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Paleo Diet

Visit this site http://paleoauthority.com/the-paleo-diet-guide/ for more information on Paleo Diet. The benefits of the Paleo Diet plan have been analyzed and proven in many academic journals. It is incredible to think what a massive difference we can make to our bodies just by changing the everyday food we eat. The Paleo diet will also help you lose weight. The reason being is that the foods that make up the Paleo diet plan are what dietitians call, fat burning foods. Unlike many other diets, the Paleo diet plan actually allows you to eat lots of lovely nourishing food whilst still decreasing your calorie content. You will end up with a lean and fit body.<br>Follow us: http://dietmealplan.weebly.com<br>

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Paleo Diet

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  1. The paleo diet (sometimes called the “caveman diet”) is based on the simple idea that the foods our ancestors had been eating for millennia are the best foods for our bodies. It is largely based on whole foods—meat, fruits, and vegetables. What Is Paleo Diet There’s no real limit on calorie intake or meal portions. You can eat as much as you want to as long as you are eating the foods that are allowed in the diet. The primary restriction in this diet is high-carb food. You should avoid breads, grains, sugar and other foods high in carbs. Beyond that, many advocates of the paleo diet also suggest eliminating legumes (beans, peas, peanuts, etc) and dairy products.

  2. The Paleo Diet The Logic behind The Paleo Diet Even if you know what is paleo, you might still be wondering why people use this diet. Are there any actual benefits to restricting your diet to foods that were available to our paleolithic ancestors? The answer depends on how you approach the diet. When done right, a paleo diet can provide a lot of health benefits. But, as with any diet, if it’s not done well, it is at best not effective and at worst harmful to your health. So it’s important to know the logic behind the diet so that you are making smart and informed nutritional choices rather than just blindly following a set of rules.

  3. Paleo Diet Plan • So, the key restrictions of paleo are: • No grains. That means no bread, no rice, no pasta and nothing else made with flour. • No dairy. Most people doing paleo cut out dairy but there are some paleo dieters that still consume it. We recommend eliminating it for at least 30 days to see how you feel without it and then adding it back in to see how it changes the way you feel. If you feel better without dairy, leave it out. If you feel better with it, go ahead and keep consuming it. • No processed foods. This is the most important one. You want to avoid overly processed foods (lunch meats, frozen dinners, candies, chips, etc). You especially need to avoid things with refined sugar. Basically, if it’s something our ancestors couldn’t hunt or gather, you shouldn’t eat it.

  4. Paleo Plan So when you practice a smart paleo diet, you can enjoy a lot of great benefits to your physical and mental health. Here are a few of the greatest benefits you will experience as a result of paleo: More nutritious. By eating a paleo diet, you are eating a diet high in protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and every other nutrient your body needs. Better metabolism. On a paleo diet, you eat foods that your body actually evolved to digest. While your body struggles to figure out processed junk like corn syrup, it knows exactly what do with and how to use beef protein and spinach. Fewer calories. When you eat nutrient rich foods, your body is actually satisfied by the meals you eat. So even though you are eating “high calorie” foods like meat and fatty oils, you eat less calories overall because you actually feel full for longer. Processed junk will keep you full only as long as it is taking up space in your stomach.

  5. What Is Paleo Diet www.paleoauthority.com

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