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  1. MEDIEVAL COINS By Brady Stock

  2. Silver coins There are 3 different types of coins gold , silver, and copper. Silver is the most common. It is very shiny and was worth three Pieces of bread and cheese. Sometimes they used iron for coins. It was also traded for turkey or chicken.

  3. Copper coins Copper coins were used the most by peasants And were usually fake. They aren’t real shiny and Aren’t worth a lot. They’re worth one piece of bread. They have the most engraving than all the Other coins.

  4. Gold coins Gold coins were the coins that are worth the most. They could buy any thing with a couple of them. The lords and Ladies used them. They looked nice and people treasured them. Although there were a lot of them at the time, there are not Many found today.

  5. Fun facts Some coins could be worth more than another coin because Of markings or symbols. Like a silver being worth more than a gold. Some of the symbols are king Arthur or a lord or lady, also for pranks there would be funny faces on them .

  6. This is how many medieval coins have been found Since the Medieval times. Not many have been found ever. So, you aren’t going to see many. They were destroyed red : gold Green : silver Yellow : copper

  7. gold silver copper This is how much one coin cost. (in tens) Gold is worth a lot because of how it is rare and It could be stretched fifty feet long with only one ounce. It ranges at $55.00 in cost to $70.00

  8. Gold silver copper This is how much silver costs about $46.00 per coin. It’s worth a lot because of the coins beauty and because it is easy to craft. It is worth A lot if it has a symbol of a special type. It can reach a price of $65.00

  9. Copper coins cost the least but are found the most. It’s worth less because of its’ popularity and that it looks like rust. Still the price ranges to about $41.00 to $50.00. If there is a symbol of a sort like a Spartan it will be worth $60.00

  10. Thanks to : Google, Medieval coins