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Dr. Roland Deiser Dean, DC Corporate University Vienna, June 20-24, 1999

19th World Conference on Open Learning and Distance Education. Knowledge Networks for the Training of the Future: Virtual Learning Within DaimlerChrysler Corporate University. Dr. Roland Deiser Dean, DC Corporate University Vienna, June 20-24, 1999.

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Dr. Roland Deiser Dean, DC Corporate University Vienna, June 20-24, 1999

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  1. 19th World Conference on Open Learning and Distance Education Knowledge Networks for the Training of the Future: Virtual Learning Within DaimlerChrysler Corporate University Dr. Roland Deiser Dean, DC Corporate University Vienna, June 20-24, 1999

  2. Business Challenges and Management Requirements • Create an entrepreneurial and global mindset • Design a transnational organizational infrastructure • Manage for growth • Create a high performance organization • Create and manage the right competence portfolio • Develop the “New Leader” Develop strategic, organizational and managerial capabilities Support and implement corporate and business strategy Shape Rules of the Game to Lead Industry DCCU The DC Corporate University is Designed to Support the Implementation of the Strategic Goals of the New Corporation Changing Rules of Competition DC Strategic Goals • Consolidation of industries • Globalization of markets - shift in demand patterns • Technological change • Changing value chain configuration • Changing supply chain dynamics • Customer satisfaction • Superior profitability • Unique portfolio • Sustained growth • Integrated enterprise • Globalization

  3. Our purpose Our Purpose is to be a global provider of automotive and transportation products and services, generating superior value for our customers, our employees and our shareholders. Our mission Our mission is to integrate two great companies to become a world enterprise that by 2001 is the most successful and respected automotive and transportation products and services provider. We will accomplish this by constantly delighting our customers with the quality and innovation of our products and services resulting from the excellence of our processes, our people and our unique portfolio of strong brands. Our goals SuperiorProfitability UniquePortfolio SustainedGrowth Delighted Customers IntegratedEnterprise Globalization Our shared beliefs and values • Customer Focus • Innovation • Agility • Teamwork • Inspiration • Openness • Quality • Speed • Excellence • Profitability • Responsibility Building the House of DaimlerChrysler

  4. Strategic Dialogues Executive Development Innovation and Knowledge Transfer The Corporate University Plays a Key Role in the Corporation’s Strategy Implementation Process • communicate and creatively reflect on issues relating to DC’s further development in a new quality • assure the strategy-oriented development of critical leadership capabilities • foster thinking and acting across corporate boundaries and learning from other success stories • utilize the Group’s worldwide knowledge and make it available to leaders in easy-to-use format to support the Vision, Mission and Overall Strategy of DaimlerChrysler shared learning shared development shared involvement

  5. The DCCU Value Proposition: Create an Engine for Sustained Competitive Success through • Executive Development Programs • Innovation and Knowledge Transfer • Strategic Dialogues and Issue Focused Programs • Dedicated Virtual Intranet Platform Accelerate Implementation of Key Strategic Initiatives Develop Critical Managerial Capabilities and Mindsets Engine for Sustained Competitive Success of an Integrated DaimlerChrysler Help Transcend Internal and External Boundaries Be Platform for Discourse on Key Business Issues Supported by a Be Vehicle for Transferring Best Practices

  6. Target group:Senior and Top Executives of DaimlerChrysler Worldwide Chairmen & President Executive Vice Presidents  60 Senior Vice Presidents Vice Presidents  200 1.600 Directors  7.100 Senior Managers  5.300 managersemployees  420.000

  7. to enable Daimler Chrysler leaders to achieve the strategic objectives of the group to encourage discourseon strategic relevant issues A Virtual Learning and Discourse Platform is a Key Element of DCCU Overall Architecture DaimlerChrysler Corporate University Innovation and Knowledge Transfer Executive Development Strategic Dialogues determine the media employed Advisory Board/ Top Executive Meetings face-to-face print virtual Strategic Topics Globalization Integration Process Value Based Management Input Innovation Knowledge Management etc.

  8. face to face face to face Part II Part I Business- School Business- School Continuos Learning ProvidingInformation Tutoring by B-School faculty The Virtual Platform Supports the Effectiveness of DCCU Programs While Allowing for Virtual Knowledge Transfer Leadership Development & Executive Education Virtual Project Room Real Business Projects Alumni Services Push & Pull Services networking of participants • selected participants • scheduled dates • tutored • teamwork • invitation • slides from lectures • articles & readings • list of participants • bios of experts • etc • Communities of practice • yellow pages • intranet events • update on cutting edge concepts • etc • selected participants • scheduled dates • tutored • teamwork refresher of Leadership Dev. &Executive Edu. Virtual Case Work Virtual Knowledge Transfer

  9. An Intranet Based, Virtual Platform Provides Unique Opportunities in Addition to Traditional Media • Yellow Pages • Presentation of best-practices • Web-based case-studies on a intranet platform • Synchronous or asynchronous online tutoring • Communication platform with member services • Online accessible library of CD-ROMs, books and papers • Learning communities via high speed communication network • Web-based support for participants between program modules

  10. content media people service communication • overview • value based management • globalization • M & A • knowledgemanagement • archive previoustopics • workshops • video • business TV • best practices • online cases • library • yellow pages • members • knowledge space • community • discussion group • chat • meet the expert • exchange • feedback • registration • event support • push services • change password • technical support • individual • internal • external • books • papers • CD-ROM The Virtual Corporate University is Designed to Give Easy and Fast Access to Strategically Relevant Content and Knowledge Via Intranet DCCU Homepage help headline news find check in

  11. Screenshot of the Virtual Corporate University

  12. Technical Solution Schema of the Virtual Corporate University Internet(global no firewalls) Tutor HBS DC-Intranet(DC-firewalls) Secured access Case Yellow Pages Content Access to DCCU platform only with registraton Secured access Virtual Corporate University Platform Tutor IMD External

  13. Vancouver Toronto Stuttgart New York Detroit Portland Peking Montvale Seoul Santa Clara Tuscaloosa Tokyo Shanghai San Diego Mexico Cuautla Hongkong Pune Manila Ho Chi Minh City Kuala Lumpur Singapore Jakarta Sao Paulo East London Buenos Aires Backbone Linespeed 256k Blacktown Melbourne Access Line(optimized)speed 64k The Virtual Platform Can Build on an Already Existing Global Network in Over 40 Countries actual web-requirements are met through the DC-project “Well-Kom”

  14. Some Benefits of a Virtual Platform • Worldwide availability - 24 hours, 7 days a week • Asynchronous knowledge transfer and communication allows flexible learning schedule • Increases agility through fast and flexible learning/knowledge tools • Supports multiple communities of practice within DaimlerChrysler • Allows close real-time links with actual business challenges • Supports cooperative learning and working • Integrates the learning and knowledge process into daily work • Cost effective platform for creating, sharing, and devloping strategically relevant knowledge

  15. Virtual Learning Platforms Require Corresponding Social Architectures Social Architecture (SA) Technological Infrastructure (TI) • Sense of Community • Personal Relationships • Trust and Caring • Willingness to Share • Commitment for Mutual Support • Commitment for Learning • Link With Current Business Challenges • etc TI • Web Technology • Intranet-internet Links • Multimedia Applications • High Speed Network • Bandwidth • Firewalls • Intelligent Agents • etc enables Effective Utilization enables SA

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