on roofs The refrigeration cycle

  3. Datacenter HVAC vs. HVAC • Unique design problem • High electrical loads • Specific Conditions -Humidity -Temperature • Specialized Equipment Above ceiling ductwork

  4. Design Conditions • Temperature - Typically between 68-77 degrees F • Prevent equipment overheating • Humidity (Relative) - optimal between 40-55% at all times • Humidity Low -> Electrostatic Discharge • Humidity High -> Affects equipment (moisture)

  5. Design Process &Considerations • Load calculation-Determines necessary cooling • Redundancy-Add backup unit-Uninterruptible power supply • Ductwork-Ceiling diffuser(s)-Supply plenum with perforated floor-Cold air hits front of servers; hot air returned Air blowing directly out of unit

  6. Closing • Servers are critical-Internet-Business use-Commerce • Specialized Units-expensive-ex: Liebert • Questions? Liebertdatacenter air handler

  7. Photo Credits • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Datacenter-telecom.jpg • http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/prerel/prhtml01/liebert.jpg • http://www.gruberpowerservice.com/applications/CatalogManager/images/Liebert_AP648T-trans-340.gif

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