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  1. LC CATALOGING UPDATEAJL ConventionSeattle, Washington,July 6, 2010Lenore Bell lbel@loc.gov Joan Biella jbie@loc.govBenjamin Fryser bfry@loc.gov Marina Korenberg mako@loc.govEla Pelish epel@loc.gov Galina Teverovsky gtev@loc.govAaron Taub atau@loc.gov, with the assistance of Roger Kohn rkoh@loc.govIsrael & Judaica Section, Asian & Middle East Division(Pt. 2) 127 127 127 127

  2. Relations of Faiths • Part of an ongoing effort by PSD to normalize subject heading practices across religions • Existing practice for relations of between faiths Buddhism—Relations—Judaism Judaism—Relations—Buddhism but Christianity and other religions—Buddhism Buddhism—Relations—Christianity 128

  3. Relations of Faiths • Problems: • Christian bias • Asymmetry in assignment pattern contributed to inconsistent application practices • Incorrect application of geographic subdivision • Ambiguity of term “relations” in religious context • Construction not in “natural language” may not be understood by users 129

  4. Relations of Faiths • Covered by SHM H1185, pattern heading for Religions • Use on a free-floating basis $x Relations $x Relations $x Christianity, [Islam, etc.] • “Multiple subdivision” allows “Relations” to be further subdivided by any religion without establishing editorially in LCSH • Exception: Pattern “does not include Christianity or Christian denominations and sects. For variant Christian phrase headings and subdivisions used under Christianity, see the subject authority file” 130

  5. Relations of Faiths • PSD and LC religion catalogers considered but opted NOT to adopt: • For general relations Buddhism and other faiths (May subd geog) BT Interfaith relations •  For relations with another faith Buddhist-Christian interfaith relations UF Christian-Buddhist interfaith relations BT Buddhism BT Christianity BT Interfaith relations 131

  6. Relations of Faiths • Revised practice, to appear in weekly list: • Cancel: Christianity and other religions • Replaced by: Christianity--Relations • Cancel: Christianity and other religions—[Religion or denomination] • Replaced by: Christianity—Relations—[Religion or denomination]  • Geographic aspects continue to be brought out with the addition of reciprocal headings for [Religion]—[Place] • PSD: Topic merits further discussion 132

  7. Scopus, Mount 133

  8. Scopus, Mount(sh2009009300) 134

  9. Scopus, Mount(sh2009009300) 135

  10. Cooking and Cookbooks • Discussion papers on modernizing the treatment of cooking and cookbooks http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/cooking.pdf http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/cooking2.pdf • Cancel Cookery • Establish Cookbooksas a topical heading (…works about collections of recipes) • Establish Cookbooksas a genre/form heading (for collections of recipes) • Establish Cooking(…works about all types of food preparation, including preparation of those foods that do not necessarily need to be heated) • SHM H 1475 Cooking and Cookbooks is posted at: http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/h1475.html 136

  11. Cooking and Cookbooks Use: Jewish cooking Cooking (Jewish law) Hanukkah cooking Passover cooking Rosh ha‑Shanah cooking Sephardic cooking Cooking, Israeli Cancel: Jewish cookery Cookery in Jewish law Hanukkah cookery Passover cookery Rosh ha‑Shanah cookery Sephardic cookery Cookery, Israeli 137

  12. Rosh ha-Shanah cooking 138

  13. Cooking and Cookbooks Assign Cookbooks as a genre/form heading…both to general collections of cooking recipes and to collections focused on specific ingredients, special diets, etc. Do not subdivide g/f heading by place (assign additional topical headings instead) Title: Monday to Friday cookbook. 650 #0 $a Cooking $z United States. 655 #0 $a Cookbooks. 139

  14. Cooking and Cookbooks • For cooking involving a specific ingredient, PSD has retained basic structure of such headings, but replaced the term Cookery with Cooking and adopted a new standard reference pattern, e.g., Cancel: Cookery (Asparagus) Use: Cooking (Asparagus) UF Asparagus--Use in cooking UF Cooking with asparagus 140

  15. Comparative Literature Old scope note on Literature, Comparative (sh 85077534): Subdivided by nationality of literatures compared, with duplicate entry, e.g., 1. Literature, Comparative--English and German. 2. Literature, Comparative--German and English. Query: LC has applied language and other qualifiers, without establishing these strings editorially, e.g., ‡a Literature, Comparative ‡x Provençal and Hebrew ‡a Literature, Comparative ‡x Hebrew and Provençal Are we to interpret "nationality of literatures" broadly to include various types of language qualifiers? 141

  16. Revised scope note to allow subdivision by language • New “multiple subdivision”: ‡a Comparative literature ‡x English and Latin, [Dravidian and English, Hindi and Gujarati, etc.] (sh2010001795) • Revised heading to the natural-language, Comparative literature 142

  17. Pre- vs. Post-Coordination in LCSH Pre-coordination: Combining of elements into one heading in anticipation of a search on that heading Post-coordination: Assignment of elements to separate headings, in anticipation of a user combining them, usually through keyword searching “PSD’s Progress on the Recommendations made in ‘Library of Congress Subject Headings: Pre- vs. Post-Coordination and Related Issues’” (May 2010) http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/pre_vs_postupdate.pdf 143

  18. Genre/Form Headings • Genre/form for moving images and radio programs were formally implemented in 2009; other projects are under way • http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/genreformgeneral.html 144

  19. Topical Headings • Coded MARC field 150 in authority records • Assigned in 650 in bibs, with appropriate subdivisions (although application of some form & topical subdivisions may be reconsidered) 145

  20. Genre/form headings describe what an item is, not what it is about • Coded MARC field 155 in authority record • Assigned in 655 field in bibliographic records, with 2nd indicator of “0” and only $a is used (current LC practice, but implementation of 2nd indicator ”7” is planned) 146

  21. LC genre/form headings often combine the two aspects in one heading “Genre”: Categories of works that are characterized by similar plots, themes, settings, situations, and characters “Form”: A characteristic of works with a particular format and/or purpose 155 ## $a Horror films Genre Form 147

  22. Genre/Form Authority Records Topical Genre/Form Establishing topical and g/f headings with identical strings is preferred & allows for “one-stop searching” 148

  23. Subject Browse: Results Include Topical & Genre/Form Headings 149 149

  24. Genre/Form Headings G/F headings may not be subdivided topically, geographically, chronologically, or by form (LC) Genre/form headings cannot be used as topical headings, but must be proposed separately to establish them as such Other libraries may apply a topical heading (150) as a G/F heading, provided the scope note defines it for use for works of a given type e.g. Constitutions (sh 85031336 ), “Here are entered collections of constitutions or texts…” For disciplines not yet covered, proposals may be made for topical headings (150), to be assigned as G/F in local catalog: 655 #7 $a [heading]. $2 [local] 150

  25. Apply form subdivisions ($v) to topical headings, even if g/f headings are assigned to the same record; the use of some form subdivisions is being reconsidered 151 151

  26. Guidelines in the Subject Headings Manual H 1913  Moving Image Genre/Form Headings H 1917.5  Music Form/Genre Headings: Medium of Performance H 1969.5  Radio Genre/Form Headings Genre/Form Headings are available: LC Authorities http://authorities.loc.gov MARC Distribution Service LCSH (Big Red Books), in a special section Class Web (updated weekly) Genre/Form Headings 152

  27. Genre/Form and MARC • PSD’s intent is to develop a genre/form thesaurus distinct from LCSH • However, to date, g/f authority records have been assigned MARC 21 coding as if they are part of LCSH • With 2nd indicator “0” in bib records, as in LCSH • Assigned LCCNs with the same “sh” prefix as in LCSH • Published in Supplementary Vocabularies vol. of LCSH • Instruction sheets appear in SHM • PSD now plans to separate formally g/f terms from LCSH, in MARC records and printed products 153

  28. Genre/Form and MARC • New title for LC’s g/f thesaurus: Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms for Library and Archival Materials(LCGFT) • Thesaurus has been assigned a MARC source code “lcgft” • Authority records for g/f terms will be coded: 008/11: z (“Other”) 040$f: lcgft • In bib records, g/f terms will be coded: 655 -7 $a [Term]. $2 lcgft • LCCNs for g/f terms will have new prefix “gf” • A separate manual will be developed for g/f guidelines (instructions will remain in SHM until it is produced) http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/genreformthesaurus.html 154

  29. Hierarchies of Moving Image G/F Headings LC implemented the use of moving image g/f headings in Jan. 2009 Discussion paper, “Proposed Revision to the Hierarchies of Moving Image Genre/Form Headings,” proposed explicitly placing headings into either a fiction or a nonfiction hierarchy No consensus from respondents Proposal not implemented at this time Continued investigation into making fiction/non-fiction distinction http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/movingimagehierarchiesdecision.pdf 155

  30. Genre/Form for Video Recordings • May 2009 proposal for the disposition of existing topical video recording headings: http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/videorecheadings.pdf • Nov. 2009, PSD determined that topical headings (tag 150) denoting a genre or form of video recording should be cancelled in favor of the correlated film headings, e.g., Cancel: Biographical videos; Use: Biographical films • For exceptions & details: http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/videorecheadings2.pdf 156

  31. G/F Headings for Cartographic Materials Library of Congress to Modify Structure of Form Subdivisions used for Cartographic Materials (Nov. 2009): Simplifying form subdivisions by removing the adjective (e.g. –Maps, Comparative would be revised to –Maps), and using the g/f headings to identify the genre or form http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/cartographic2.pdf Library of Congress to Approve Genre/Form Headings for Cartographic Materials (Apr. 2010) http://www.loc.gov/catdir/cpso/cartographic3.pdf In May 2010, ca. 60 cartographic g/f headings were approved, and efforts are underway to change the structure of form subdivisions ($v) The new system will not be implemented until all of the elements are in place, no earlier than August 1 157

  32. Genre/Form Subject Authority Proposal Formhttp://www.loc.gov/catdir/pcc/saco/proposal_forms.html 158

  33. Genre/Form for Jewish Law 159

  34. Genre/Form for Jewish Law • JTS and LC proposals are to be considered further by AJL Cataloging Committee • Issues: G/F terms that … • Are coextensive with uniform titles were not recommended for inclusion e.g., "Mishnayot" • Do not represent specifically Jewish law genres/forms, but rather were translations of "generic" terms, were not recommended for inclusion, e.g., "Harsha'ot" could be covered by "Permits," if proposed and approved • Do not represent exclusively legal genres/forms: Do they belong in the law, religion, or both lists? e.g., "Tannaitic literature" 160

  35. Genre/Form for Jewish Law • Have corresponding LCSH terms: Must terminology must be normalized? e.g., "Takkanot" and "Legislation (Jewish law)" • Are too specific were not recommended for inclusion: Add as upward UFs to broader headings? e.g., "Peturim“ • Terms already in Genre/Form Terms for Law Materials (AALL) • Codes (Jewish law) • Responsa (Jewish law) • Takkanot? • http://www.aallnet.org/sis/tssis/committees/cataloging/classification/genreterms/genreformterms200910finaldraft.pdf (not latest) 161

  36. New Classification Numbers 162

  37. New Classification Numbers: Jewish Ethics/Judaism BJ1286.G73 Gratitude BM175.S83 Subbotniki BM538.E38 Eating disorders BM670.S43 She-lo aśani ishah. שלא עשני אשה BM729.H34 Hair BM729.N38 Natural disasters BM729.P7 Proselytes and proselyting. Jewish converts BM645.R44 Religious tolerance. Toleration BM729.T65 Transgenderism 163

  38. New Classification Numbers: Rabbinical Literature BM496.9.A55 Animals, Mythical BM496.9.B38 Biography BM496.9.D44 Death BM496.9.E35 Egypt BM496.9.M28 Mate selection BM496.9.R37 Raphael (Archangel) 164

  39. New Classification Numbers: Bible BS680.A37 Agriculture BS580.L43 Leah (Biblical figure) BS1199.A36 Alcoholism in the Old Testament BS 1199.G36 Gender Identity in the Old Testament BS1199.L66 Love BS1199.M25 Man-woman relationships BS1199.S76 Strangers Z7772.C37 Esther (Book of the Bible) in Subject Bibliography 165

  40. New Classification Numbers in CJ CJ5793.J4 Jews (Numismatics. Medals and Medallions. Special Subjects A-Z) 166

  41. New Class Numbers in DS History of Asia—Israel (Palestine).The Jews—Regions, towns, etc. 167

  42. New Classification Numbers in DS DS109.8.S36 Mount Scopus DS110.B297 Bat Shelomoh DS110.B395 Bet Yerah, Tel DS110.K397 Kefar Pines 168

  43. New Class Number in DS History of Asia. Israel (Palestine)—The Jews—Special Topics—Jewish Diaspora—By region or country A-Z DS135.M95 Mozambique 169

  44. IRAQ WAR New range for Iraq War: DS79.757- DS79.769 to address the volume and variety of published works (formerly classed in DS79.76-DS79.769) Limited space for expansion in the schedule resulted in the need to repurpose some numbers and to consider reclassification of some materials 170

  45. New Classification Numbers: Miscellaneous HF5415.332.J49 Jews (Consumers) KBM717 Mortgage. Hypotheca TX739.2.R67 Rosh ha-Shanah (Cooking) Personal bibliography Z8303.55 Fleischer, E. (Ezra), 1928-2006 Z8305.286 Fondane, Benjamin, 1898-1944 171

  46. New Classification Numbers: Language and Literature PJ5012.G47 Gesture (in Hebrew literary history & criticism) PJ5012.Z55 Zionism (in Hebrew literary history & criticism) PN1991.8.H63 Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) (in radio broadcasts) PN1995.9.Z56 Zionism (in motion pictures) PR478.P33 Palestine (in English literary history 20th century) 172

  47. Judeo-Persian Syriac 173

  48. Judeo-Arabic; Judeo-Persian and Persian in Cyrillic (Tajik) Script These documents were published the Cataloging Service Bulletin no. 123 and to the CC:AAM last year. We revised them in accordance with comments we received, and they were reviewed at ALA last week. The new Judeo-Arabic table >>has been accepted<<, and will soon be posted with the other ALA/LC romanization tables online. CC:AAM is still seeking reviewers for the Persian in non-Arabic script documents; we’ll keep you informed on the progress of these tables. 174

  49. To see the Judeo-Persian documents or the Judeo-Arabic romanization table in its new form, please go to the AJL RAS Wiki at: https://lib.stanford.edu/files/Judeo-Arabic%20LC%20Draft.pdf Scroll down to “Cataloging” and click on the appropriate links. 175

  50. Syriac… Site Still Under Construction 176

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