non membership income from the tab opportunity n.
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Non-Membership Income from the TAB Opportunity PowerPoint Presentation
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Non-Membership Income from the TAB Opportunity

Non-Membership Income from the TAB Opportunity

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Non-Membership Income from the TAB Opportunity

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  1. Non-Membership Income from the TAB Opportunity v. 4-20-2012

  2. Initial Training Learning Objectives

  3. Potential For Non-Membership Income Leveraging The TAB Opportunity To Develop Significant Additional Non-Membership Income

  4. Potential for Non-Membership Income

  5. Potential for Non-Membership Income

  6. Potential for Non-Membership Income

  7. Potential for Non-Membership Income

  8. Potential for Non-Membership Income

  9. Potential for Non-Membership Income

  10. Potential for Non-Membership Income

  11. Potential for Non-Membership Income

  12. Your Vision For Income You Want To Receive

  13. Your Vision What is the balance YOU want for your franchise model?

  14. Selecting The Areas Of Expertise You Want To Market

  15. Selecting Your Areas of Expertise

  16. Selecting Your Areas of Expertise Marketing Areas of Expertise Finance Sales Human Resources

  17. Selecting Your Areas of Expertise

  18. Advanced Training Objectives

  19. Marketing Your Expertise

  20. Marketing Your Expertise

  21. Marketing Your Expertise Suggest members hold annual SBL retreats and/or quarterly SBL updates as valuable investments in their business • Offer your services to facilitate these meetings Make liberal use of handing out your TAB Max Brochure • Networking Group Meetings • Rotary, Chamber of Commerce and other Events • TAB GIMs and One on One meetings • TAB Board Meetings

  22. Marketing Your Expertise

  23. Marketing Your Expertise

  24. Marketing Your Expertise

  25. Marketing Your Expertise

  26. Acquiring Clients For Your Non-Membership Services and Products

  27. Selling Your Non-Membership Services

  28. Selling Your Non-Membership Services

  29. Selling Your Non-Membership Services Offer your services If you don't ask, you will not receive the additional work You need to understand the desired results of the project to complete an analysis of a project Be sure to explore in detail Only provide your quote after completing the analysis of the project Premature quotes can result in fees that do not adequately compensate you for your time Don't give your services away Your time has a value based upon alternative use

  30. Selling Your Non-Membership Services

  31. Selling Your Non-Membership Services

  32. Selling Your Non-Membership Services

  33. Selling Your Non-Membership Services It’s Your Image! Your proposal must be professional looking & include certain key elements Guarantee or warranty Present one key idea at a time Keep paragraphs short Use bulleted items to make points Use flow charts to understand a process that you want to provide Identify the timing of your progress reports Summarize key points

  34. Selling Your Non-Membership Services Whether you like it or not, you need to wear the salesperson hat to maximize your additional income from the TAB opportunity!

  35. Selling Your Non-Membership Services How do you compare to competition - your competitive advantages and disadvantages Most give a discount to TAB members vs. other outside consulting Billing/Pricing Competition - who are they? What do they charge?

  36. Selling Your Non-Membership Services Recommended for Projects Minimum of 50% at acceptance of contract Additional 25% when project is 50% completed Remaining 25% at day of completion Some franchisees give a 10% discount for full payment in advance of the project

  37. Selling Your Non-Membership Services

  38. Selling Your Non-Membership Services Turn down “bad” business • Bad business is worse than no consulting business • Its best to say "I don't do that" if you are not capable of providing quality services in an area • It's best to say "I'm too busy" if there is any doubt about your ability to meet the timelines of the project Ask yourself whether the project or services fits with the professional image/brand you want for yourself

  39. Selling Your Non-Membership Services

  40. Role Play Selling Your Area of Expertise