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Laser Hair Removal PowerPoint Presentation
Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

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  1. The cosmetic clinic

  2. ABOUT US • The Cosmetic Clinic is a leading institution in dental, facial aesthetic, premium laser & hair transplant making it the obvious choice for all your dental and skin care needs. • Our dentists are trained from the very best universities and institutes across the nation. • Our team has had countless positive experiences over the years, where we have combined artistry and technology along our medical expertise to provide our patients with the finest results possible in the realm of our science. • It’s been almost a decade since we have been bringing change and positivity into our patron’s life.

  3. SERVICES • Permanent Laser Hair Removal Treatment • Hair Transplant Treatment • Dental Implant Treatment

  4. Permanent Laser Hair Removal Treatment • Permanent Laser hair removal involves a laser which emits light pulsations which work toward damaging the hair follicles and reducing the growth of the hair. Our laser device delivers quick, intensive, pulsating light radiations to the skin. • This causes the hair follicles to go into a state of dormancy for a long period of time in comparison to waxing or shaving. When the hairs do grow back, they'll be lighter, finer, and fewer in number. • Laser Hair Removal treatment depends on a lot of factors like skin type, hair type, category of hair growth etc. Since these factors vary from individual to individual, the experts at our clinic believe in crafting customized plans that will cater to the concerns of each of our customers. 

  5. Hair Transplant Treatment • Hair transplanting is a restorative cosmetic procedure that involves adding more hair to an area on your scalp that may be thinning or balding.  • Generally, hair transplants have a much higher success rate than topical treatments or over-the-counter hair restoring medications. • A hair transplantation surgery can transform your head and boost your confidence. -the-counter hair restoring medications. • After the treatment, your scalp will be sore and our doctors will prescribe certain medications to reduce the inflammation. You will be able to see new hair within 8-12 months of the surgery

  6. Dental Implant Treatment • While the loss of teeth is an extremely painful, inconvenient and problematic condition, it can be fixed by a dentist using Dental Implant Treatment at the Cosmetic Clinic, Navi Mumbai. • Dental Implants are replacement tooth roots that serve as a strong foundation for permanent or temporary teethwhich are built to match your dental structure.  • With intensive and ongoing training and more than ten years of experience, our team understands your concerns and help you in achieving the perfect smile you’ve always wanted. • Our dentists conduct a thorough, detailed assessment of your oral structure and put forth the best solutions for your smile.

  7. OUR FOUNDER DR. Shuddhodhan Gaikwad is a visionary who created the cosmetic clinic with an unparalled infrastructure with the aim of providing the best skin and dental care treatments. He is an alumni of the prestigious all India institute of medical sciences (AIIMS) new Delhi along with government dental college & ST. George hospital, Mumbai.

  8. THANK YOU Address: The Cosmetic Clinic, Shreeji Heights, Shop No.19, Sector 46/A, Palm Beach Road, Seawoods, Navi Mumbai 400 706. Website: Phone No:+91-9713108070 / +91-2235570206 Email Id:info@thecosmeticclinic.In