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Good Vs E vil

Good Vs E vil. By: Teresita Espino . Non Fictional hero.

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Good Vs E vil

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  1. Good VsEvil By: Teresita Espino

  2. Non Fictional hero A real life hero is the (CPS) child protective service because they help little kids that are getting abused and neglected. Anytime they suspect something is wrong they are there to help. The CPS sees a lot and does a lot , they do it with the kindness of their heart to help out. In my eyes they are heroes.

  3. Non fictional villain Child abusers are villains in every possible way. Everything they do is wrong. They hurt innocent children and they take precious things from them that cannot be replaced. They should be sentence life in prison to pay for what they did.

  4. Fictional hero Cat womanis a hero because she helps batman fighting crime. She's always there to help out and she’s there for batman.

  5. Fictional Villain The joker is a super villain and the archenemy of batman because he does evil things. He's just plain out bad and gives people nightmares. Murdering people was what he was known for doing but he also is a thief.

  6. Beowulf was a prince, he and fourteen of his men went off to look for Grendel. And he kills him and his mother. And he's known as a hero because he killed the bad guy.

  7. Grendel a monster who kills thirty of Hrothgars men in there sleep. For the next 12 yrs. They don’t know how to calm the monsters anger. He's a villain and nothing could stop him until Beowulf killed him.

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