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Chapters V & VI PowerPoint Presentation
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Chapters V & VI

Chapters V & VI

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Chapters V & VI

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  1. Chapters V & VI Read them at your own pace (slowly, please!)

  2. The Final Chapter • Look again at Chapter VI. • Just as you did with the first chapter, write a narrative or script in your groups. • Then perform it in front of the rest of the class! Time allowed: 20 mins

  3. How will it end? • Discuss in groups of 3 other ways in which Shaun Tan might have ended the novel. (5mins) • As with prose, graphic novels still contain the elements of: context, characters, setting, plot, themes, symbols etc. What do each of these terms mean? Can you give examples of each? Discuss and feedback, writing your thoughts on the board for each element. (7mins)

  4. Context

  5. Themes

  6. Symbols

  7. Task 1: Using Presentational Devices • Produce a holiday brochure for the ‘new’ country the main character goes to in The Arrival. Use language, structure and layout to persuade the reader to visit. Look at the examples provided (courtesy of Thomas Cook!).

  8. Presentational Devices Look at the travel brochures you’ve been given: what presentational devices have been used?

  9. Task 2: Speaking & Listening/Role Play(in pairs/groups of three) • Choose an interviewer • Choose an interviewee/two interviewees (they might be the man and wife) • Prepare an interview for a late night radio show (similar to ‘Letters from America’). The opening comment from the interviewer could be along the following lines: • “Good evening and welcome to Radio 4’s Letters from Angovia. Tonight we speak with expatriates Albert and Doris Spinwiddle who left Europe to begin a new life on the other side of the Flantababadosie Ocean…” • Reveal to us what life is like and draw a verbal picture of specific details when recounting your experiences & reminiscing over your first impressions.

  10. Task 3: Travel Writing • Produce a piece of travel writing that, in a sense, reviews the places you experience in The Arrival, commenting on people, places & culture. (Individual, assessed for folders) OR • Produce a piece of travel writing that, in a sense, reviews the place you’ve been, commenting on people, places & culture. • You should use: descriptive language (appeal to the senses using appropriate adjectives, adverbs and their antonyms) AND a variety of sentence structures (a range of short and complex sentences as appropriate). • Word Limit: 800 • Time Limit: 3 lessons

  11. Example: Notes from a Small Island (by Bill Bryson) My first sight of England was on a foggy March night in 1973 when I first arrived on the midnight ferry from Calais. For twenty minutes, the terminal area was as warm with activity as cars and lorries poured forth, customs people did their duties, and everyone made for the London road. Then abruptly all was silence and I wandered through sleeping, low-lit streets threaded with fog, just like in a Bulldog Drummond movie. It was rather wonderful having an English town all to myself. The only mildly dismaying thing was that all the hotels and guesthouses appeared to be shut up for the night. I walked as far as the rail station, thinking I’d catch a train to London but the station too was dark and shuttered. I was standing, wondering what to do when I noticed a grey light of television filling an upstairs window of a guesthouse across the road.