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Car Cleaning Tips - By www.refreshednow.com

A world-class car care system that doesn't just clean, but protects the long-term value of your car.

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Car Cleaning Tips - By www.refreshednow.com

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  1. Car Cleaning Tips By www.refreshednow.com

  2. Car Interior – Cleaning Tips • Below are material for car interiors cleaning: • Shampoo for fabric seats only. • Leather cleaner and conditioner for leather seats only. • Protectant for the dashboard only, • Detergent for the pedals. • A handheld vacuum

  3. Car Interior – Cleaning Tips •  The process is very simple: • Follow the instructions on the labels of each product before starting to clean. • Then, shampoo cloth seat covers lightly to remove grime and absorbed liquid. Take extra care dealing with leather seats, and always follow the manufacturer's recommendations. • Swab the dashboard and clean the pedals. • Vacuum the whole interior with your handheld vacuum.

  4. Car Exterior – Cleaning Tips • Below are material for car exteriors cleaning: • A large bucket • A hose • A large, soft sponge, a soft wash mitt, and a chamois • Liquid detergent • Plastic polish • Metal polish • A polishing cloth or sponge • Car wax • A toothbrush or specialised detailing brush

  5. Car Exterior – Cleaning Tips •  Start by hosing the total automotive down. Get the total automotive wet to dislodge any surface-level dirt and to get rid of mud and dirt from the wheels. • Next, get your sponge, and provides the wheels a radical cleanup. this can stop any dirt from the dirtiest a part of the automotive obtaining transported anyplace else presently. • Now gently scrub down the bodywork of the automotive along with your wash mitt. Lambswool works best here, as something too abrasive can harm the paintwork. Dry the automotive off with a • chamois, however bear in mind to be light.

  6. Car Exterior – Cleaning Tips • Use your toothbrush or particularization brush to induce dirt out of cracks within the bodywork. • Polish any blank metal, however use caution to not use metal polish on non-metal surfaces and bear in mind to continually follow the manufacturer’s directions on the merchandise. Next, use your plastic polish to wash and polish your headlights, indicators, and brake lights. Dirty headlights don't seem to be solely unpleasant, however they will conjointly result in road accidents, thus this step is totally crucial. • Apply wax. bear in mind to wax your wheels furthermore as everything else! • Lastly, clean the windows. Soap and water will do the trick, however glass cleaner can continually offer you higher results.

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