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8th Grade Physical Science

8th Grade Physical Science. Mrs. Weygint 2019-2020. Physical Science Topics. 2 nd Semester Force & Motion Describing Motion Newton’s Laws Pressure Rocketry/Space Exploration. 1 st Semester Scientific Method & Lab Safety Measurement Matter Periodic Table/Elements

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8th Grade Physical Science

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  1. 8th Grade Physical Science Mrs. Weygint 2019-2020

  2. Physical Science Topics • 2nd Semester • Force & Motion • Describing Motion • Newton’s Laws • Pressure • Rocketry/Space Exploration • 1st Semester • Scientific Method & Lab Safety • Measurement • Matter • Periodic Table/Elements • Chemical Formulas In this course, students are introduced to the basics of chemistry and physics.  We will study the elements that make up our world and some of the ways that they react to other elements.  We will also learn basic properties of matter and laws of motion, including rocketry. This course is divided into two parts: approximately 60% of the time, students are involved in lecture, independent work, or classroom demonstrations.  The remaining part of the time is spent in lab experimentation where students are allowed to experience the various ideas and concepts discussed in class.

  3. Student Work Expectations • Late work will be accepted until the end of each month at a 10% grade reduction. • If your grade falls below a 60%, you may be exempt from participating in labs in order to complete makeup work. • Assignments not completed to the student’s satisfaction can be corrected and the grade will be averaged with the original score. • Test retakes are permitted, with parent approval. Grades will be averaged.

  4. Grading • Your science grade will come from assignments, labs, tests, & a binder check for each chapter. • Weighting—most assignments are weighted evenly at 100%. Tests are doubled. • Check my webpage @ weygintel.mtnhomesd.org for announcements & supplemental materials. • Keep up-to-date by checking your grade in PowerSchool. • EXTRA CREDIT—each chapter will have at least one extra credit assignment (optional)

  5. Honors Option • You have the option of taking science as part of the honors program. • Once selected, you will be required to stay in the honors program for the entire semester. Any work or projects not completed will result in a zero. • The honors class will have two requirements: • One project each quarter to be completed outside of class • Additional assignments, up to one/week, on selected content

  6. Class Expectations • Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Ready • Cell Phones and other electronic devices are not permitted unless specific permission has been given • No food or candy—WATER is allowed • No GUM on lab days • Arrive to class on time & prepared

  7. Chromebook Use • Chromebooks will NOT be used every day. • You will be notified outside the door if your Chromebook will be required. • Chromebooks are to be used as an educational tool. NO GAMING will be allowed in the classroom at any time. • GoGuardian may be used to monitor Chromebook use during designated work times. Inappropriate use may result in exclusion from labs or other disciplinary action.

  8. Materials for Science • Agenda—bring & fill out daily • Binder with Science section or 2-pocket folder for science • Notebook Paper and/or Cornell Notepaper • Pencil or Pen (blue or black)

  9. Your Science Textbook • Students will not have a science textbook checked out to them for the entire year, however... • Students may check out a book to use at home as needed. • Textbook is available online. Students will be shown how to do this and instructions can be found on my webpage. • Physical iScience, McGraw-Hill Education • ISBN 978-0-07-677305-3

  10. Starting Class • Enter the room quietly and take your seat. • Complete the task shown on the board. • If not in your seat when the bell rings, you may be marked tardy. • If using Chromebooks between class, remember that gaming is not allowed in the classroom at any time.

  11. Leaving the Classroom • Students will be given 3 hall passes at the beginning of each quarter. If they have a hall pass, they may leave the class to take care of personal issues. Students should make an effort to take care of personal issues between classes. • Unused hall passes may be turned in for extra credit at the end of each quarter.

  12. Refer to this syllabus if you have questions on class policies. If you keep it in your binder all year, you will be given extra credit at the end of the year!

  13. It’s going to be a GREAT year!!

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