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WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS. October, 2009. WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS October 1, 2009. Inept. Meaning: not suitable; out of place; inappropriate; awkward; clumsy; lacking reason or judgment; foolish; absurd

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  1. WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS October, 2009

  2. WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS October 1, 2009 Inept Meaning: not suitable; out of place; inappropriate; awkward; clumsy; lacking reason or judgment; foolish; absurd Sentence: Appointing his son as our supervisor smacked of nepotism; besides, he was inept at the job. in-ept : adj. Variants: ineptitude, noun Sentence:The workers had little respect for their supervisor, because his ineptitude and lack of experience rendered him useless.

  3. WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS October 2, 2009 sagacious Meaning:possessing excellent judgment and powers of discernment; able to make wise decisions Sentence:Professor Blake’s sagacious reputation made him one of the university’s most popular lecturers and advisors. suh-gey-shuh s : adj.

  4. WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS October 5, 2009 didactic Meaning:focused on communicating a moral, political, or educational message; presenting a clear vision of right and wrong; projecting morality Sentence:Some authors and lecturers are subtly didactic, while others are more obvious and preachy. dahy-dak-tik : adj.

  5. WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS October 6, 2009 encroach Meaning:go beyond proper or usual limits; make gradual inroads on; trespass upon the property or rights of another, especially stealthily or by gradual advances; intrude Sentence:Over the years the sea has encroached upon the shore and submerged the beach. en-krohch : verb Variants:encroachment, noun Sentence:The government forced the company to halt construction when it was determined that the parking lot had a 10-foot encroachment on neighboring private property.

  6. WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS October 7, 2009 ameliorate Meaning:to improve or upgrade; to make better or put right. When an unacceptable state of affairs is changed for the better, it is said to have been ameliorated. Sentence:The marriage counselor’s attempts to ameliorate conflicts between the Smiths were welcomed, but, unfortunately, they were not successful. uh-meel-yuh-reyt : verb

  7. WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS October 8, 2009 clemency Meaning:a show of mercy or leniency toward a wrongdoer or opponent, under appropriate circumstances Sentence:Jake’s parents showed clemency and allowed him to keep his car even after his a speeding conviction, inspiring him to drive more carefully. klem-uh n-see : noun

  8. WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS October 9, 2009 irascible Meaning:marked by hot temper and resentful anger; having or showing a disposition to be easily incensed; irritable Sentence:The miserable man became so irascible that within six months he lost his wife and half of his office staff. i-ras-uh-buh l: adj.

  9. WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS October 13, 2009 extenuate Meaning:make the seriousness of (guilt, a fault, an offense, etc.) seem less; diminish Sentence:The suspects neither concealed nor extenuated their crime. ik-sten-yoo-eyt: verb Variants:extenuating, adj. Sentence:One should not be in a rush to judgment about someone’s guilt or innocence; there may be extenuating circumstances not yet brought to light.

  10. WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS October 14, 2009 pander Meaning:to indulge someone’s weaknesses or questionable wishes or tastes; to appeal to the worst in someone Sentence:The director refused to pander to the wishes of some of his greedy advisors, and he left the film PG so that children could see it. pan-der : verb

  11. WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS October 15, 2009 vehement Meaning:expressed with intense feelings and conviction; strongly felt, or marked by high emotion; forceful or emphatic; vigorous Sentence:In the 1960s, many expressed vehement dissatisfaction with the administration policy regarding the Vietnam conflict. vee-uh-muhnt : adj. Variants:vehemently, adv. Sentence:In the 1960s many protestors vehemently opposed the Vietnam war.

  12. WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS October 16, 2009 perturb Meaning:disturb greatly; make uneasy or troubled; distress cause disorder or irregularity in; agitate Sentence:Mother was much perturbed by my illness. per-turb: verb

  13. WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS October 20, 2009 nonchalant Meaning:cool; indifferent; without warmth or animation Sentences:Julio’s seemingly nonchalant manner is actually a cover-up for his nervousness. Detective Gates sauntered over to the suspect in a nonchalant way, trying not to arouse his suspicion. non-shuh-lahnt: adj.

  14. WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS October 21, 2009 insatiable Meaning:that cannot be satisfied; extremely greedy Sentence:His friends nicknamed him “the human trash compactor” because of his insatiable appetite. in-sey-shuh-buh l,: adj.

  15. WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS October 22, 2009 circumspect Meaning:careful; cautious; prudent Sentences:The killer was circumspect about leaving any clues that would tie him to the victim. We complimented the lawyer for his circumspect handling of the embarrassing matter. sur-kuhm-spekt : adj.

  16. WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS October 23, 2009 GIBE Meaning:speak sneeringly; jeer; scoff; sneer; express scorn; mock Sentence:His friends gibed at him for his cowardice. jahyb: verb jahyb: noun • Meaning:a jeer; taunt; sneer • Sentence:David was determined not to allow his classmates’ gibes to hurt him visibly.

  17. WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS October 26, 2009 loquacious Meaning:talkative; garrulous Sentences:With a few drinks under his belt, my normally quiet cousin became quite loquacious. The loquacious talk-show host never gave his guests a chance to tell about themselves. loh-kwey-shuh s : adj.

  18. WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS October 27, 2009 harangue Meaning:a long, blustering, noisy, or scolding speech; tirade Sentence: I recall that every poor grade on my report card brought forth a harangue on the subject of studying. huh-rang : noun

  19. WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS October 28, 2009 gratuitous Meaning:freely given or obtained; free without reason or cause; unnecessary; uncalled-for Sentences:Homemade fun is gratuitous. Everyone was shocked at her gratuitous insult, considering that the woman had always been kind to her. gruh-too-i-tuh s : adj.

  20. WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS October 29, 2009 nepotism Meaning:favoritism shown by someone in power to relatives and friends in professional matters, especially when appointing them to good positions Sentence:When senior managers all share the last name of a company’s founder, it’s unusual if no one is accused of nepotism. nep-uh-tiz-uh m : noun

  21. WORD OF THE DAY @ IEKHS October 30, 2009 digression Meaning:a turning aside from the main subject in talking or writing Sentence:Her speech contained many digressions from its main theme. di-gresh-uh n : noun Variants:digress, verb Sentence:I shall not pursue these points further, because I don’t want to digress too far from my main theme.

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