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Trade decisions

www.forex2tradeindia.weebly.com. Trade decisions. Trade& Money Management. Intra-day trading RULES. Exchanges. NSE – Cash NSE – F&O MCX MCX – Sx NCDEX Forex. Breaking RULES Leads LOSS. Items to be traded basing on CAPITAL eg. EXCHANGES linked.

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Trade decisions

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  1. www.forex2tradeindia.weebly.com Tradedecisions Trade& Money Management

  2. Intra-day tradingRULES Exchanges NSE – Cash NSE – F&O MCX MCX – Sx NCDEX Forex Breaking RULES Leads LOSS

  3. Items to be traded • basing on CAPITAL eg.. EXCHANGES linked • MCX – Precious Metals : • Gold-Mini - 5 • Silver-Mini - 3 • MCX – Base Metals : • Aluminium - 1 • Copper - 1 • Lead-Mini - 2 • Zinc-Mini - 2 • Nickel - 1 • MCX – Energy • Cude - 1 • Natural Gas - 1 • MCX – Agri • Menthol OIl - 1 • Cardamom - 1 • NSE - F&O : • Nifty Futures • Bank Nifty • MCX-SX: • USD/INR - 1 • EUR/INR - 1 • GBP/INR - 1 • JPY/INR - 1 • NCDEX : • Seeds - 1 • Spices - 1 • Others - 1 FOREX : Any pair with Full capital protection & Money Management • DONT THINK U ARE NOTHING & DONT THINK U ARE EVERYTHING. • BUT THINK U ARE SOMETHING THEN U CAN ACHEIVE ANY THING

  4. Way 2 TARGET Trading Rules 1) Enter only @ Opportunity 2) Place Sl. First 3) Book Part Profits as pre-defined 4) Re-enter only below 1st entry Price 5) Modify Sl.=Cost for Next Tgts. Place Tgt. Orders in advance Don’t trade more than twice in single script Exit Intraday - except Gold & Silver Don’t make average in LOSS position. Believe only 1 Strategy Don’t relay on 2nd Opinion Cautious after (5) open positions Try to exit 1-2 positions if in Profit Avoid Over trading Don’t be greedy Use only 50% of capital Don’t get panic – Sl. Will save us Don’t Think that sl=loss… just think that it is opportunity to enter LOW Be optimistic Early profit means EXIT early Teeth said 2 Tongue : " If I just press u little hard, you will get cut. Tongue replied: "If I misuse 1 word against some1, then all the 32 of you will come out at once Our Attitude towards CUSTOMER >>>>

  5. Dealer should avoid Dealing Rules Own speculations Mobile Chating Browsing Tention Hurry Greedy Prompting Comparing equity 1) Trading Accounts awareness Terminal Attention Confidence in Trade 3) Aware of Price Fluctuations 4) Daily volatility of particular script 5) Dedication towards trade Profit Intention Market & News awareness Panic withdrawal • Experience makes 1 modified • Training makes 1 qualified, BUT involvement makes 1 SATISFIED So do all with complete INVOLVEMENT • Check it with u>>>

  6. Gold & Silver Historic Why 2 buy GOLD http://goldprice.org/video/buy-gold.html

  7. “VICTORY is not the property of the BRILLIANT its the crown for those who bow themselves in front of the God with HARD WORK & CONFIDENCE“. • No one gets a sudden RISE • Even the SUN, • No one gets a sudden FALL • Even the MOON. • “STABILIZE YOUR LIFE WITH THE POSITIVE APPROACH" Baby fish asked mother fish: HUM JAMEEN PAR KYU NAHI RAHTE? Mother fished replied : BETA PANI FISH K LIYE HAI AUR ZAMEEN SELFISH K LIYE A successful relation depends not just on how good understanding we have but depend more on how better we avoid misunderstanding....

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