stretching ourselves n.
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Stretching ourselves

Stretching ourselves

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Stretching ourselves

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  1. Stretching ourselves Unit 4 Story 2 Stretching Ourselves

  2. Teacher Slide 1: Stretching Ourselves

  3. Students will use whiteboards to make a chart for words they know and words they don’t. Stretching Ourselves

  4. Vocabulary Words • A chair on wheels, used by people who are sick or unable to walk • A person who specializes in treatment of diseases, injuries, and disorders • Having a physical or mental disability Stretching Ourselves

  5. Vocabulary Words • A manner of walking or running • Made by human skill or labor; not natural • The part of the body containing the stomach, intestines, and other organs Stretching Ourselves

  6. Vocabulary Strategy: Context Clues • Turn to page 414 and read the steps to help identify how context clues can be found • Read page 415 with the students, stop after each highlighted word and find the proof of the meaning of the word • Students will use highlighter tape to highlight the proof Stretching Ourselves

  7. Develop Vocabulary…..True or False • A therapist provides treatment to people with disabilities. • A person’s gait is best seen when he or she walks. • Handicapped children with CP always are confined to wheelchairs. • Are computer-generated voices artificial? Stretching Ourselves

  8. Teacher Slide 3: Model fluent reading by reading "Wilma Unlimited”. Instruct students to listen for this week’s fluency skill…… emotion Choral read the first 2 pages of the Stretching ourselves story as a group Stretching Ourselves

  9. Teacher Slide 4- Stretching Ourselves- Comprehension Check Before Reading Turn to pages 416-417 in the textbook. Look at the title, author, and genre. Ask what does the genre tell you about the story you are about to read? Since we know the genre, what do you think the author’s purpose is for this story? Stretching Ourselves

  10. Teacher Slide 5- During Reading • Read pages 418-421 • What is cerebral palsy? • What caused Emily’s cerebral palsy? • Why do you think the author chose to use photographs on page 420. Stretching Ourselves

  11. During Reading • Read pages 422-425 • What does Emily mean when she says she is “like flowers and a rainbow”? • How does Nic’s case of CP compare to Emily’s? • How would you describe Nic? • Using context clues, what is the meaning for pump? Stretching Ourselves

  12. During Reading • Read pages 426-431 • What generalization can you make about people with CP? • Does Tanner’s CP prevent him from being a good older brother? Why or Why not? • Why do you think the author tells you Tanner sometimes feels sad and mad when friends try to rush him? Stretching Ourselves

  13. After Reading • What are some examples of jobs that adults with CP might have? • What did you learn about people with CP? Stretching Ourselves