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Haus of Cultivation

Haus of Cultivation

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Haus of Cultivation

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  1. Haus of Cultivation RUE 21

  2. Rue 21 Rue 21 is a self proclaimed fast fashion retailer that targets customers ranging from 11-17 years of age. They operate 770 stores in 46 U.S. states and most commonly in rural areas ( Rue 21 relies on store location to provide foot traffic into stores and support the company’s sales force (Bias, 2012).

  3. Haus of Cultivation recognized that Rue 21 is very weak in the upcoming marketing path of social media. Rue 21 also has a very small advertising presence in magazines that the target market is most likely to pick up. • Generation Z is considered to live a high-speed and fast-paced lifestyle that relies on instant gratification and social media (Johnson 2011). • By enhancing Rue 21’s social media success, The Haus of Cultivation intends to increase the company’s brand awareness and resonate more strongly with the Generation Z target market. • 60% of Americans use some sort of social media site. This high volume of users does not have a strong perception of Rue 21 .Increasing the company’s image will create a large amount of success for the company (Meilach, 2012).

  4. Marketing Strategies Visual representations of promotional tactics made by Haus of Cultivation:

  5. Banner Ad A banner ad such as this one is a great option for Rue 21 to increase the company’s online presence. It will also create brand awareness if teens are being exposed to the company’s products while searching the web.

  6. Radio/ Concert Promotion A radio and concert promotion should be implemented in order to increase brand awareness and relevance to Rue 21’s target market. By using a prominent artist to attract our target market a popular brand image will be achieved.

  7. Fashion Blog Rue 21 will use a fashion blog to directly communicate and promote to fashion forward target market as they are constantly using the web.

  8. Magazine Fragrance Ad This is an example of what a magazine ad would look like to promote the many different fragrances that Rue 21 offers.

  9. Magazine Sweepstakes Ad A sweepstakes contest in a magazine would be used to get young teens excited about the brand while they are reading a magazine targeted towards their age demographic.

  10. References • Bias, W. (2012, November). The Trip to the Bottom Continues. Retrieved from • Johnson, C. (2011). Spotlight: Generation Z, Dubstep and mash-ups. Retrieved from • Meilach, D. (2012, November 13). ‘Social Media Denial’ Common for US Businesses