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Meaning . Shannon Conroy, Stephanie Sibik , Adam Weber, Micha McGee . Meaning: Chapter 9.

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  1. Meaning Shannon Conroy, Stephanie Sibik, Adam Weber, Micha McGee

  2. Meaning: Chapter 9 • Summary: this part of the book was about finding yourself in a spiritual way can have lowered blood pressure and increased live longer. Other ways you can do this is going to labyrinths. Labyrinths “is an escape for the right brain…. As the left brain engages in the logical progression of walking the path, the right brain is free to think creatively.”

  3. Project 1: man search for meaning vs. a whole new mind • Viktor Frankl- Man’s Search for Meaning • In Pink’s chapter of Meaning he references this book several times. He begins telling the story of Frankl and how he lived in the concentration camps. Frankl, a psychologist studied the prisoners and their battles while at Auschwitz. While he was there he wrote a book, which is “Man’s Search for Meaning”. • Frankl tells his audience that facts are presented as they are part of man’s experience, which provides the basis for understanding the psychology of individuals who face extreme suffering. • Through this he talks about his own suffering….and how he has found meaning in it to further his own life. • Pink references different people’s experience in this chapter and proves the very same point. • Ie- using Frankl

  4. Project 2: Picture Yourself at 90 • Changes: maturity, grown to be wise, created a family, watched kids create their own family, different view on the meaning of life due to life experiences, finished school, successful in work • Technologies: seg ways instead of walking, solar powered cars, auto drive, family robots, • Global issues: technology has made people even more lazy, pollution is being under control

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