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Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Database RAC: Performance on Fusion Middleware PowerPoint Presentation
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Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Database RAC: Performance on Fusion Middleware

Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Database RAC: Performance on Fusion Middleware

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Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Database RAC: Performance on Fusion Middleware

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  1. Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Database RAC: Performance on Fusion Middleware Frances Zhao-PerezOracle Cloud Application Foundation Product Management

  2. Agenda • Oracle Database RAC & WebLogic Active GridLink • Fast Connection Failover • Runtime Connection Load Balancing • XA and Session Affinity • WebLogic and Oracle Database 12c integration • Q & A

  3. Safe Harbor Statement The following is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions.The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracle’s products remain at the sole discretion of Oracle.

  4. Oracle RACSeamless Scalability • Start small, grow incrementally • Scalable AND highly available • Add capacity on demand with zero downtime

  5. Oracle RACFlexibility, High Availability • Complete availability…unlimited scalability • Server hardware shared between applications Web Web ERP ERP CRM HR DW ERP data Web data DW data CRM data

  6. WebLogic Integration with Oracle RACUp to 3X Better Performance with Active GridLink for RAC WebLogic WebLogic WebLogic WebLogic WebLogic WebLogic GridLink GridLink GridLink GridLink GridLink GridLink XA 80% 20% Continuous ConnectionsRegardless of RAC Changes RAC Node AffinityFor Transactions RAC Node Load Aware Connection Requests Integrated WebLogic and Database RAC clusters Dynamic load balancing of requests to RAC nodes RAC node transaction affinity for data locality Continuous connection availability regardless of RAC changes

  7. Active GridLink for RAC Simpler configuration than Multi Data Source SCAN support Event-based model (ONS and FAN) for adaptive pool management Fast Connection Failover Runtime Connection Load Balancing Affinities for connection routing (XA, Session, Data) WebLogic connection labeling, harvesting (10.3.6+) Data Guard support RAC One Node support (database 11gR2+)

  8. Active GridLink for RAC for Fusion MiddlewareCertified for Fusion Middleware Since optional Active GridLink set up Is included in all Configuration Wizards

  9. Enhanced Availability and Disaster Recovery WebLogic Server WebLogic Server 3X OLTP 3X OLTP Active Data Guard and Golden Gate Active GridLinkfor RAC Active GridLinkfor RAC • Integrated WebLogic/RAC Clusters • RAC Aware Pool with RAC Node Affinity (Session/Transaction), RAC One Node Support and Fast Connection Failover • Multiple Data Center Architecture • Integrated with Active Data Guard (transaction logs)

  10. Customer Case Study Large UK retailer with online store E-commerce Application running on non-current Oracle WebLogic Server Solution Challenges / Problem Scenario • Active GridLink provides managed instance shutdown, e.g. for rolling upgrades • Active GridLink with RCLB would immediately reduce risk, especially during peak periods • Multi-data sources to RAC cluster with test-on-reserve & thousands of concurrent database sessions • If RAC node goes down when it is restarted it is not brought back into active use until the following night (when servers/connection pools are restarted) • 24x7 very busy website • App tier has long restart time to reload product caches

  11. RAC Database Fail-over Handler Thread Start ONS Subscribe Handle Event ONS Publish Active GridLink for RAC Fast Connection Failover • Rapid database failure detection • Aborts and removes invalid connections from the pool • Supports unplanned and planned outages • Recognizes new nodes that join an Oracle RAC cluster Instance1 Instance2 WebLogic RAC Aware Connection Pool Instance3

  12. RAC Database I’m busy Instance1 I’m very busy Instance2 I’m idle Instance3 Active GridLink for RACRuntime Connection Load Balancing • Manages pooled connections for high performance and scalability • Receives continuous recommendations on the percentage of work • Adjusts distribution of work based on backend node capacities • Reacts quickly to changes in Cluster Reconfiguration 30% connections WebLogic Server Connection Pool 10% connections Application 60% connections

  13. RAC Database Instance1 Instance2 Instance3 Connection Affinity Context Active GridLink for RACXA Transaction Affinity • Enables XA and RAC to work together with better flexibility • Transaction affinity is the ability to automatically localize a global transaction to a single RAC instance • Transaction Affinity scope is the life of a global transaction TX Client 2 TX Client 1 WebLogic Connection Pool

  14. Active GridLink for RACWeb Session Affinity • The first connection request uses RCLB to select a connection • Subsequent requests enforce Affinity • Connection selection falls back to RCLB after Affinity ends Cluster Wait Time - Random Workload Affinity Enabled Affinity Disabled 25 Threads - 20ms think time - 100 Total Connections 250 200 150 100 Cluster with Moving Average (ms) 50 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 30 second interval

  15. Active GridLink for RACWeb Session Affinity NEC Testing Results

  16. What’s New in 12c?

  17. Deliver Cloud elasticity with built-in Oracle Database 12c integration and dynamic clustering • Simplify management with common install, update and administrative tools • Increase developer productivity with support for Maven, HTML5, WebSockets and more WebLogic Server 12.1.2 The #1 Application Server Across Conventional and Cloud Environments

  18. WebLogicServer 12.1.2 and Database 12c Continuous Availability, Performance at Scale, Multi-Tenancy WebLogicDomain 1 WebLogicDomain 2 WebLogicDomain n 100’s … • WebLogic Server with Database 12c • WebLogic10.3.6, 12.1.1 – certification • WebLogic 12.1.2 - new feature integration • Continuous Availability capabilities • Transaction Guard and Application Continuity • Multi-Tenant Database Support • Pluggable Databases running in Database Container • New scalability integration - Middle Tier Performance at Cloud Scale • Database Resident Connection Pools • Multi-Site Availability • Global Data Services ReplayRead/WriteBased on TransactionGuard Information Multi-Tenant Database DBMS Resident Connection Pool PDB 1 PDB 2 PDB 3 PDB 4

  19. Leverage feature supported in DB 12c Generic and GridLink datasources DB exceptions captured at datasource layer Examples: RAC node failure, transient DB problem Automatically replay requests Transparent to application Read and write requests supported No XA Transaction support Benefit: Better end user experience Application Continuity – JDBC ReplayImproved Resiliency for Better User Experience WebLogic Cluster Machine 1 Machine 2 GridLink Data Source Managed Server 1 Managed Server 2 2. Create Connection toSurviving Node;Replay if safe 1. FAN Down Event: “Node 3 Down” RAC Cluster Listener Listener Listener Machine 1 Machine 2 Machine 3 Down ONS ONS ONS RACNode 1 RACNode 2 RACNode 3

  20. Application Continuity How it Works in WebLogic • Active Gridlinkand Generic datasources, 12c driver only • Leverages JDBC replay, re-implemented in 12c DB • Enabled with use of oracle.jdbc.replay.OracleDataSourceImpl driver class • On failure, new connection is automatically created • Transparent to application! • Replay is already complete when connection is given to app Limitations :cannot use with XA, PLSQL, proxy authentication, DRCP

  21. Transaction Guard First Database to Preserve COMMIT Outcome WebLogic Server Data Sources • Known outcome for every transaction • Supports at-most-once transaction execution • Available for WebLogic, JDBC, thin, OCI, OCCI, • Used by Application Continuity • Without Transaction Guard retries can cause logical corruption 1. Request 5. Guaranteed Outcome Oracle JDBC THIN Driver 4. Enforce Outcome 2. Calls 3. Errors 12c ORACLE Database

  22. Database Resident Connection Pooling Virtualization of DB Connections for Improved System Scalability • Database Resident Connection Pooling • Database connections/sessions are pooled at the database • Enables better sharing of DB resources, DB and application scalability • WebLogic Integration with DRCP • Active Gridlink and Generic Data Sources • Data sources pool connection placeholders and attach/detach connections internally WebLogic WebLogic WebLogic WebLogic DRCP 12c Database

  23. Database Resident Connection Pooling How it works in WebLogic Server

  24. WebLogic Integration with Pluggable Database Increased Density and Scalability, Multi-Tenancy WebLogic Cluster Data Source MgdSvr 1 MgdSvr 2 App 1 App 1 Get Connection Tenant2 Get Connection Tenant1 App 2 App 2 • Pluggable Database • One of multiple “virtual” databases hosted in a single Container Database • Provides tenant isolation, while leveraging the benefits of a single unified Container Database • Better efficiency (CPU, Disk) • Unified security management • Simplified upgrade • WebLogic Server Integration with Pluggable Databases • Seamless integration • Support of MultiTenancy by automatically connecting to PDB (tenant) using Set Container • Requires Oracle 12c Database Set Container PDB2 Set Container PDB1 … PDB2 Tenant 2 PDB1 Tenant 1 Container Database

  25. WebLogic Integration with Global Data Services Improved performance, scalability, availability for WebLogic and Database Cloud WebLogic Cluster GridLink Data Source Machine 1 Machine 2 Managed Server 1 Managed Server 2 • Global Data Services in Database 12c • Central management of database services across distributed database cloud • Dynamic migration of services based on load and availability • Scalability by adding RAC clusters • Restart failed services on an available DB • WebLogic Server Integration with DB “Cloud” • GridLink datasources support GDS • GridLink datasource configuration specifies a primary region to access a global service (locally), and the addresses to each region. • Reconnection to migrated services based on FAN events – RAC-like failover for the DB cloud FAN Events Service2 under heavy load Service1 Service2 Service1 Service2 GDS DataGuard, GoldenGate RAC Cluster RAC Cluster RAC Cluster RAC Cluster Region: MADRID Region: BARCELONA

  26. Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Database RAC: Performance on Fusion Middleware Frances Zhao-PerezOracle Cloud Application Foundation Product Management