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Dion Abadi

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Dion Abadi

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  1. Dion Abadi Art Auctioneer for 15 Years

  2. Dion Abadi Donates Time and Money to help Autism Dion Abadi is a busy man but always finds time to donate and volunteer for a good cause. A few years ago, Dion Abadi spent some time at the Marcus Autism Center. He worked with some of the children on creating artwork – drawings, paintings, sculptures, and other kinds of art. Dion Abadi’s generosity both monetarily and personally were much appreciated by the center’s staff and patients. He plans to continue his volunteer efforts and spend more time at the center in the future.//

  3. Global and Local Art with Dion Abadi Upon meeting Dion Abadi, it is evident that his business extends way beyond the southeastern United States. Dion Abadi has connections all over the United States, Europe and other far-reaching corners of the globe. The secret to his success has been simply that he started small and local. Once that was established, it was an easy transition for Dion Abadi to extend his business around the world. Dion Abadi never forgets the origins of his success, either.

  4. Dion Abadi Knows People Dion Abadi has been a strong business leader in his community for more than 20 years. After graduating from college, Dion Abadi instinctively knew that the art auctioneering business was a perfect fit. However, he would not be half as successful as he is today if not for his keen sense of character. Dion Abadi can read a person like a book immediately upon meeting them. He sees what makes them comfortable and what he can get from them with no trouble.

  5. Contact Dion Abadi Address: 2065 Peachtree Industrial Ct. Suite 201 Chamblee GA 30341