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Car Cleaning Tips | Car Washing Services | Detail King

Car cleaning is something that needs to be done on regular basis. Using the right combination of tools and products can help your car look clean and protected.

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Car Cleaning Tips | Car Washing Services | Detail King

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  1. Welcome to Detail King www.detailking.nz |Detailking.chch@gmail.com

  2. About Us Established in 2016, Detail King employs a sophisticated and professional approach to every auto detailing project we lay our hands upon. Our business outfit is owned and staffed with experts who are readily available, everyday working on every our customers’ car project. We must state that we care about the aesthetic appeal of your car and want you to receive top of the line treatment. www.detailking.nz |Detailking.chch@gmail.com

  3. Car Cleaning Tips www.detailking.nz |Detailking.chch@gmail.com

  4. 1. Clean up spills quickly, before they have a chance so soak in and set. www.detailking.nz |Detailking.chch@gmail.com

  5. 2. When vacuuming, use the duster-brush attachment to get in all the nooks and crannies of the dashboard, center console and door panels. If you don't have an attachment, use a paintbrush to dislodge the dust. www.detailking.nz |Detailking.chch@gmail.com

  6. 3. Use the crevice tool to reach between seats and the console to dislodge food crumbs and other hidden goodies. Remember to move the seats to their extreme front and back positions. www.detailking.nz |Detailking.chch@gmail.com

  7. 4. Don't forget to vacuum the seams on seats, where dirt accumulates and breaks down the material. www.detailking.nz |Detailking.chch@gmail.com

  8. 5. For upholstery, use a mild solution (a couple of drops per gallon) of dishwashing detergent and water to clean seats. Dip a clean towel into the solution and rub gently. www.detailking.nz |Detailking.chch@gmail.com

  9. 6. If you have tinted windows, it's better to use an alcohol-based cleaner than an ammonia-based glass cleaner, because the ammonia can break down the tint. www.detailking.nz |Detailking.chch@gmail.com

  10. 7. A good way to get streak-free windows is to use a micro-fiber towel. www.detailking.nz |Detailking.chch@gmail.com

  11. 8. Don't forget to clean the rearview mirrors and side windows. www.detailking.nz |Detailking.chch@gmail.com

  12. 9. Clean the instrument panel with a clean micro-fiber cloth. www.detailking.nz |Detailking.chch@gmail.com

  13. 10. Keep a towel under your seat to quickly clean up spills on fabric upholstery. Instead of rubbing the spill, try pressing down with the towel to soak it up. For more stubborn stains, try using the mild cleaning solution mentioned above. www.detailking.nz |Detailking.chch@gmail.com

  14. 11. If you do use a spray stain remover, be sure you go back with a clean damp towel to remove any residual cleaner, which acts as a magnet for dirt when left on the seat. www.detailking.nz |Detailking.chch@gmail.com

  15. Click For Here Car Cleaning Tips www.detailking.nz |Detailking.chch@gmail.com

  16. Contact Us 1 Pilgrim Pl, Sydenham, Christchurch 8011. 31 Otaki Street, South Dunedin, Dunedin 9012 +64 800 700 007 www.detailking.nz |Detailking.chch@gmail.com

  17. www.detailking.nz |Detailking.chch@gmail.com

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