it s wolverine time we want to participate in your success n.
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It’s Wolverine Time! We want to participate in your success . PowerPoint Presentation
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It’s Wolverine Time! We want to participate in your success .

It’s Wolverine Time! We want to participate in your success .

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It’s Wolverine Time! We want to participate in your success .

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  1. It’s Wolverine Time!We want to participate in your success.

  2. Classes of 2013 & 2014 Graduation Requirements 23 credits • English: 4 credits • Math: 4 credits • Science: 4 credits • Social Studies: 3 credits • Tech/For. Lang./Fine Arts: 3 credits • Health/Personal Fitness

  3. Grading Scale Regular/Honors AP A (90 – 100) 4.0 A (90 – 100) 5.0 B (80 – 89) 3.0 B (80 – 89) 4.0 C (70 – 79) 2.0 C (70 – 79) 3.0

  4. Graduation Test Requirements End of Course Tests Georgia High School Graduation Tests 9th Lit./Comp. Language Arts Physical Science Math Biology Writing Math I (Acc Math I) Science Math II (Acc Math II) Social Studies Amer. Lit. * Taken in the Junior year unless U.S. History corresponding EOCT has been passed Economics EOCT Counts 20% of the Final Grade

  5. HOPE Scholarship Graduate from a HOPE-eligible high school Be registered for Selective Service (males only) Meet Georgia residency requirements 3.0 CORE GPA (all academic courses only) Eng., Math, Science, Social Studies, For. Lang. AP quality pts. (only .50 given for AP, nothing above a 4.0)

  6. HOPE Scholarship Covers 90% of tuition (based on Lottery Funds) Award Amounts: $$$ varies and depends on the type of institution you are attending. Students attending Georgia public colleges receive a HOPE Award amount based upon a per hour rate at the institution he or she is attending. Private Institutions: Full time: $1,8oo per semester

  7. Zell Miller Scholarship Zell Miller HOPE Scholar Requirements Covers 100% of tuition (based on Lottery Funds) Core GPA of 3.70 1,200 SAT (CR+MA) on a single test administration or a 26 composite on the ACT

  8. HOPE Grant Pays a percentage of tuition at all Georgia Technical Colleges Graduate from a Hope-eligible high school NO GPA requirement

  9. Ways to Calculate HOPE • From the transcript (unofficial) • From GA College 411 (

  10. HOPE Application How to apply? HOPE Scholarship, Zell Miller, HOPE Grant Use FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid (paper or electronic) GSFAPPS: online form for HOPE and for private colleges /universities.

  11. Business & Communication Systems Business Education (FBLA)‏ Communications Technology (TV, Video)‏ Marketing/Entrepreneurship (DECA)‏ Business & Computer Science/ Technology

  12. Arts and Humanities Visual Arts (Drawing, Painting, Ceramics)‏ Instrumental (Band)‏ Drama/Theatre (Acting)‏ Choral (Chorus)‏

  13. Family and Consumer Consumer Science Culinary Arts Cosmetology

  14. Engineering Engineering Robotics Team

  15. Business & Communication Systems Business Education (FBLA)‏ Broadcast Media (TV, Video) Marketing (DECA)‏ Computer Science Technology

  16. Pathway Completion Credentials Incentive to Complete 3 courses in a Pathway • Pathway Seal of Completion • Pathway Seal of Distinction • Pathway Medallion *See handout for details

  17. Dual Enrollment Options Move On When Ready (full time at college) ACCEL (full time or part time core courses) HOPE only pays for Core Classes Lanier Tech College Dual Enrollment HOPE funds for all programs…deadline dates

  18. Keys • Check colleges for admission requirements • How motivated are you? • Have a plan of attack • Push yourself to be the best • Stay involved in school activities • Leadership opportunities • Persistence and Determination

  19. Parent Portal Teachers are making academic recommendations. Students/parents will check teacher recommendations once the Portal opens. Wednesday, February 15th. Students/parents will add in electives and 3 alternatives choices into Portal. Change teacher recommendations using Waiver Form only. Portal closes on Friday, March 2nd.

  20. Course Waiver If you are completing a Course Waiver Request to override a teacher recommendation …all Waivers are to be completed on-line and are due by: April 13th

  21. Counselor Help Counselors will be available on a walk-in basis on the following days for scheduling issues and help. (No Appointment Needed) Wednesday, Feb 22nd Thursday, Feb 23rd Hours: 8:00 am to 3:30 pm

  22. PSAT/Explanation Results The Score Report is broken down into 4 sections • Your scores • Your skills • Your answers • Next steps Find your on-line access code at the bottom of your score report.

  23. Get the Most Out of Your Scores • Log onto • Create a Free College Board account • Using your code, check out the following powerful tools: • My Online Score Report • My SAT Study Plan • My Personality • My College Matches • My Major & Career Matches

  24. How Does your Score Report Compare to an actual SAT Critical Reading Score EX: 48 PSAT = 480 SAT Math Score EX: 50 PSAT = 500 SAT Writing Score EX: 44 PSAT = 440 SAT Total SAT Projection 980 (CR+M) 1,420 (CR+M+W)

  25. How to Improve Your Scores • Take Challenging and demanding courses • Take advanced upper level math and science courses in your schedule • Register for additional SAT Test Prep courses